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What is Dropshipping?

Most digital entrepreneurs have vague ideas about what this business model offers. In this business model, the only requirement that virtual entrepreneurs need is a reliable website such as Amazon.

Remember that you want to enter this business model. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to have a product. All you need is a website and some great online marketing skills. When planning dropshipping in India, you need to know the niche you want to penetrate.

Choosing the right product and focusing on the right niche segment is important. Because, not all products are profitable in this business market. Let us see how to start dropshipping business and its strategies.

How can Dropshipping help you to gain additional income in India?

You can start a shipping business from home. Visit manufacturers and wholesalers to let them know about your interest in registering their products in your online store. Alright Forget that you don’t have an online store.

For this business, first you need to create an ecommerce website for your products to acquire the customer engagement. Now you have an online store where you can register all the products you want to sell through your virtual store.

It will be very difficult for you to contact an established company and place the product on your platform. Most established producers will have several specialized wholesalers. Adding additional channels that are likely to place small orders (compared to other channels) might sound a little unappealing.

You can connect with many small industries and new companies that are ready for every opportunity that allows them to sell. Consider Offline stores like to make bulk orders from famous brands. For example; The stationary business model hopes to order many branded laptops. The brand is known to many people, and shopkeepers are almost certain that the brand value will increase sales and inventory will continue to grow.

Instead, business owners have the right to place bulk orders for products manufactured by start-up companies. If he orders 10 pieces, he must show them at the store and manage the inventory. Sales opportunities appear to be quite low. So, if you can contact this start-up company and say, hey, let me introduce your product to my platform. Novice entrepreneurs like to do drop shipping for you.

Traditional and dropshipping business models in India

Dropshipping is a business model for shipping goods purchased at online stores and is not accepted. Simple: If you want to know something about dropshipping, explain to me the traditional business model in India. Typically, the manufacturer’s products are sold to distributors and then to wholesalers and distributors before they reach the final customer, each completing the required profit margin of the other. When dropshipping, you (online retailer) do not need to keep items in stock but forward customer orders and shipping details to each producer / wholesaler who then sends the goods directly to the customer.

The online business model is gaining momentum in the Indian market. In an Internet age that promises universal connectivity, we expect our needs to follow in our footsteps. If you are different from what I believe, you might be able to convince the following statistics.

Statistics released by the Indian Justice Brand Foundation clearly show the increasing demand for online e-commerce. By 2020, the e-commerce market in India will reach $ 70 billion, and by 2030 the e-commerce market will grow in the US market and become the second largest e-commerce industry in the world.

How many of us ordered Amazon? Let me say this: how many of us are making the Amazon market scandal looking for a unique business. How often do our impulses drive us to buy from this platform? Online business, digital marketing has revolutionized the way retailers use it.

Is it profitable?

However, there will be no intermediaries. If you have a buyer who finds a seller and accepts the item he sent, there is a difference between the wholesale and retail prices. You don’t need to buy a product first and manage a warehouse, which offers a wide range of products that greatly reduce risk.

Many technological changes have occurred so far, and technology has made things easier. The customer-centric structure is intended to provide a personalized experience to end users. People look for instant gratification. No one wants to wait for days to get products at home. People like to trade with companies that are ready to meet their needs. Dropshipping is beneficial if you do it right.

Satisfy your customers

If the customer is not satisfied, you have a problem. Take for example the cost of customer acquisition. This metric itself gives you the numbers you need to prove your statement. Traditional marketing campaigns work in certain packages. At that time, it was easy enough to attract loyal customers. 

Channels such as social media have changed perceptions about the brand and its position among target customers. You can turn dropshipping into a profitable business if you can streamline the entire process from order to customer feedback.

Instead of a profit-oriented strategy, you should concentrate more on a customer-oriented strategy. When it comes to shipping, the biggest challenge that prevents you from making a profit in your business model is that you are not an independent business entity. They depend on wholesale or logistical partners who buy the product from the warehouse (they don’t know where it is) and send it to someone.

Dropshipping in India If wholesalers or logistics partners are not committed to delivering products to end users, this can lead to a competitive situation for customers.

Someone must take ownership and ensure the product is delivered on time and not damaged. Profits arise when you offer customer added value and prioritize customer needs and wants. Customer Support They help you generate profits for your business that results in a decrease.

Although dropshipping is a low-risk and profitable business model, it has several disadvantages, one of which is underdeveloped. If the product is sold out, the buyer must wait for shipment until the new product is produced and shipped. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose the right drop supplier.

