How to Secure Your Twitter Accounts? Tips and Tricks for Securing Your Twitter Account

Being a good way of connection to the people across globe twitter also present several cases of online harassment. Coordinated harassment campaigns are active across that can harm through threats and spamming to an account hacks and worse. 

Twitter has also been accused for not removing harassers and sometimes also for supporting them. So, here are some of the tips that can help you in securing your twitter account.

1. Login Verification.

Twitter now offers a two-factor authentication calling it as login verification, as it understands that a strong password is now not enough to keep any account safe and secure. 

For applying this login verification to your account, you need to click on your profile picture for getting a drop-down menu. There you need to select settings and privacy. After that you need to look for login verification in account tab. 

Now you need to select the way of getting the second form of verification that could be possibly via text, authenticator app, or a physical security key. Along with this second form verification twitter also provides a backup code that you should save in and use as needed. If you activate password security, twitter will require you to provide an email address or phone number whenever you change your password.

2. Deactivate Tweet Location.

Option of attaching location data and sending Tweets are available as the features. This helps the user to share their memories or present where they have been and connect with others in the same location. This can be dangerous as per many aspects for the users. For such aspects twitter allows user to deactivate the location feature.

Search for setting and privacy then select privacy and safety and go for tweet location. After this uncheck tweet with a location. Here you also get the option of deleting the locations of past posts. 

3. Edit Discoverability.

Twitter uses user’s phone and email contacts to find people one may know on Twitter and suggest the same as people you may know. This allows the people with your contact details to search you on twitter. After this feature there is a big hustle in your twitter account and many of the faces are pepping out that it totally out of your life. This can be stopped by deactivating Twitter’s discoverability feature. Go to settings and privacy for selecting privacy and safety and then go for discoverability and contacts.

4. Advertising and Data Tracking.

As Facebook twitter has not been hit by any data collection controversies but still the platform keeps track of your activity in order for serving personalised ads. If one wants to make his/her account secure and safe then he/she must have a look out on what twitter collects and shares from his/her account.

Navigate to settings and privacy and select privacy and safety after which go for personalization and data for this feature. You can hear turn off/on personalised ads, personalization based on your location etc.

5. Shut down your DMs.

Being a pubic messaging app, this also allows the user to send private direct messages to each other. People can DM anyone from their contact but after 2015 twitter allowed people to open their DM to anyone.

For checking the status of your DMs, navigate to privacy and safety and then go for direct messages. Here you can opt to receive Direct messages from anyone. You can also ban people here from adding you in groups or others.

6. Muting words.

Twitter allows to mute some specific words that are assumed to be harmful for users to see. If you add any word to your list then twitter will automatically filter out the new posts and will avoid you from seeing the word. For muting a word navigate to settings and privacy followed by muted words. From here you can add and control the words you want to mute.

7. Blocking and Muting accounts.

Blocking prevents the blocked user to see your activities and ensure that the blocked user do not peep on your timeline again. Blocked user gets to know after getting blocked so some prefer muting the contacts rather than blocking. Muting will avoid any notification or the posts of the muted user will be removed from your timeline. 

Go in settings and privacy and then in muted accounts section for reviewing a muted account.

8. Hide Sensitive Content.

As twitter allows the display of a wide range of content on its platform still there are several contents that one may not wish to display on the timeline. In the privacy and safety tab, one can ensure that sensitive contents are hidden from timeline. Specific accounts can be deemed as sensitive contact also.

9. Reporting Accounts.

If you find any content or account abusive, you can report it to twitter. Twitter come up with feature of reporting an account from profile page or directly from a tweet as like blocking and muting. You can report the content after providing your proper reason of reporting. On basis on your reason, twitter may give you chance to add multiple tweets to a single report. Although twitter doesn’t have the best track record in case of banning such accounts or contents.

10. Turn on Quality Filter.

In 2016 this feature was introduced by twitter that enables you to avoid seeing those post that has low quality such as duplicate tweets etc. This filter may help you in avoiding cases of muting and blocking. You can turn it on from settings and privacy followed by notifications.

These are some tips and tricks that can be useful in case of having a secure and safe twitter account.

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