How Do I Get More People To Follow Me On My Pinterest Account?


While there are many different fields to consider when designing your Pinterest account, here are some that help you to how to get more followers on pinterest.  Open the settings to get started:

1. Help potential followers find their pin through search engines

Start with the basics of your business account and drag the Find Privacy button to No. In this way, Pinterest allows search engines to crawl the content that you take. In this way, you can get more visibility when searching for images with popular search engines like Google. Help pimps find your content through search engines by changing your Privacy setting to Search.

2. Fill in your Pinterest account to instantly increase your credibility

Then enter the name and location of your company in the Profile section. Your photo might be a professional logo for your business or blog (note the halo effect rule with physical attraction).

Create a username that will be downloaded to your Pinterest URL. As a company, using your company name is probably the most meaningful. Include a brief description of your business and the value you give potential Pinterest followers in the About field.

Pack with one of the most important areas: Check your website. Using this field, Pinterest can validate your website so you can use Rich Pin to add bonus articles, movies, locations, products, and recipe information to more than 2 million people every day. When you verify your site, Pinterest also displays a verified icon on your profile, which, as Neal Patel points out, “can give more potential followers confidence in your persecution.”

Pinterest account settings

The website box is one of the most important things that Pinterest uses to check your website, which increases your credibility with the halo effect.

3. Connect your other social networks to your Pinterest account

You can also connect other social networks directly with Pinterest. Simply log in to your company’s Twitter handle. Then slide the Login button to Yes. You can also connect to Facebook and Google+. However, because this account is usually associated with one person and not a company page, your Pinterest followers will be targeted to your personal account.

Link your social profile, like your company’s Twitter handle, to your Pinterest account. Linking your social profile gives you an added bonus by showing it on your Pinterest profile. This will allow your Pinterest followers to follow you on other networks.

Pinterest account to get more Twitter followers

When you link your Twitter handle (or Facebook and Google + accounts), the icon will appear on your Pinterest account for more followers.

4. Save the PIN and follow the instructions on your blog and website

Nicole suggests that you pinch it and follow the instructions on your website to turn the traffic you receive into pinners and followers.

For example, Social Media Testers uses invitations to follow Pinterest on their blogs:

Pinterest Followers Button

The Social Media Checker uses the Pinterest Followers button to turn blog visitors into Pinterest Followers.

And if you click on this button, Pinterest will open an interesting window where you can turn your visitors into Pinterest followers: This will be seen by your followers when you add the Follow Pinterest button to your blog.

It’s easy to get this button and the pin-it button. When you are on the homepage, click the gear icon and select Create Widget.

Pinterest makes it a widget feature

Go to your Pinterest homepage and select the gear icon to create the following widget. Then click More Info on the pop-up menu.

Pinterest makes a pop-up widget. Click More Info on the widget pop-up menu.

You can now create a Pin It button for a particular blog post and select the tracking button to embed your topic. Create a follow-up button by entering your Pinterest URL and embed the code on your blog.

5. Integrate the board and pin into your blog post

This idea is an extension of what you just learned about Pin It and follow the button. However, it links far more directly to your blog post.

Pinterest makes it easy to embed pins and thumbnails on your posts so you can get more followers from your blog visitors. Follow the same steps as in the previous step and include your Pinterest content in this way:

You may need to press this button to monitor. Come on, you know what you want! When we recently posted a similar blog board, we saw a 640% increase in Pinterest followers this week.

6. Share your Pinterest on other social networks

Some of your followers on other social networks might also want to follow you on Pinterest. This is definitely a preferred tool for recognizing people, as Nicole has shown us. In addition, it turns out Pinterest is smart enough to help you easily share your pins and boards on other social networks.

Share your needles with followers on other networks

Share your followers’ pins with other networks to encourage them to follow you on Pinterest.

This feature allows you to share pins with your Twitter and Facebook followers to encourage them to follow you on Pinterest too.

Pro Tip: Use the pin link to schedule simple social messages right on your CoSchedule social media calendar. Advertising is not very effective because it speaks to your audience, not to your audience.

Communication is different from mass marketing because it is a real conversation between people rather than one side. This is how pinners demand participation. And because this is the case, this is a good lesson to consider when trying to attract more followers to Pinterest.

7. Find Pinners Who’ve Already Pinned From Your Blog

You can learn from Pinterest Analytics including: 

Your own profile’s best-performing Pins and boards. Use that knowledge to share more content that is similar to your top performers. That will increase your Repins and help you reach new followers.

Your existing audience’s demographics and interests. Just like before, use that information to help you curate more content that suits their interests and plan original Pins that they’ll love.

Your top activity for content shared from your domain. This is where you can find the top Pins from your content and most popular boards those were Pinned to. That means you can use this information to find folks who already love your content so you can engage with them through Repins, comments, and follows.

The tab in your Pinterest Analytics is probably the best place to start to find new potential followers. Simply scroll through to find the Pinners who gave you your top Pin impressions, and the boards that were most popular for your content.

8. Use Pinterest Analytics to find popular boards from your followers

Pinterest Analytics can help you find familiar boards from Pinners who share your content, which can help you find new followers. With that information, you can find the Pinners who created those boards—and those who follow them—to start building your community.

9. Ask your lovemates From Other Networks To Become Pinterest Followers, Too

Everyone seems to have their favorite social networks, so why not reach out to your existing friends to see if they’d also like to connect with you on Pinterest? It turns out, Pinterest thought that was a good idea and created a Find Friends feature right in the tool itself. Since you’ve already connected other social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ into Pinterest, just navigate from your Pinterest profile to the Find Friends page.

10. Navigate to the search Friends feature from your Pinterest profile.

From here, you can follow the people you already know from your other networks. Mitt Ray elaborates on this tactic on Social Media Examiner, “As you follow people you already have relationships with, they’ll be very likely to follow you back.”

You can use Pinterest’s ‘Find Friends’ feature to follow people who already know, like, and trust you. That will encourage them to follow you on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine for information: as a social site that integrates with search engines. Pinterest is curated and Pinner is calling for a cultural match for their participants.

Other Pinterest experts recommend that you add more content by following the Pareto principle from 80% Repins to 20% of your original needle. Whatever your approach, here are the main reasons why Repinning helps you get more followers:

You will connect with more people who have the same interests. Pin pays attention to what Repin often does, which can cause the following things.

You will build curated boards to test your ideas. By attaching other people’s content to your board, you can see which board has the most followers and double the time you invest in creating original content to increase your followers even more.

You will show potential followers that you are not only number one. Recently, Paul Wilson from Pinnable Business has created an audience for a new Pinterest account with 6,275 followers focused on building community. Curator and return is the undeniable first step.

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