You need to search online; Google and Bing are the best search engine to do this. Online retailers in India display details of their salespeople, try to contact them, don’t judge sellers on their website, they can cheat, choose wisely, and talk to industry professionals. Visit trade shows in your city where you will find many manufacturers and wholesalers.


The conclusion of an agreement with the right one is as important as finding the right landing craft. Here are some precautions you need to take before you can make a deal with dropship in India.

The location of direct shipping is an advantage if it is in the central part of India and reaches most countries within 2 to 3 business days. Check how many years the company has worked, whether it is legally established and must follow all relevant laws in India, all litigation. As a rule, many Drop Ships do not charge upfront costs. They must provide you with dedicated support staff and ensure that they are experts with deep industry knowledge. Business must be regulated effectively to ensure a clean environment.

In the emerging Indian online trading scenario, dropshipping is the most profitable and proven online business model for both countries. Therefore, you must maintain a good relationship with the pipette. Make sure there are no communication gaps. Your online store needs to increase sales of sellers to focus on increasing revenue. Take advantage of these benefits if you have great benefits such as no advertising fees and brokerage fees. The main lesson in delivering a reduction in e-commerce training is to show the wholesaler that it blurs all margins between them.

Success strategy for discarded companies

Every company is unique. Likewise, drop shipping. Direct mail delivery in India has many opportunities for young and respectable generations. With the growth of the online population, there is an increase in demand for e-commerce stores that sell good products at reasonable prices. I hope you know that there are categories of virtual shoppers who browse several online platforms to find the right product. There are other categories that hide your attention through mysterious tones only to find the best deals.

Let us give you a few tips to make your proposal more attractive to this potential customer.

Mark the reason for each offer and every discount you make

For each bid submitted, make sure you specify the reason for the offer. In increasing online competition, it is important to differentiate. In the virtual world, there are many online gamers who are creative enough to implement targeted marketing strategies. Most markets operate without problems and have dominated the digital space. Most of these business models are well-funded and have a strong digital identity. When I say digital identity, I mean the brand value and loyal followers who own it. A small Tweet about seasonal offers / sales is more than enough to increase traffic to their virtual store.

Quotes and discounts are no longer a strategic advantage, unless you know how to do this wisely. Imagine, you have created an online store for a start-up and started a promotion. Your paid campaign is quite convincing, so people start visiting your virtual store. After visiting the store, people noticed that they were bidding. Big! I noticed the offer. Problems occur when they realize that the offer does not have an end date or is not a seasonal offer. If you don’t overcome the urgency, let the visitor think. Can you buy it now or return it and order later? The offer does not force the customer to act.

Choose the right product to turn off the ship

The digital world is slowly turning into a complex market. The best example is how advertising emails can enter your inbox every day. An ordinary email that is automatically sent to your customer’s inbox is a vague but horrible attempt. I admit that we were wrong, but it is impossible to understand which main engine can affect customers. Unique product and you are sure people will love shopping online.

After all, you are an unknown business entity in the world, unless you get brand visibility. Why would someone buy from an unknown company? What your dropshipping business has to offer must overcome this barrier. Creative business models that offer unique products are the best.

Instead of just a cup of coffee. List several cups with unique designs or shapes. Don’t you think that offering cups with individual handles will arouse customer interest? At least he can bookmark a page or move it to a shopping basket.

Don’t try to bring any product to market to find out which product you are using to get more, or which product is better increasing your sales opportunities faster.

How do you make your important product list?

Most e-commerce entrepreneurs don’t understand that having an online store is only the first step. The way you organize and manage your business plays an important role in influencing customers. This can be very easy so that you can scratch your product description or display your product on the product page.

When you get to the product page, customers should have the option to view all images without clicking on individual images. If you have many variants, make sure you see all the variants. Instead of displaying ordinary product images on a white background, provide the context. For example, if you are in the clothing category, you can hire a local model to take some pictures of the product and then show it. Allow your visitors to visualize what the product looks like in the real world. You can also try uploading a video to the product page.

Apply for your virtual store

Never miss the importance of a strong digital marketing strategy. Advertising has and is one of the main features that helps businesses grow and develop. If people don’t know which products you offer, then how do you expect them to buy from you. You can’t cheat and hope people only recognize your presence and entry. You must work hard to promote your dropshipping business. The more you promote your digital business; the more likely people will see your business. Once people find out about your brand, big money will start rolling.

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There are many online strategies that you can employ to promote your dropshipping business in India. Here are some marketing strategies.

  • Search engine optimization 
  • Google Ads 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer and Drive marketing 

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