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Pinterest is an online social media platform where people share photos and videos. With the help of pinterest short videos and HD quality photo, we can learn many things, there are lots of learning videos and talent creativity. Now point is that how we can download pinterest photos and videos in free because pinterest does not allow to download or save their photos and videos.

Do not worry, If you want to download pinterest photos and videos without any fees. You are on the right place Here I have shared some quality web tools that help you to download pinterest videos and photos.

Pinterest Images download Online

Go through the above links to download pinterest photos without any charges. Here I have shared some tips to download pinterest images from web, desktop, android and iphone.

How to download pinterest images on desktop

Follow the steps below: Download an image from a Pin to save it on your computer or mobile device and look at it offline.

Step 1:- Go to pinterest official website and go to the pin section open the pin closeup.

Step 2:- Click (…) button which is right above the pin images.

Step 3:- Click the download button to save pinterest images.

Step 4 :- Your Images will saved in your photo gallery.

How to download Pinterest Images on Android Phones or Mobiles.

To download or save pinterest images on your android phones follow the instruction below.

Step 1:- Open pinterest app in your phones.

Step 2:- Tap the pin to open pin closeup.

Step 3:- Tap (…)  at the top of the screen.

Step 4:-  Tap to download Images.

How to download Pinterest Images on iOS.

To download pinterest images on your iOS, follow the instruction below.

Step 1:- Tap the Pin to open the Pin closeup.

Step 2:-  Tap (…) right above the Pin image.

Step 3:- Tap to download Image.

Save Pinterest Images Online Free

If you want to save pinterest photos through apps, copied the above link and paste in google play store, install this application in your phone. There are three steps to download pinterest photos.

Step 1:- Go to pinterest official website.

Step 2:- Open pin of image which you want to save.

Step 3:- Copied the pin url and paste it on this application and click the download button to grab the images.

How to download Pinterest Images from the

ToolsBug is an online web tool which allows to save pinterest images. It will download all images automatically from pinterest album whether it is pin image, board images, profile images or pinterest topic images. It allow to download pinterest images in all size, it gives a variety of pinterest images. We can save all images in hd or non hd depend on image quality. 

There are some steps to save pinterest images through tools bug, follow the steps below.

  • Copied the pinterest images url.
  • Go to tools bug images downloader section.
  • Paste the copied url in download area.
  • Wait for a few minutes or seconds to download images.
  • A zip file download automatically when it is completed.

How to download pinterest images from expertphp.

Want to save pinterest images from experts php, follow the instruction to save or pinterest images Download, download pinterest image, pinterest image save, save pinterest image, save pinterest photo, pinterest photo save. This is an easy tool to grab the pinterest images. 

There are few steps to grab the pinterest images from this tool, follow the steps below.

How to save pinterest images on Android Phone or iOS.

Step 1: – Go to pinterest official website and open in your phone or iOS.

Step 2: – Open the pin images which you want to download or save.

Step 3: – Click on the image which you want to grab.

Step 4: – Click on the send button, one popup appear right click on the popup and copied the images url.

Step 5: – After copying the image link of pinterest, you paste it in the search box and then click the download button.

Step 6: – You will get the option of download link to download the image from where you can download your image easily.

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