How to Plan A Trip? Planning a Trip: Your 5-Step Guide


Trips are something for which every one dreamt of, but haven’t been able to plan and execute properly. For creating a perfect harmony and pure bliss by putting an end to the unwanted chaos, these steps are used to be followed.

Usually vacations start with boost of wonderful ideas but ends up with a nightmare to manage. Often overlooked, a lot of thought and brainstorming goes into perfectly organizing touring plans. Problems usually occurs due to lack of know-how on how to plan a trip.

These are some tips on how to plan your trip that can help to overcome 90% of the difficulties that you may face during the trip.

Plan Your Trip in 5 Steps:

1.Choice of destination

As known touring plans more often are triggered by external factors. These factors are probably rising from either stunning picture gone viral, the scenic setting of a movie, or an interesting story of a friend’s last trip.

First step in how to plan your trip is choosing an appropriate destination.

Few aspects that should be considered while choosing a destination-

  • Season is the key factor for choosing a destination, and these helps in planning a successful trip. This is because no one can read a traveller’s mind whether he/she is interested in beaches, mountains, or a forest.
  • The best time for visiting a destination should be considered appropriately, as ideal seasons for visiting beaches and mountains are different.
  • Cost factor should also be considered perfectly. Choosing the shoulder season for visit can help one to enjoy a luxury budget than others with good discounts on hotels and flights.
  • Before starting a journey safety of travellers should be a prime concern, especially for solo female.
  • As the popular destinations have a lot of daily flights, trains, and good highway infrastructure to support the tourist influx. Therefore, ease of accessibility is also a factor that plays a role in choice of destination.

2.Duration of your trip

Enjoying every moment at a trip is most important for a successful trip. Duration of the tour is basically depended on the touring plans and purpose of the visit of the travellers. Visiting new cities everyday is prime concern of some while some are really interested in slowly enjoying every single moment at the place where they are visiting.

Few aspects that should be considered while deciding the duration of a trip-

  • Correct estimation of the number of days required to visit a destination is the key factor for perfect trip planning. A road trip can be a long duration trip while trips by flight can be of shorter duration.
  • By utilising night time for travelling a weekend trips can be planned at a destination which is within 8 hours of reach.
  • A trip with much sightseeing (as in urban destinations) can take longer duration whereas a trip to a tropical beach town would not involve much sightseeing and hence duration is less as compared.
  • A vacant day is advisable to take in touring plans of more than 7 days. These helps in several aspects such as flight delays, traffic jams, weather hold-ups, or a change of heart to extend the stay at particular destination.

3. Book flights, trains, or bus tickets, and accommodation

An important step in learning how to plan your trip to perfection is booking tickets for flights, trains, or buses after ideation is completed. Advance booking of train or flight tickets can reduce the extra charges that one may pay as these tickets are subjected to rise in price with time.

Few aspects that should be considered while booking the tickets and accommodations-

  • If one is certain with their tour plans than they should go for a cheaper non-refundable flight or train tickets. Otherwise, a refundable ticket should be booked well-in-advance.
  • Google flight trackers should be used to track flight prices as they are subjected to fluctuation a lot.
  • If you are planning your trip in the peak season than you should be prepared to pay extra amounts.
  • For earning great rewards and cashbacks one should use such credit cards that give frequent flyer miles along with points on every rupee spent.

4. Day wise activities and course of action should be decided

When the touring plans are made on gut feeling and sudden impulse then they are always fascinating and adventurous. Things going last minute can cause some of the downside in such trips.

Few aspects that should be considered while planning day-wise activities-

  • A vital ingredient in understanding how to plan a trip perfectly is planning day wise activities in accordance with one’s budget.
  • Travelling should be done possibly in the night or evening this will provide time for sightseeing activities in the morning.
  • It’s better to book activities like water sports etc by yourself. These will help to get a better deal and a chance of bargaining.
  • If the purpose of the trip is to relax then only one or two activities should be planned in one day.
  • At some places, popular tourist activities like skiing, boating, scuba diving etc are closed during the offseason. Check the availability of activities before going to the destination.

5. Make all vital adjustments and pack efficiently

After booking is done, the bags are packed keeping in mind the destination and all external factors on it. The travel plans can be adversely affected by many aspects such as uncertainty of weather, socio-political scenario, etc. The planner must do some research before planning a trip to avoid such aspects.

Few aspects that should be considered while packing for a vacation-

  • When weather is expected to be cold or rainy, an extra shirt, sweater, pair of jeans can be proved useful.
  • For preventing skin-related diseases things like sunscreen lotion or mosquito repellent are vital.
  • For avoiding conflicts or disrespect to the local residents of the visited place one should research once of all do’s or don’t before visiting.
  • If one is going for trekking than the weight of bags is mandatory aspect to be concerned of.

Vacations are Experiences that provides inner peace and calmness along with positive changes in one’s behavior. So, vacations should be perfectly planned and one should know how to plan a trip to avoid any obstruction or any unwanted problems during the vacation.

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