How to set up and use Google Pay?

Google Pay

Google Pay is Google’s recent effort to attract Android users to cellular payments. What began as Google Wallet in May 2011 became Android Pay five years later, accompanied by broader terminal receipts at brick-and-mortar stores that could work with telephones to receive mobile payments.

In 2018, this service is known as Google Pay, which has been redesigned to make it easier for users in the future. And there are many Android devices that can use Google Play – non-rooted devices with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher can use the theory application, which covers almost 90% of Google Play for all Android devices used.

However, to use Google Pay for in-store use, you need a cellphone with NFC built-in. (This is close to field communication.) Most modern smartphones (except the cheapest models) have NFC chips. In your Settings application, you can check if you have NFC and connected devices or Wireless and network.

At this point, most users have a credit or debit card that supports Google Pay. (Google has an up-to-date list of supported cards and banks.) You can also contact PayPal.

You can use Google Pay for supported applications and websites. With several transit agents, you can pay with Google Pay. The real benefit is that you can enter the store and pay with your phone instead of handing over a credit card or transferring money to someone. This is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic, when food and other open businesses encourage contactless business payments,

Google offers a deadline from which retailers accept Google Pay. However, you can pay with your cell phone every time you see the Google Pay logo or contactless payment. Of course, you need to set the service first. If you skip this step when you first set up your Android phone, here is a brief description of how to set up Google Pay and how to use your cell phone wallet.

How to set up Google Pay

Not much has changed since the days of Android Pay. Google Pay involves a fairly simple start-up process.

1. If Google Pay is no longer installed on your cell phone, download it from the Play Store and start the application.

2. You will be asked to set location permissions for Google Pay. By activating location services, Google Pay can notify you when you enter locations where you can use this service.

3. To use your cell phone for in-store payments, tap Settings.

4. On the next screen, you can choose a credit card that has been saved in your Google account or add a new one. We will add a new card for this example.

5. You will be asked to place your card in the viewfinder so that Google Play can scan your information. You can also enter your card number, expiration date, and CVC manually. From there you will be asked to enter your address and telephone number. However, this information can be entered automatically if it has already been linked to your Google account.

6. Read the conditions of your exhibitors and tap Accept. Continue below. Google will then contact your bank to get your card approved.

7. Google Pay reminds you that you can use it to pay when your smartphone is unlocked. Tap Got It below to confirm. (If you don’t use a screen lock for any reason, you have to add it, whether it’s a template, PIN, or biometric option.)

8. Your credit card must be verified via text, web login, security application or email. Select your option and tap Next below.

9. Enter the confirmation code you received and click Send.

Now you can use Google Pay in stores, applications, or online. If you need to add additional cards in the future, just tap the blue action button in the lower right corner of the card screen and repeat steps 3 through 9.

If you want to delete a card, just click on it. Then tap the three dot menu in the upper right corner and select Delete payment method from the list of options displayed.

How to use Google Pay in stores

The most interesting aspect of Google Pay for most consumers is the ability to pay at a brick and mortar store with your smartphone, so you no longer need to withdraw or even carry a credit card. Using Google Pay also offers security benefits, because your credit card information is not forwarded, but a unique encrypted transaction number is used.

Although we don’t believe that every store accepts cellular payments, the number continues to grow and the Google Pay app tries to give you a list of large stores that support Google Pay and permanent cards in applications that support it. Locations in help in your area that have Google Pay.

The actual process of using applications in the store could not be easier.

1. Unlock your smartphone.

2. Hold next to the payment terminal. NFC chips are usually found on most smartphones and must be registered within 1 to 2 inches.

3. A checkmark confirms that the payment is complete.

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