Top 10 Steps towards How to Find Your Passion and Work on it?


Life is a marathon, not run fast. To achieve your goals and realize your dreams, you will fall in love with the lifestyle, daily habits that make your dreams come true.

If you find something that reminds you to get up every day and do it, and if you can pay one day, you are on the right track. How to find your passion and purpose in your life?

Here are 10 practical ways to find your passions (# 10 is a fun but powerful exercise)

Step 1: Lower yourself. 

Accept, if you are wrong. If you think your Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, and after a long debate trying to convince your brother that you are right, you find that you are wrong, then you are wrong. Nope, “but I at all times thought … but I was at all times told,” You’re wrong. If you paint a car in red when you are asked to paint burgundy; no, but red is close to burgundy … but john brought colors too close “you’re wrong.

Step 2: Doing something is better than doing nothing, unless it’s a delay. 

If you want to paint a picture, but feel overwhelmed because you don’t feel you have the skills, painting a house won’t help you get there. There’s a difference between painting a wall in solid colors and painting a picture with thousands of different strokes.

Step 3: Show others their mistakes.

DO NO Wait This is something I stand for and that is why I want to write articles on this page. I write myself, occasionally reading my poem on the night of local poetry and writing a blog article once. I always thought I had to face it, I always thought it had to be really perfect, I couldn’t bear to waste someone else’s time. Here’s the problem: Other people in general don’t know how bad they are, unless they practice on their own and if they find out, they can always take their eyes off.

Step 4: Surround yourself with ambitious people. 

You might not believe that you are interested in repairing a car or making furniture, but maybe someone you know is passionate about repairing cars every second. Learn from them. Ask him if you can help at least once. You can hate it, but you can catch it. No matter what, ambitious and passionate people who surround you will motivate you. You will see things that you have never had before.

Step 5: FIND HELP. 

We have a mindset in the 21st century that we have to do everything ourselves, that it won’t cost much if we don’t make it ourselves. Let me ask you, most of us know that Thomas Edison had a team of scientists behind him, but who can give me their names? Who knows the names of special effects artists in their favorite films? It is good to be a “background player” to contribute, without having to receive recognition. If you are looking for praise, you are not alone like in a team. Do you think you can do all of these inventions yourself? Do you think you can make a great movie yourself? Be a leader, not a loner.

Step 6: Stop treating so much. 

If you feel lost, if you are looking for your desires, leave the tablet. Turn off the TV. Get off Facebook and exit. Do the hard things that you think about, but you are always excluded because “you are too busy, but you really want to do it.” Believe me, you have the time and resources.

Step 7: Cut off the conversation or delete it. 

Most of us spend hours every day listening to things that ultimately don’t matter. Things that you will forget in one day or in 20 minutes. What’s the use? It’s just a form of transfer, it’s just an excessive mental form. Why not use this energy to develop skills?

Step 8: Maintain focus, but maintain the hobby.

 If you want to make a movie, don’t sit there and watch it all the time, come out and do it. Study the films you see and learn from them. Image composition, color, dialogue, everything that makes up the film. Sometimes we need a little time to decompress, not worry, and stress. Sometimes it’s good to deconstruct every aspect – not always.

Step 9: Money is calculated. Money is value.

 If you like something, but can’t secure it, it’s a hobby, not a career choice. Don’t treat it if it’s as valuable as money. I’m not saying money has to be anything, I say we need money to survive. Playing video games might be your favorite, but what about making it? When you make art but nobody buys it, you don’t make money just to make it. Sometimes we have to adapt to our markets or find markets elsewhere.

Step 10: Take responsibility. 

Maybe it should be higher on the list, but money makes sense and I believe. Do not put less success on the shoulders of others. We already have more options than history. Do you want to make music? We have a website where you can learn and spread your craft. Do you want to do art? The same thing. Do you want to make an application? Same concept. Most activities are very network dependent. So you have to surround yourself with ambitious people only when you have to put a lack of success on the shoulders of others.

What are some things you do to understand your desires and pursue your goals? Please let me know in the comments below!

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