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Smartphones are getting smarter every day. Every new update brings a new technological feature that just blows us away. These small yet significant updates just keep making our lives easier and smoother. One such groundbreaking update was the advent and integration of gesture control in smartphones. Gesture control has made our lives so much easier and using smartphones in sticky situations is much more convenient. You can use it to type messages, click selfies, play video games and so much more. But what if your phone does not have this feature? Should you miss out on all this fun? Well, my short and crisp answer is NO!. You too can enjoy the fun of using gesture control using the TAP TAP App. Read on and find out more about this application and know how to download and install it safely into your device.

What is Tap, Tap APK?

The Tap, Tap App is an android application that was designed and released by the XDA developers. The app allows you to use gesture control on a variety of apps like camera, PUBG, etc. 

Features of the TAP, TAP App

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The TAP, TAP app’s gesture control feature can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used for receiving or sending phone or WhatsApp calls. It can be used for taking selfies and pictures using the phone camera. Also, It can be used to alter the mode of the phone from vibration mode to ringing mode. It can also be used to open the google assistant or other applications on the phone. Further, you can also take screenshots using the gesture control feature of this application. Also, you can snooze alarms using this app. Lastly, you can also control the music playing on your mobile using this application.

How to Download Tap, Tap APK

The Tap, Tap App works on all Android versions 7 or higher. The app is 13 MB in size and can be downloaded easily from the internet. To download the app from the internet, you just need a stable internet connection. Also, the app is free for download, so you need not pay any charges or hidden costs to install and use the application. But the only drawback for this application is that you won’t find it on the google play store. To download it, go to the XDA developers forum and click on the link of the 0.10.1 beta version of the Tap Tap app or the newer available version. Doing this would download the application into your phone. Since you would be downloading this application from a third-party website, scan the downloaded file for viruses or malware, using a standard antivirus software.

How to Install Tap, Tap APK

Once you have downloaded the tap tap application, all you need to do to enjoy gesture controls on your device is install the downloaded package. To install the application, first, you need to locate the downloaded file using your device’s file manager. You will most probably find it in the Downloads folder. Click on the file and you will be prompted to give permission to install applications from unknown sources. Give this permission and close the dialog box. After this, the package would automatically get installed on your device and your device is now ready with the Tap Tap app.

Is It Safe to Use Tap, Tap APK?

Like all other apps, that can’t be installed directly from the google play store, the Tap Tap app too lacks the security hallmark from google play store security, thereby making your data inputted inside applicational vulnerable to leaks and misuse. We would suggest you to scan the downloaded file of the application using a standard antivirus software before you install the package on your mobile. Moreover, we would also suggest you to not give your private and professional Email-ID and your frequently used password. Adhere to these cautionary points and you can enjoy all the fun that the Tap Tap app has to offer.

Features of the Tap Tap App

The Tap Tap App has multiple ways for you to control the gesture settings of your phone. It has the double tap and triple tap option, meaning you can thereby assign gesture functions to different apps using these settings. The double-tap option allows you to open the camera or take or disconnect a call by clicking twice on the back of your phone, whereas the triple tap makes this count there. You can assign different options to different apps according to your convenience. Also, the app features another menu called “Gates” that allows you to tackle more subtle settings of gesture control on your phone.


Thus unlock the magical world of gesture control by installing the tap tap app on your device. From having a more immersive experience in video games to clicking stunning photographs, tap tap apps open a bright and glittery world for you with gesture control as your guide. STAY TUNED!!

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