How to Install Kodi On Amazon Fire Stick? Smart Home

kodi on amazon fire stick

Kodi is one of the most popular (and certainly the most controversial) media players. Not only do you get access to your own media files from a number of platforms (including Xbox One), you also stream from hundreds and hundreds of sources throughout the world. This is a powerful application that has attracted, erm, criticism.

You can download Kodi on various platforms. One of the most suitable platforms is Amazon Fire OS, as used by Fire TV and Fire TV Stick (commonly known as Firesticks). Both devices are proud to occupy the top of our best Kodi box.

However, you cannot just download Kodi from the App Store on this device. However, there are several ways to load applications on your device. We guide you through the process with the simplest and fastest method, which only takes 10 minutes.

Step 1: Download the downloader

First, we need to open an application that allows us to download the Kodi application installation file directly. There are several, but what we will use is only called Downloader. It’s free and has a bright orange logo if you want to capture it by hand. The fastest way to find it when you turn on the Stick TV Stick microphone is to simply talk on the remote control while holding down the microphone button: if you say “Download”, it will appear immediately.

If your Fire TV is not voice activated, text search is the fastest because the search category can take a long time. Open the home screen, press the top button on the remote to select the navigation area, then press the left button to scroll to the universal search area.

Search “Downloader” and the application will appear in the results. Now just click and install the application.

Step 2: Activate the application installation from an unknown source

The next part is serious: You can download the application from an unknown source. “Unknown sources” means Fire TV is only for non-Amazon applications.

This is an important security feature, but it must be deactivated before you can install Kodi because Amazon cannot access it directly.

Select the navigation area on the home screen by pressing up and scroll right to go to Settings. Select Device from this menu. Then select Developer Options and you will see a submenu that contains an “Unknown Source” entry. Choose by making sure it is included below.

The disclaimer that we have to do here is: If you want to download the application from the Amazon Store, make sure you don’t do it anywhere. Android applications can contain viruses and malware. If possible, download it from the official developer site. We will do it next.

Step 3: Open the downloader

Next we just need to run Downloader. This bit requires almost no instructions because when you install the application, you will see it appear at the top of one of your application’s feeds.

If not, just press the Home button (about two seconds) to access the system context menu. Select Applications and you will see all the applications that you have installed.

This is one thing that Amazon Fire OS doesn’t do well – it really brings your application to hand.

Step 4: Enter the Kodi URL

We are now on the downloader. This is an application that allows you to download applications and other files through an interface such as a browser because Fire TV does not have its own Chrome / Safari style Internet application.

A white box appears on the application’s homepage where you can enter a URL. Select and enter “”.

This is the website that you are targeting for the laptop to install Kodi, and this works for Fire TV too.

Step 5: choose the right Kodi version

If you entered the URL correctly, the web page will now appear in the Downloader application. Scroll down on the remote control to find the green Android robot and select it.

On the next page you can see all versions available for Android installation. There are many, and which one to choose depends on the version of Fire TV or Fire TV Stick that you have.

Fire TV and first generation Sticks have 32-bit processors. Therefore, select the ARM version called 32-bit. If you have a newer version, choose the 64-bit ARM version.

This page displays the Kodi release and evening versions for 32-bit and 64-bit versions. We recommend that you choose the “release” version that has fewer bugs. Other. A newer type of night, but still in progress.

Choose the right one and the APK installation file will download. This is the 87MB version file that we use. When the process is complete, Downloader automatically tries to install it by creating a pop-up window.

Press the directional pad to go to the Install button at the bottom of this page. When the installation is complete, do not return to the start screen, but let the process return you to the download application. You will see an option to delete the installation file, which frees up space – we no longer need it.

Step 6: get content in Building Kodi

Pat yourself – you just installed Kodi on your Fire TV. It should now appear in the “Recently Used” section on the homepage.

If you can’t find it later, remember that you can access your application library by pressing the Home button.

What you want to do now is install an add-on that allows you to access lots of streaming content. See our Best Kodi Add-on feature for more information.

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