How to use the Tabletop simulator to play almost any board game online?

Tabletop simulator

The Tabletop simulator ($ 20 for one copy; $ 60 for four copies) is one of the funniest games we’ve played recently – also because it’s not really a game. Conversely, as the name suggests, a Tabletop simulator is a way to create an online counter and fill it with the game you have chosen.

You can return to classic games like chess and poker, or download complex game replicas like Scythe and Superfight. You can even customize your favorite board games using the extensive Tabletop Toolbox Simulator – if you want to navigate through some potentially turbulent legal waters.

Now people stay at home more often, Tabletop games and other variations on Tabletop computers like card games and RPGs are more lively than ever. Tabletop simulators allow you to play with friends and family all over the world, which is usually almost impossible in a physically close environment.

Because Tabletop Simulator is more a toolbox than a standalone game, it’s almost impossible to explain everything you can do with it. But if you just want to meet with friends and play some of your favorite board games, it’s easy. All you need is a Steam account and a headset with a microphone.

Start with a Tabletop simulator

The first thing you need for a Tabletop simulator is a powerful little computer. You don’t need a complete game program, but this program does contain a lot of 3D assets that fly in real time. The exact details can be found on the Steam page under System Requirements. The point is, however, there must be a gaming platform that works well. Many PCs and Macs are also fine. Linux requirements are also quite simple, because some of you run special Steam machines.

After starting and starting the game, you can read a short tutorial that will teach you how to search the game area and move around. As the title suggests, the Tabletop simulator itself does not have a game engine. There are no scripts to judge legal action or make people obey the rules. Instead, you simply choose the type of table you want, place the game board on it and play like in real life.

By default, Tabletop Simulator offers assets for simple public domain games such as chess, chess, backgammon, pachisi, dominoes, and mahjong. You can also solve puzzles or play any game with standard card games. Tabletop Simulator also has lots of cubes and thumbnails built-in for players who want to start their own RPG.

If you just want to play a few simple games to spend time with friends and family, Tabletop Simulator now has everything you need. But maybe you want something more complicated. There are three ways to get a new game: Full paste mode, a little clever and very boring.

How to download games on the Tabletop simulator?

The easiest way to import new games into Tabletop Simulator is to buy an official DLC package. Tabletop game developers have customized more than 40 titles for the Tabletop Simulator and cost between $ 5 and $ 15, respectively. These are mostly cult hits like The Red Dragon Inn and Zombicide, but these are the types of games that hardcore board game lovers love. Some of the games are quite complex, with lots of personalized graphics and even scripts that automate a lot of hard work.

The most common board game – we won’t name because it’s getting darker here, but use your imagination – it’s not available as an official DLC package. You can continue to play thanks to the Steam Workshop Tabletop simulator page.

Although not many companies have officially adapted their Tabletop simulators to their games, fans in general have eliminated their weaknesses. Countless fans have reinvented their favorite board games, cards and roles, coupled with sophisticated personal characters and scripts. Because fans cannot legally sell material that is protected by someone else’s copyright, you can download this game for free. They are not hard to find; You can simply search on the Steam Workshop page.

Do you really want to download these games? A little more difficult to say. Some fans say – somewhat deliberately in my opinion – that this is free advertising to get more fans to play the game, regardless of their form. Others say that reproducing other people’s work without permission is inherently wrong, and the player must exit the special game without the creator’s permission.

(Of course, game developers find it an interesting topic from the Steam forum. They say they don’t approve game adjustments without permission, but they also believe that it is up to Steam to understand evil actors.)

Many players are somewhere in the “middle ground” where they believe that if at least one player has a copy of the game, playing with free assets is no different than inviting friends to their home. Others say it’s morally permissible as long as each player has a copy of the physical game. As far as I know, none of this has a legal basis – except that if you reproduce someone’s work without permission, you can end up with a very good dismissal and rejection letter.

We submit this question to the individual conscience of the reader, even though we personally fall into the mentality of “A player must have a copy”. Whatever you do, use your wisdom.

The last way to buy new games is to build your own wealth from scratch. However, if you want to take advantage of this performance, this requires a lot of 3D modeling and programming knowledge. This also requires some knowledge in board game design. All of these skills can be learned, but they are beyond the scope of this work.

How to play tabletop simulator board games with friends?

Playing with friends on the Table Simulator is not difficult, but can be complicated depending on what you want to do. In principle, a player must make a game and then invite other players to join him. Like most functions in a Tabletop simulator, getting started is easy and can be very complicated depending on the task you want to do.

When hosting the game, first click Create in the main menu and then multiplayer. Unfortunately, you can’t directly invite players to the game, but there is a rather annoying solution. Make sure all your players are on your Steam Buddy List. Create your server and provide a unique name and password. Then ask your player to look for multiplayer games and check the box to only show games for friends. It hurts, yes, but it works and it will definitely protect unwanted third parties from your game.

(If you are a player, you only need to join the existing game using the method described above.)

The only thing that you really need to consider as a host is the Permissions tab. You can find it in the Options menu. This lets you control what your players see and what they can manipulate. This is very important in games where privacy is important, such as B. Poker, or information that is gradually being disclosed, such as B. RPG. Even if all of your players behave elegantly, Tabletop simulators can sometimes be bright and easy to manipulate other people’s cards or tokens whether you don’t block permissions beforehand.

Don’t forget to give players time to experiment with the table simulator option too. There are many things to do, from creating new parts to creating your own vector image. Even navigating a chart requires a little practice, because it is an ongoing balancing act to shift focus, zoom in and out, and rotate the camera.

The best way to get to know a Tabletop simulator is to start it and start experimenting. “Everything works” the same approach is liberating and scary, but it’s one of the best ways to share the game with friends when you can’t meet in person.

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