How to Resolve the Wi-Fi Connection Issues in Amazon Echo


Amazon has presented Amazon Echo, Dot, and Echo Plus speakers which provides various fancy features as in addition of being a traditional Bluetooth speaker. These works totally on the data network or Wi-Fi. Without being connected to the Wi-Fi these works normally as a traditional speaker that do not have anything special from others.

As we all know Echo has attained as much as popularity as Amazon has expected, but after this also some of the problems retains with these products. Basic consumers problem arises when these devices do not connect with the Wi-Fi which blocks the use of all additional features of this device.

Here are some of the ways presented that will help you in connecting your Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi without any issue.

1. Restart Wi-Fi Router and Echo

One of the basic ways to make your Amazon Echo and Wi-Fi connect Is to restart them both. This will hopefully resolve your problem. Simply switch off and unplug your Wi-Fi modem and Echo to restart them.

2. Proper connection of Wi-Fi

If the Wi-Fi setup starts showing tantrum the connection of Echo is hard and challenging. Therefore, it is always suggested to setup the echo first. If you face problems in setup of echo then, you should go through the guide.

3. Connection to the right Wi-Fi network

In case the user is having more than one Wi-Fi connections and Echo is connected to both the network than one should ensure that it is connected to the right Wi-Fi connection. Also, applicable if you have a dual band Wi-Fi network setup.

For checking connected Wi-Fi network, these steps are followed-

Step 1: Tap at the devices icon at the bottom after opening Alexa App linked with your Echo.

Step 2: Tap Echo & Alexa Followed by your Echo.

Step 3: The app will direct you to the Echo device setting. And confirm the Wi-Fi name under the Wi-Fi network option.

You cannot pick the ‘Forget a Wi-Fi network’ option in the Alexa app. Either turning off of the router, changing its password, reset your Echo and Restart the setup process again.

4. Update Wi-Fi Password

Wrong passwords may be also the cause of the Wi-Fi issues. One need to update the recently changed Wi-Fi password in the Echo too. For doing so, one should go to the Echo device settings in Alexa app and tap on change next to Wi-Fi. Then the on screen instructions will help you out for setting up Wi-Fi.

One cannot update the Wi-Fi password with a single tap in the Alexa app. You need to follow the proper setup process.

5. Delete Saved Passwords on Amazon

For making the switching between Echo devices easy, Amazon remembers one’s Wi-Fi passwords. One should run Wi-Fi setup again on the Alexa app after deleting the password from Amazon.

These steps are followed for deleting saved passwords-

Step 1: Open manage your content and devices under your name on the Amazon website.

Step 2: Preferences are to be checked.

Step 3: Click the small down arrow next to saved password and hit delete button for saved passwords.

6. Unhide Wi-Fi Network

Hidden Wi-Fi are not discoverable easily. Echo devices are not connected to such networks easily. For this purpose, we would suggest to unhide the Wi-Fi network and try to reconnect your Echo.

7. Removal of Wi-Fi Extender

Echo do not support Wi-Fi extender easily, although extenders increases the Wi-Fi network. So, for connecting an Echo it is advised that one should use normal Wi-Fi router instead of Wi-Fi extenders.

8. Switch to a Simple Wi-Fi Password

Echo devices rarely supports Wi-Fi passwords having special characters. As in the case of others smart gadgets Echo also suffers with this issue. For this it is suggested that to change your password to a non-complex character and updated on Alexa app.

9. Upgradation of Alexa App

Using an old version of Alexa app can restrict one’s access to the Echo through Wi-Fi. Updating the app will help to demolish all the Wi-Fi bugs. So, upgradation of Alexa app can be proved helpful.

10. Change in Router Security

Most often, WPA + WPA2 security method are used by the Wi-Fi routers. If the issue of Wi-Fi is not resolved by the above methods then the security of the Wi-Fi routers should be changed to either WPA or WPA2 only. This method varies from router to router and should be applied only after checking the Wi-Fi router model number.

11. Alteration in Wi-Fi Frequency Band

Since, 2.4GHz and 5 GHz are the Wi-Fi bands for which Echo is designed. However, change in this band and switching to the others are helpful. So, you should have connected both the router and the connected phone as well as an Echo to the same band.

12. Last Solution: Reset Echo

Resetting your Echo is the last solution you might have to take in case none of the above methods works. This will delete all the settings restored to the factory version. All the setup is to be done again as like a new Echo device.

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