How to Fix It When Your Alexa Alarm Is Not Going Off


Is the Alexa alarm not going off? If you are also troubled by this problem, then this information is for you, Alexa is a smart device, which is used by many people in their homes today, and with the help of Alexa, many important tasks can be done easily and smartly. In this article, we will understand in detail a common problem in Alexa, as well as learn about its solution.

Many people complain on Alexa devices that the Alexa alarm not working. In such a situation when they are not able to take advantage of proper alarms with the help of their Alexa device. There are many different solutions to this type of problem, which we will talk about here. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can reset the alarm system on your Alexa device.

Why is the Alexa alarm not working?

Alexa is a smart device that is connected to the Internet, so if the alarm on your Alexa device isn’t working, the reason may be the Amazon Alexa smart assistant service, because it needs to connect to the cloud to download media. is required. Usually, the problem with the alarm is due to an interruption in the internet connection, if you are using music as an alarm through Spotify when this situation can happen.

There may be some other reasons why the Alexa alarm not working, like you are using Apple’s AirPods, which are often connected to mobile, in such case when you connect your Alexa device to mobile, this type of thing will happen. A common error is seen, causing the alarm of the Alexa device to not work properly.

Alexa alarm not going off

For many people who use Alexa in their homes, a problem arises, in which the Alexa alarm does not go off, so this question comes into people’s minds, why does my Alexa alarm not go off? In such a situation, many people think there is a minor problem with this device, but we have told you that this device is mainly operated using the internet, you can connect this device through your mobile internet. can.

In such a situation some people think, will my Alexa alarm turn off automatically? So let us tell you, if there is no problem, then your alarm goes off automatically, but if there is some connection error in the device, then for this you will have to rectify the error, so that next time you will have this problem again. Don’t have to face This amazon device creates many types of problems with alarm, but if you set it well, then you will not have to worry about this problem.

What to do when your Alexa is not working

If you have a problem with your Alexa alarm, like the Alexa alarm going off when not set? So you can check your device by following the steps mentioned here, which will solve your problem.

Step 1: To fix the Alexa alarm first you check the Alexa alarm properly, after that check the correct day and right time setting once thoroughly. Apart from this, you should also check whether you have used AM and PM properly or not.

Step 2: After correcting the alarm setting, turn off your Alexa device, and disconnect from the mobile. After waiting for some time, connect your device with your mobile again. By setting thit is way, you can get rid of the problem caused by the software.

Step 3: Many times it has been seen that the Alexa alarm does not work due to poor internet connection, and problems like the amazon Alexa alarm not going off. In such a situation, you should check the internet of your router or mobile. You should put your router or WiFi in Alexa range with that setting so you can’t lose your internet connection.

Step 4: In the next sequence, you connect to the Internet by checking the Internet setting with the Alexa device and using any other app, once thoroughly checking whether the Internet is working properly or not. Apart from this, you can use the Internet to give different directions to Alexa for some time.

Step 5: Many times when you connect to Alexa from your mobile or connect to the router, you should make sure that your router or WiFi is kept within a certain distance from Alexa, otherwise, if the distance is more There is also a risk of losing the connection.

Step 6: When you connect your device to any other device like a speaker etc. Alexa volume is muted so your Alexa alarm prop doesn’t work. In this case, you should remove the connection from all other devices and connect Alexa again.

Step 7: If You Use Apple’s Airpods, You Have to Keep It Closed in the Case

Because these devices automatically connect to other devices when opened, your Alexa does not work properly. Check properly your mobile or tablet if the buds are connected then, the Alexa device will not work with the alarm.

Step 8: You should choose another song as an alarm. The song you have selected may be blocking the alarm sounding, so you can play any of your favorite songs. You choose a high-quality song that has a good sound that you can listen to properly.

Step 9: You can use the sound of a basic alarm, sometimes when you set a song or sound selected from media as an alarm, it may cause some problems. In such a situation, you can set a song that you can use without the internet.

Step 10: Alexa’s alarm also has a light setting, if there is an error in the setting of the alarm, then for this you should make sure that the light is properly connected to your Alexa or not. Along with this, you also allow Alexa to control all kinds of settings.

Step 11: In the next step of setting you try to turn off the VPN as well Even if you’re using a low-quality VPN, it can still cause your Alexa to error out, causing your alarm to not work properly. Sometimes people used free VPNs and this activity creates sometimes problems on your Amazon Alexa device and your alarm not working properly.

Step 12: If you are not able to use the alarm properly even after setting this, Then reinstall Alexa, if you connect Alexa to your mobile phone or tablet So uninstall and reinstall the Alexa Key app. To do this setting you can easily connect your device to the proper internet and get your alarm working back.

Step 13: Use another key setting to fix Alexa’s alarm, if you have set the firewall setting to High, So it can create a problem for the alarm to work properly, so you can also improve this setting.

Step 14: If your Alexa device is still not working properly, then you can reset the Alexa device to factory default settings to fix the alarm setting. This will bring your Alexa device to the default setting, which will remove all kinds of errors and your device will start working well.

FAQ: How to Fix It When Your Alexa Alarm Is Not Going Off

Q1 Can I add any tune or song to the Alexa alarm?

Ans. Yes, you can use your favorite song as an alarm in Alexa. You can use the different songs by using your device memory or any other online platform.

Q2 Can a factory data reset setting fix the alarm?

Ans. If your Alexa device is still not working properly after using the above settings, then you can finally use the factory data reset setting.

Q3 Should we call customer care to fix the alarm setting?

Ans. If you are using an Amazon Alexa device, then you should correct your alarm settings based on the above information. If you follow the steps mentioned here, you can make your Alexa device’s alarm sound fine.

Q4 Can song selection be the reason for the alarm not working?

Ans. Yes, sometimes when you select a song that plays online, the alarm does not sound due to a lack of internet connection, in this case, you can select a song in memory as an alarm so that your alarm is less internet Works smoothly even when it’s on.

Q5 Could the Bluetooth device be causing the alarm to not sound?

Ans. Sometimes when you connect another Bluetooth device to your device, it causes problems with the volume setting and interrupts when your alarm goes off. In such a situation, you should check thoroughly that there is no other device connected to your device.


If you want to know what to do when your Alexa is not working? So you can use these main steps mentioned here, if you do the setting according to the steps mentioned here, the alarm of your Alexa device will start working again as before.

In this way, you can take some time to check if there is any kind of problem with your Alexa device, and after doing this properly, you can use the alarm well.

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