15 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Facebook


By remembering these facts, you will find 10 wild animals and methods and tools to help you make money with Facebook. You can use one or more ways to make money at will with Facebook. How to earn money through Facebook? Let’s see some 15 possibilities of making money with Facebook.

Short on cash? Here’s how to earn money with Facebook

1. Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook Marketplace is a free service offered by social networking sites. You can list various articles, services, and offers and promote them directly in the Facebook community. With this service, you can reach thousands of people through your own social network, while Facebook friends tell others what you sell. You can sell any goods or services that are in accordance with Facebook Community Guidelines.

2. Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Affiliate marketing is a system that allows you to promote a product, brand, service, or business through a Facebook page or contact group. Thousands of merchants, including Amazon, Flipkart, VCommission, Shaadi.com, and many others pay to promote their products.

3. Advertise on FB for your business

Facebook is the most common platform where every business – from private companies to large banks and consumer goods companies – is present.

4. Create content on Facebook

Facebook encourages people with unique skills or knowledge to take the time and create digital content that can be marketed through the 22Social Application. For content sold, including PDF, audio and video.

5. Earn money by selling Facebook Likes

This is a very controversial way to make money with Facebook. There are forums that support the sale of Facebook likes while others consider the system illegal. Even so, there are some marketers who will pay you to send “Facebook pages” to your “friends”.

6. Influencer Marketing on Facebook

Influencer marketing is not intended for anyone who has made a big impact on Facebook. In fact, most people don’t allow them to “follow” them on Facebook because their content can harm them when dealing with sensitive issues such as politics and religion.

7. Make money with Facebook ads

Facebook Ads is a giant social media tool that is extended to corporate and home users. You can create and promote various types of ads targeted to specific groups of people based on age, location and other demographics. If you have a small business at home, you can earn money by advertising on Facebook ads. Depending on usage and target groups, social media companies offer free and paid Facebook advertising packages.

8. Manage your Facebook account

Managing social media accounts, especially Facebook pages from businesses or celebrities, is a very profitable option for home users. There are dozens of social media management jobs that you can find online.

9. Groups on Facebook

People create Facebook group pages for various sorts of reasons. 

Open and closed are the two categories of Facebook groups available now. In open groups, people can join at any time. Others are closed if membership is only by invitation or request.

10. Direct marketing

A small business can place ads directly on regular Facebook pages to attract customers. This advertisement may be related to job offers, advertisements, products, and services. Many small businesses only use Facebook as a forum to post their advertisements. Many job seekers also search for a company’s Facebook page to find work.

11. Promote new blog posts (e.g. Increase traffic to your site)

Not much can be said here. When you publish a post on your website or new content. You post a link on Facebook. That’s FB 101 stuff. Make money by monetizing your website, whether it’s display ads, affiliate offers, or email marketing. The key is that Facebook sends traffic to your site.

12. Increase Popular Facebook Posts

If you get a high level of commitment on certain posts or content, you can collect and collect money. This can get more control over content, optimization, ad revenue, and even placing links. Money comes the same way as publishing. An increase will send traffic to your website. In some cases, you can choose to increase your fan base so that you get more traffic to your website in the future.

13. Promote for other websites and get paid for 1000 clicks

Facebook’s monetization strategy has inspired this post from the start. I like this strategy because the whole process can be expensive and can easily generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. This is the deal. There are websites where you are paid to send links / images and others to link to their websites. They usually pay a fixed price for the 1000 visitors you send.

The beauty is that these sites provide all the content, usually providing proven content, and are great at creating highly responsive content.

In addition, much of this content works in many niches, because it is generally interesting and many people can’t resist clicking something.

14. Pay for other sites to promote your website based on CPM

This is the opposite of Strategy 3 above. Strategy 3 above pays you to promote various websites on your FB page. This strategy involves paying for another FB page to promote your website.

Given that the CPM you pay is much lower than FB ads, there is a good chance of winning with this traffic. The hard part is that you develop content and publications that are very responsive and then get other sites that really promote your content.

15. Use your page for links and other options. 

This is a more indirect method for making money from your Facebook page. This method involves offering free website traffic from your FB site in exchange for a link to your site. This is a quiet way to create links in the hope that links give your site a higher ranking in search engines and make more money.

This approach only works if you can get significant traffic through your FB page.

You also need very strong content so your partner can connect. Just because you promise that some traffic is not necessarily a good enough offer. You want to link to great content.

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