How to Troubleshoot Floureon CCTV Camera?


For the purpose of security, people get CCTV cameras installed at places like their homes, offices, or shops, so that correct information can be obtained through video in case of any untoward incident. CCTV cameras are very popular in today’s time, using which it has become possible to prevent many types of crimes and to catch criminals, but these CCTV cameras installed for the purpose of security sometimes malfunction, due to which we have to face many problems. 

Have to face trouble. To deal with all such problems related to CCTV cameras, there should also be correct information about it, if this problem happens to you too, where the correct data or information is not received from your CCTV camera when it is faulty. There can be many reasons for this, but there are some common reasons, if you get the right information then you can solve this type of problem, in this article, we will know how to troubleshoot floureon CCTV Camera? 

Troubleshoot Floureon CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera is widely used as a modern security device, through this device many tasks have become easier in our life, so the demand for CCTV is increasing day by day, now everywhere government and private CCTV cameras are being used in offices, schools, hospitals, roads, intersections, homes, etc., but the common problems in these often become a big problem for the people. So let’s understand the troubleshooting floureon CCTV cameras.

1. Verify camera power and connection

Mainly Internet Protocol (IP) cameras have signals present in the camera, which transmit data through the network, so if you have such a problem due to slow internet speed or lack of network in your area Can If your camera’s LED is not lit.

You can check whether the camera is externally automatic or not. You can decide whether to automate the camera with electricity, or with the battery. Whichever way you want to power it, make sure that the power is routed the right way.

2. Discover and Ping Cameras

Many times it has been seen that the directory does not work properly in the camera, in this case, you have to check whether your device is fully connected to the internet or not. This requires you to find the IP address of your camera. 

For this, first of all, you have to type ‘cmd’ in the Windows search engine, after that the command prompt will open in front of you, in which you have to type the IP address and ping of your camera.

Here the destination host may appear unreachable on the screen of your mobile or computer device. After which there is a need to reconnect.

3. Know the Username/Password

If you can ping the camera from your device but are unable to connect, you should double-check your ID password. If you have a mistake in your login ID or password, this problem can also occur.

It is difficult to log in to this type of CCTV camera system without an ID password, which is sometimes entered wrongly by users, for this you should save your ID password in a safe place at the time of installation.

4. Check ARP tables

The problem of flour on the camera wiring diagram also bothers people many times, to get diagnosed with such a problem you should check the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) tables. To avoid this type of floureon camera wiring diagram problem, it is necessary to improve ARP.

5. Check IP Conflicts

If you use more than one camera, you have more than one IP address, in this case, you have to pay special attention to the fact that different IP addresses of this type will hinder you from accessing other cameras. You can, so make sure that your system does not have too many IP addresses.

6. Upgrade Firmware

After using the camera for a long time, your camera is not up to date, so sometimes there is a problem of deleting the video in the camera, due to which people often search for how to fix CCTV camera video loss. If you are also having such a problem, or you want that there is no such problem, then you must update your camera by connecting it to the device.

7. Reboot the camera

Many times there are small problems in CCTV, due to which errors occur in the camera. Such small problems can be fixed by rebooting the camera. 

If there is any small problem in your CCTV camera system, then You should check by doing a reboot. Probably many technical problems occurring in your camera are eliminated by rebooting in this way.

8. Check the Cabling

CCTV camera systems are made by connecting many types of cables. If there is some problem with any type of cable, then it is natural for error to occur in CCTV, if any kind of wire is loose in the CCTV camera, or if the wire breaks, many problems can occur. Any type of problem can happen, so if your system is not working, be sure to check the wiring thoroughly.

Many times the wiring remains loose during fitting, due to which later we get to see the error in our CCTV camera due to wiring. You can solve this problem by yourself, just you have to thoroughly check all the wiring in your CCTV.

9. Factory reset camera

If your CCTV camera system is completely facing software problems, many types of minor problems always persist, then you can use a factory reset camera, but before using this option you have to be careful, Because using this there is a possibility of deleting the entire history and other data of your camera.

By using factory reset, you can change the entire setting of your CCTV camera to the same way your CCTV is in the beginning, if there is any software-related problem then your camera will be completely fine.

10. Get expert advice for the support

CCTV camera system is not necessarily to be easily understood by everyone, even after doing the basic activity mentioned here, if you are not able to solve the problem, then you can take the advice of an expert without getting upset, for this you can also call the customer care of your CCTV for advice. Apart from this, many types of experts can be consulted for problems related to CCTV cameras.

In this way, when you consult a good and experienced expert, you get accurate information, through which you can correct the CCTV installed in your home office or another area, because sometimes without information when you Tampering with your system can lead to even more problems.


CCTV cameras are being used a lot in today’s time, and its demand is also increasing with time. It is a common thing to have a problem with a CCTV camera, which you can fix if there is a small problem. 

People are troubled by many types of problems searched in CCTV. How to troubleshoot floureon CCTV cameras? In this article, we have given information about the commonly occurring problem and some ways to fix it, which you can use, but if you do not understand the problem, then you must take expert advice.

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