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A global shift has been witnessed in the way industries used to operate that is from mere traditional source to electronic commerce. Similarly a change in the entertainment industry has also been observed over the years. Presently there are numerous ways to get connected to the audience that are majorly through pictures, gifs, info-graphics, audios and videos. Out of that it is the videos that capture the major attention of the masses because of its nature to get connected with the target audience instantly over a small duration of time. It engages well with spectators and forms a lasting impact. 

Majorly people make use of different online platforms to spend their leisure time and when it comes to downloading they face a major setback. In this article we will comprehend who you can enjoy your time with a popular video platform and also simultaneously download it in the format you require.

What is is an entertainment and humor website which was created in the year of 1998 to serve the audience majorly in the age group of 18-35. This platform features all forms of genres to engage the larger audience base. It is categorized into comedy videos, flash games, pictures and other material, all under one roof. Though it got shut down in the year of 2018 but it emerged much stronger when it was relaunched in 2019 under a new flagship. Whether you are looking for a picture, graphic, or videos it has covered it all. is also very popular due to its intuitive interface which provides an easy-to-go search option for the viewers. You can easily search for your videos and also enjoy them in high quality. 

There are times when you really get amused by a video and wish to save it for further offline viewing. In that scenario you would like to download but is not able to due to certain restrictions or terms and conditions. But do not worry, we will further move on to how you can conveniently download a video and relish those moments again.

Step by Step guide to download videos from

Let us explore various ways on how to download a video from freely;

Download video from free online video downloader

There are various alternatives available with the user to find free online video downloaders. After zeroing down to a single option, follow the below mentioned step;

Step 1: Go to the web page of Break video. Place your mouse on the video and right click on it and select Copy Video URL.

Step 2: After copying it, paste the URL on the free online video downloader and click Download to PC.

Step 3: Select suitable video quality and format to download. You can save the video in various formats such as .avi, .mpeg, .flv, .wmv. depending upon your system.

Download video from break video downloader facilitates users with the video downloader that is fast, useful, and practical in nature. It comes with a clean and simple interface. For moving forward with this firstly devise upon which video you wish to download and then move along with us and follow the steps;

Step 1: Copy the URL of Break video that you wish to download from the address bar.

Step 2: Simultaneously open video downloader in a new tab and load the page.

Step 3: After it is fully loaded, paste the URL into the box and click the download button. 

Step 4: Decide upon the video quality and file format in which you wish to save your video.  Scroll down and select the video quality and file format and click on the download button.

Thus you can avail the benefits of free online downloader tool which works best with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista operating systems. So just run video downloader and start downloading.

Download video from Break to iPhone or iPad

If you are a regular audience to the then you must be considering downloading certain videos to your iphone and also enjoying them in the offline mode when you do not have access to wifi or data. 

You can certainly make use of the above mentioned tools and start downloading them through those methods. But what if we would tell you that apart from downloading from Break and sync with your iPhone by using iTunes, there is a separate tool which further simplifies the process. And it is called iPhone video downloader or IOT transfer.

IOT transfer is a very convenient tool which streamlines the downloading and it presently caters to over 100 websites and it generally attracts huge audience due to high quality features. In this you do not open iTunes or web browser and can rationally start downloading the video in your iOS device. 

Let us follow the steps to download video from break to iPhone;

Step 1: Firstly install the software on your Windows PC and connect your iPhone to the computer via lightning cable for free downloading.

Step 2: Select the Break video that you wish to download and right-click on that video and copy video URL.

Step 3: In the IOT transfer, click the video tab and paste the URL in the box.

Step 4: Finally select the option “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device” and click on the download button.

Just after your downloading process is completed you can also enjoy your video in the offline mode. 

Summing Up

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that is a very entertaining platform and it’s easy to go through the downloading process further puts an icing on the cake.

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