How to Leverage Your Body to Survive Extreme Cold and Heat?

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We were all there, lying in bed for a moment, wrapped comfortably in cocoons, unusually warm and calm. Then the next alarm goes off and before you realize it, on another winter morning, go to a job you hate for eight hours and try not to think that you will repeat the routine tomorrow and every day later. Until you die. Or maybe you are stuck in the middle of a record heat wave in summer dogs because global warming is clearly not real and you are desperately seeking help. The truth is that most people would rather live their lives in a comfortable world of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but the fact is we are routinely confronted with bitter elements, intense cold or intense heat.

If you live in a crazy place like Australia, you get both – and every animal out there can kill you, hot and cold. But what if you are ready to withstand the effects of extreme temperatures?

We have all read about modern superman, who can withstand high heat or cold and do things that seem to kill everyone alive.

How about you, average Joe? Can you realistically train your body to survive the intense cold?

Wim Hof ​​is a Dutchman known as an extremist who was nicknamed “Glacier”.

In fact, you might see that he participates in our show. Hof has had a severe cold since his youth. He completed several marathons, completely barefoot in the Arctic Circle, swimming in the ice for more than an hour and almost the entire height of Mount Everest with only shorts.

Still, Hoff was clearly not immune to the influence of the cold. In his first attempt to set a swimming record under the ice, he had to be rescued by a diver after his corneas began to freeze. Yes, you have heard that the cornea can obviously freeze, and everything slowly becomes Hoff.

He beat the record the next day. How did he make this extraordinary achievement? Hoff is famous and often criticized for marketing, which he calls the Wim Hoff method. Although the reviews are varied, this method is quite simple and involves regular meditation and complex breathing exercises. According to your method you start with 30 breathing cycles, which should trigger controlled hyperventilation.

You inhale the lungs completely, which means you push your breath into the stomach and slowly develop your lungs. Then release your breath, but don’t actually exhale – instead exhale lung pressure before breathing again. After completing 30 controlled hyperventilation cycles, focus on controlling your body’s response to hypoxia. You do this by taking a deep breath, holding it short and then expelling all the air from your lungs. With empty lungs, you fight the urge to breathe as long as possible.

You may feel panicked because of lack of oxygen, but if you manage to survive long enough, you will eventually get nutritious oxygen when your heart secretes oxygen-rich blood, which stores it in an emergency. Oxygen-free divers often practice meeting this point, warning that the hardest part is staying calm and not swimming.

The third step is to work holding your breath.

After you have completed breathing exercises, repeat and when your breathing becomes very intense, take a deep breath and hold for a few seconds. Overall, the total assignment must be three consecutive rounds with three steps. This Hoff statement will help you master your ability to withstand the effects of cold weather.

But is that possible?

Well, strangely, that is true. Scientists have found that this is more about your psychic perceptions and your own will than it is about biology. Studies of people who have learned to fight cold show that their body temperature is almost the same as the average person, except that their perception of cold is different. For them, the same cold that makes you rush in a pile of blankets, just a breeze. Of course, biology really does help, and scientists also found that people who regularly experience colds actually develop fat deposits known as brown fat.

This is the same type of fat that you had when you were a baby, and it’s especially about thanking your baby for being soft and looking cute. Babies are bad enough at maintaining body heat, so the body can burn fat much more efficiently than normal fat, which helps maintain its warmth. If you regularly experience the flu, you can also hack your body and believe that it will produce this type of fat deposits that will help you warm up. The amount, of course, is to study what extremists call acclimation or the process of gradually increasing intense exposure to cold.

Unfortunately, eating large amounts of donuts on the couch doesn’t give you the valuable brown fat you need to bring underwear to the North Pole. How do you adjust to the great cold? Start with determination first, because if you don’t have much, you won’t get used to the cold. However, you can start by diving into cold water regularly.

In South Korea, there are free divers’ communities that regularly dive for pearls in an ice-cold sea and wear only cotton clothes. Women of all ages take part in this dive. Exposure to cold regularly strengthens women from the effects of cold on their bodies. The good news is that you can also make a Korean grandmother healthy. You can start by showering every morning what you should have done, only now can you do it only with cold water. Start by exposing yourself for 30 seconds at the end of a nice hot shower, then slowly add the time until you finally take a cold shower. You’re on your way through your Antarctic birthday suit, saving all your water bills – that’s doubly profitable. If you live with snow somewhere, it’s time to kick it.

The Antarctic explorer H. R. Bowers is known for leaving every morning completely naked, throwing buckets of cold water and showering himself. However, you can start with the Wim-Hof technique, often referred to as “making snow,” and you have found that making snow as light as possible is as easy as possible. Like the soul, regularly increase your time of exposure to snow.

However, if you are not covered with snow, you can repeat it by filling a tub of ice and slipping. The longer you get closer, the sooner you will call yourself a suitable ice cream. Before long, you are making coke with polar bears that only wear sandals. However, we must warn you that sudden exposure to cold is a risk of a heart attack the doctor.

The lies of Coca-Cola and polar bears will only partially see you, although fortunately for you all will soon die from global warming. We have now conquered half of the planet and are only wearing boxers with duck motifs and smiles, but what about the heat? For warming up, we turn to one of our own saviour teachers, who have regular experience in a desert environment with temperatures far outside Fahrenheit – or whatever people have never risen to the moon.

Just a joke, we all really have to use a single measuring system and it’s kind of silly we didn’t do it. However, tolerating heat is also a mental problem, even though the body takes precedence over cold.

In extreme temperatures, the body tries to cool with heavy sweat, water acts as a glowing liquid, which makes it easier to release heat from your body into the surrounding air. By the way, this little trick has made humans the best species in the world – while other animals kill prey with sharp nails and teeth, we let their prey run to death and usually do this at the hottest hours of the day, animals that don’t sweat or sweat very severe maybe most vulnerable to death from overheating.

Meanwhile, our large sweat glands pump all the time, keeping us from dying while hunting for our prey for miles. But the real reason why our ancient ancestors were not consumed by the hot darkness and so many modern suburbs of the Spartan trials are related to water. We carefully examine this problem and find that the best scientists have learned that sweat is primarily water. So, if you are not hydrated enough, your body will not have a lot of moisture to work and will release deadly heat to your body.

Of course, your body needs water for everything it does. The real trick to survival from extreme heat is to stay hydrated. In a hot environment, you might lose up to one litre of water per hour if you are busy with exercise and most doctors advise you to drink something. In normal activities, you can quickly see a gallon of water every day where the problem lies. The trick is you will continue to consume water throughout your heat. Our desert teacher recommends that you drink at least eight litres a day when you are in high heat. You should consume this water in moderation because excessive heat can make your stomach very sensitive and drinking too much water can cause vomiting. If you don’t like eating vomit, you will lose valuable gallons of water.

Instead, just speed up while drinking and drinking occasionally. If you’ve been hot for a long time, water isn’t enough and you have to replace valuable minerals like potassium. Because sugar and other ingredients your body doesn’t need, sports drinks, if you sit on the couch all day doing nothing but screaming informative, scary shows, unless you get a lot of tense comments. Adding sports drinks to hydration in extreme heat keeps you fit, and as long as you put your skin in the sun, you can easily withstand high temperatures. Maintaining hydration is key, although hydration can also be fatal and cause a condition known as water poisoning.

Don’t worry, this is quite rare and your body will easily remind you of this condition. However, if you are in the middle of a record high, there is little risk. What tips can you give to survive extreme heat or cold?

Have you ever been in a place that is very hot or very cold?

Let us know in the comments! and share with your friends and family.

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