How to Post Jobs on Facebook: A FastTrack Step-by-Step Guide

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Facebook job posts allow employers to publish assignments directly on their pages. Then, employers can display ads as advertisements and involve potential employees. Applications can be filled in automatically with candidate profile information that can be edited by candidates. Facebook has 1.09 billion active users every day. Your prospective dream may not be actively looking for a job board to work on, but there is a high probability that he has a Facebook account. Using Facebook ads to recruit employees can be a good choice if you are in a difficult job market. Here we will help you how to post a job on Facebook with some useful ways.

Tips for posting jobs on Facebook:

It is one thing to post jobs on Facebook, and the other is to recruit qualified candidates. We show you our best tips on how to publish work on Facebook with the Facebook feature.

1. Know the difference between job advertisements and job descriptions.

More simply, job descriptions are part of technical writing intended for internal use and describe the expectations, responsibilities and qualifications included in the role. On the other hand, job advertisements are meant for external use – they must attract the attention of great candidates and make them lose everything and compete for their positions. You can customize our template for posting jobs if you need help getting started.

Everything in this post focuses on potential candidates, including a full-time employee referral picture where UPS uses training and growth opportunities as a starting point.

2. Begin the publication text with the question where the candidates say yes.

Facebook advertiser Amy Porterfield suggests that when you advertise, you should start with a question that is answered “yes” by someone who reads it. This is a general topic that you will see on Facebook job posts and advertisements in general. That’s because it works.

3. Increase the reach and focus of your contribution.

Increasing your contribution is seen by a far greater number of Facebook users, not just those who follow your page.

4. Prepare viewers for your Facebook posts.

Facebook offers a number of ways to position your position so that the right candidates can see it. You can turn on and off groups of people based on pages you like, interests, education, places, and more. Think carefully about which candidate is best for you and arrange your targeting as needed.

Rarely is a good option to cover the entire US. Therefore, limit yourself to places that are close to your business or places that are moved frequently.

5. Maximize engagement with images with perfect scale.

Just having a picture in a post increases the likelihood of people interacting with it 230 percent. Make sure you use the right size photo to make your post look good on Facebook and on any device connected to the user.

Hiring employees on Facebook is a very effective way to reach candidates who are “passive” or who are not looking for work but are open to the right opportunities. Use Facebook posts and ad targeting features to connect with these hard-to-reach candidates. Consider using “We Hire” images and posters to increase sharing.

How to recruit on Facebook:

1. Make a list of interesting jobs.

There are many who compete to get the attention of your ideal Facebook candidate. How do you compete? For starters, you want to investigate quickly: Talk to your colleagues and find out what they like most about the job. This can be the relationship they have with colleagues, location, facilities, benefits, and so on. Visit the Glassdoor review now and see employee complaints about the position you set.

Now take everything you have learned and put it at the heart of your Facebook recruitment strategy.

2. Advertise with Facebook for your fair work.

If you are prepared to do a lot of work, a smaller workweek or work event might be right for you. But how do you make sure it is attended?

Facebook can also help with advertising specifically for their events. To create one, you must first create an event with Facebook. When you place an ad, Facebook will automatically make an action request that will allow participants to indicate whether they want to attend the event, and whether they want to participate or not. People also like, share and comment.

3. Create video ad candidates and Facebook will like it.

That word is that Facebook has a lot of love for posting videos on the show and showing it more often than other posts. Video content must therefore be part of your efforts.

Does video production sound expensive and scary? It used to be much harder than today. But today we have some great little cameras that come with all our phones. If you follow a few simple tips, you can create videos to promote your company’s work and work culture on Facebook.

4. Touch your friend’s network.

People tend to build networks of friends with the same interests. By getting your employees to like your facebook page, connect to the network of people who work in your industry.

It’s easy to invite them individually by visiting your Facebook homepage, copying and pasting a website address (URL) and emailing it to staff. If you are friends with employees or Facebook colleagues, you can use the friend invite feature. If you are not connected to the people you work with on Facebook, you can use your email account to contact them.

5. Use Facebook Live to meet potential applicants.

Do you want to be able to connect with potential direct candidates via video? You can show them in a few minutes at work, how they look, introduce some colleagues, or have a question and answer session to get started.

Facebook has just developed a tool that allows you to stream videos directly to your Facebook feed. To use it, you must set Facebook on your mobile.

This will then automatically add the recorded version of the video to your timeline. Large companies such as UPS, which is a leader in social recruitment, are already using this tool. Try it if it works in your business.

How to Post Jobs on Facebook | How do I post a job on my Facebook page?

  • Open your company’s Facebook page.
  • Look at the “Create” bar just below your profile photo.
  • Click on “Work”.
  • Add basic job description information.
  • Make sure you add photos – your post will be much better.
  • Review and publish.
  • Think about how you can “improve” your post immediately after it airs.

Facebook job posts are a great way to understand the job words that you post on job boards like Real. Because Facebook job posts are free, you can create one there or link candidates to apply through your ATS, so that all candidate data is in one place.

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