How to make a voice or video call using Amazon Alexa

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Having an Amazon Echo can be useful for many activities. Whether it’s playing music, turning on lights, direct results, or checking time; You can do anything by asking him. This function list also includes calls. Many people do not know that Alexa can contact their contacts, even if there is no Amazon Echo. Here is the detail you need to know:

A Device that can call

  • Echo
  • Echo point
  • Echo Show
  • Echo place
  • Echo Plus
  • Fire tablet fourth generation or newer with the Alexa application
  • Devices compatible with iOS and Android with the Alexa application

How do I call Alexa?

First, you need to let Alexa access your contact list. Open the Alexa application on your Alexa device and tap the call and message icon in the item bar at the bottom of the screen. The icon looks like a chat bubble. If you have not previously granted access, you must register and provide your telephone number. Number required for identification purposes; Otherwise, your call will be displayed as unknown.

When finished, you can make calls from the Echo device. You can contact someone by just asking Alexa to make a call.

What if the person I contact doesn’t have an Echo device?

If the number you are calling has an echo, Alexa will only automatically call it if you have registered for a call option.

If the person doesn’t have an echo device or hasn’t activated the option, Alexa does one of two things. Alexa either called her phone or called the number provided for her contact. If more than one number is given to the contact, Alexa asks for the number to call. Then tell your home, business, or telephone Alexa the number you want to call.

What about numbers that are not in my contacts?

You can call numbers that are not in your contacts. Just tell Alexa the number and she will do the rest. Example: “Alexa, call 1-2-3-4-6-5-7-0-9.

What about international calls?

Calls can be made in any country where Alexa can send SMS and calls to Alexa. However, echo-free calls are limited to the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Can I call any number?

  • Alexa can call most numbers, but there are some exceptions.
  • Emergency number.
  • Room with a free or premium
  • Local or abbreviated code calls.
  • Calls outside the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Enter letters with numbers.

How do I end the conversation?

Just say “Alexa, shut up” or “Alexa” end the call, “and you’re fine. You can also touch the red Eco Show icon.

What about video calls?

Calls are video calls automatically on Echo Show or Spot. If you don’t want the conversation to be a video, just tell Alexa to turn off the camera. You can tap the video icon on the screen.

How do I answer an incoming call?

Just ask Alexa to answer / answer a call when someone calls you. The device rings in any case.

Can I block any number?

Numbers can be blocked, but must be in your contact list. However, no spam calls are made to your Echo device. You can also see blocked contacts in the application.

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