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How to Setup Nest Thermostat? – With the Nest learning thermostat you can save some amount of money on your monthly energy bills by simply altering your home’s temperature. Typically, old Thermostats are failed to provide the accurate temperature measurements and having overheating problems. Here we guide you how to set up nest learning thermostat and how we can control the home’s temperature and save money.

Removal of Your Old Thermostat

  1. Opening of your nest package. You must have several items in the nest. Labels can be used to identify the thermostat cable. The Screwdriver helps you to attach the base plate to the socket. Wall plates are used to close the old screw holes. The thermostat socket can be divided into base plates and displays; if not disconnect it before continuing.
  2.  Turn off the power to the thermostat. Find your switch and set the thermostat switch to “off”. This is very important, because this can cause robbery or electric shock.
  3. Open the lid of the thermostat lid. The nest is sent with a Phillips screwdriver. You might need another screwdriver to remove the current thermostat from the wall.
  4. Mark the cable. You will see a label next to the cable behind the current thermostat. Use the label that is included with the nest to mark the connected cable. This is important before removing the cable from the power thermostat, because plugging the wrong cable into the wrong connector can cause a short circuit in the system.
  5. Remove all cables from the thermostat. After marking the thermostat cable, you can remove the surface of the thermostat from the wall by pulling on the cable.
  6. Remove the old thermostat. Now you need to stick to some cables that are pushed out of the hole in the wall, which means you can proceed with installing the Nest Thermostat.

Installation of the Nest Thermostat: 

  1. Pass the labeled cable through the center hole of the socket. All previously connected cables must enter through the central hole at the base of the socket. If you want to hide the old screw hole in front of another thermostat, first screw the cover onto the wall.
  2. Install a socket in the socket. It must be on the wall.
  3. Make sure the base is flat. The bottom of the base of the nest must have a level of spirit; you want the bubble to be placed directly between two positions in the middle of the level. 
  4. Mark the screw holes on the base. After the base is flat, you can mark the screw holes to make sure the plates remain flat after you install them.
  5. Attach the socket to the wall. Attach the nest to the wall with an available screwdriver (or drill bit) and the screws provided.
  6. Connect the cable. Match the labels of each cable with the appropriate label on the base plate, and then place each cable in the hole. The stick at the end of the hole must be installed after the cable is properly connected.
  7. Attach the thermostat to the nest indicator. Align the rectangular plug at the bottom of the screen with a rectangular hole at the bottom of the base, then press on the screen on the base. This must fit in place. After the Nest Thermostat is installed, you can continue to adjust the settings.

How to Setup the Nest Thermostat: 

  1. Turn on the thermostat again. Set the thermostat switch back to “On”. This must turn on the nest. From now on, you can continue with nest settings.
  2. When prompted, double-tap the nest rings. When the “Press to continue” message appears, press the silver ring around the display on the socket, and then press again on the next screen. 
  3. Select a Wi-Fi network. Press ring when the “CONNECT” prompt appears, then select your current network by turning the nest clockwise until the grid is highlighted. Then press the ring.
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi password. Turn the nest clockwise to rotate the letter, then press the ring to select letters. When done, select ✓ at the top of the nest screen and press the ring.
  5. Confirm the cable screen. Press the ring on the screen that shows the connected cable diagram to confirm that the Nest cable is properly installed.  If one or more connections have a red dot above the connector, you might need to tighten the cable.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen. Nest will ask for your zip code, whether you are at home or business, if there is more than one thermostat in the building, what type of heater you use and / or if you use a convection heater. 
  7. Set the desired temperature. Turn the nest clockwise to increase the temperature, or counter-clockwise to lower the temperature. You can see the approximate temperature in the middle of the Nest screen, while the current temperature is displayed in a white line on the edge of the screen.

Nest Mobile Application 

Here are some steps to set up Nest thermostat app on your mobile phone.

After you complete these steps, the thermostat will do a system test. Next, you want to add Nest Thermostat to your Nest Online account (or create a new account) using the Android or IOS Nest application. This allows you to control the Nest from your phone, manage your energy or enable you to lock the thermostat so that the temperature will not change.

If you are a new user to the Nest account, go to the “Signup” link and add your username and password details.  After adding this information, you must confirm your account with a confirmation email. “Entry Key” is needed from the Nest device, to add your device your Nest account. Press the device ring to open the Quick View menu, and then select Settings.  Select “Get input key” for the unique key on your system. Write down this number. Enter the key into the Nest application by following the instructions below:

  • Open the Nest application and enter your Nest account credentials.
  • Click the “Settings”, and then click “Add Product”.
  • Scan the QR code on the back of the thermostat or the option you want with the camera on your mobile.
  • Click “Continue Without Scanning” and then “Nest Thermostat”
  • Double tap on “Next”
  • Enter the 7 digit Enter button and follow the instructions on the screen

Now you can monitor and control the operations of your Nest learning thermostat with your Nest application.

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