How to Enjoy the Music From Spotify on your Apple Watch, Through the Watch App

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If you are a Spotify customer with Apple Watch, you can stream music directly to the ear of your smart watch. With the official Spotify app, Apple Watch owners can now stop and skip more than just music. You can download custom playlists and Spotify Connect. However, not all features are available yet, and you might not know how to download the Spotify application. Find out how it works and what you can and can’t do with Spotify on your watch.

Here is our complete user guide for your Apple Watch to stream the music from Spotify.

How to Install Spotify on Apple Watch | Install the Apple Watch Spotify application

Follow these steps to make sure you have the correct version of Spotify. This works for free and Spotify Premium users. However, you must install and enter the Spotify smartphone application on your device.

You will also need an iPhone or higher for iOS 10 and higher, and Apple Watch with watchOS 4 and higher.

To download the Apple Watch Spotify Application, get iTunes now

1. Just ‘Open’ the Apple Watch application on your iPhone.

2. On the My Clock tab under “Installed on Apple Watch”, make sure that Spotify has been downloaded. If it’s not already installed on your Apple Watch, scroll down to the “Available Applications” section and click “Install” on Spotify.

3. Open the application network and search for Spotify. This application also opens automatically when you play music from your iPhone.

After installation, select the Spotify application on the Apple Watch Bee Selection screen or open the Spotify application on your iPhone. Automatically starts at the wrist.

Use the Apple Watch Spotify Application Feature

The Spotify application playback feature appears for the first time at startup on the Apple Watch screen. With three middle buttons, you can play / stop the track that is currently playing and jump forward / backward – the title of the rolling track.

To the right of the recording title is a volume that you can control directly by rotating the digital crown on your Apple Watch. 

There is a heart button below the playback feature that allows you to add the song that is currently playing to your library that you can access through the Spotify application on your iPhone.

Control the music

Like the old Spotify feature, you can pause, jump back and forth to the music played by Apple Watch itself.

Sliding left indicates that you have recently played music from your Spotify account. From here you can scroll with your finger or digital crown and change albums or playlists.

You can only select the last item and not select the song within that item. However, you can skip it and mix it with the switch at the top of the screen.

Spotify Connect

To the right of the heart symbol is the Spotify Connect button. Pressing this button will take you to a list of available audio devices that you can connect to, including iPhones and Bluetooth speakers that you previously connected. The screen has just begun. Swiping to the Home screen displays a list of the latest music in your Spotify account. You can use Digital Crown or your finger to scroll through this list and touch the playlist or album to start playback.

Unfortunately, you cannot play individual tracks on your Apple Watch. You have to pass a track to get to the track you want to listen to. You can also turn on agitation by activating the switch at the top of the last screen that you played.

Add music to your Spotify library

You can add music directly to your library through the Apple Watch screen. Apparently, heartbeats can be typed and songs added to your music library. To get it, just open the playlist in your Spotify library.

Apple Watch Spotify: Features not supported yet

1. 4G streaming

At present, Spotify does not offer LTE streaming directly from Apple Watch to headphones. And we will not hold our breath so fast on this arrival.

2. Play offline

Another important feature that is not supported is the inability to store music on your Apple Watch and listen offline. This means that, for example, runners or subway travelers cannot store playlists on Apple Watch while traveling.

We assume that this will be the next feature, but there is no time limit when this can happen.

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