How To Use Alexa To Send Text Messages?

Amazon Alexa, a virtual assistant (also known as Alexa) was developed by Amazon. Alexa is suits for the Android (5.0 or later versions) and IOS applications (IOS 8.0 or later). Alexa has also capable of voice interaction, Playing songs, streaming podcast or audio books and setting up alarms. Let’s we see how to use Alexa to send text messages from your phone. Here we are giving some informative solutions to the following questions asked by some spectators.

  • Can Alexa send text messages on IPhone?
  • Can Alexa receive text messages on Android?
  • Can Alexa read my text messages on IPhone?
  • How to use Alexa to send text messages on Android?
  • How to use Alexa to send text messages on IPhone?

How To Use Alexa To Send Text Messages on Android?

Following steps will guide you to setup SMS with Alexa on your Android phone

  • Open the Alexa application.
  • Open the ‘Conversations’ tab.
  • When the application is refreshed, a pop-up window will appear explaining the new SMS feature. Touch Switch to ‘my profile’.
  • If this is not displayed, you can access your profile by clicking on the Contacts icon in the upper right corner (next to the composite button) and at the top of the contact list in My Account.
  • Under Permissions, touch the button next to Send SMS to activate it.
  • Touch OK to continue.
  • Touch Allow to give Alexa access to send and view text messages.

You also cannot send text messages to groups or send MMS messages. Alexa SMS is different from the message feature that was started earlier in this case not an echo-to-echo message and no voice message sent. Instead, this is an SMS message that the recipient receives from your telephone number on their cell phone. This also means that you will not receive a message from an Alexa Speaker – and they will not be read to you. In addition, the Alexa SMS feature only works with certain Alexa devices: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot ($ 129.99 for Amazon), Echo Plus ($ 150 for Amazon), or Echo Show.

To send a message to Alexa, you can say the following:

• “Alexa, send a text message.”

• “Alexa, send a text message.”

• “Alexa, send an SMS to [contact name].”

Some people are worrying about Alexa SMS not working.

  • To use the original Alexa message, you must say “Alexa, send a message” or “Alexa, send a message to [contact name]”.

How To Use Alexa To Send Text Messages on IPhone?

The Mastermind is a third-party capability for Alexa-enabled devices that allows IOS and Android users to send hands-free text messages, make calls, read and manage application notifications, launch, turn off and activate applications, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and more. After you activate Mastermind, you can run the following general commands:

  • To send a text message, say “Alexa, please Mastermind to send a message.” The Mastermind sends text messages using your telephone number.
  • To find your cell-phone, say “Alexa, please Mastermind, contact my cell-phone.” Your mobile is full, even if you are in silent or trouble-free mode.
  • When your phone rings, say “Alexa, ask the manager who called you?” To find out who called you. You can also send unwanted calls directly to voicemail by saying “Alexa, please Mastermind, reject the call.”
  • If a notification appears on your cell-phone, say “Alexa, Ask the Mastermind what is that?” The Mastermind reads all your notifications on your phone.
  • To make a free call, say “Alexa, please Mastermind to make a call.” The Mastermind launches a call from your cell-phone or connected Bluetooth speaker.

Here after you can make your send, receive and read your SMS with Alexa. Share your experience with us!

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