How to Create Lead Generation Ads in Facebook Campaign

facebook leads ads

In this article I will tell you that how to create lead gen ads in Facebook campaign, from the beginning we need to know about Facebook leads ads, Facebook leads ads is a paid marketing over Facebook and get the relevant customer from our target audience.

If you want to increase your sales and customer, Facebook is the easiest way to get sales and customer. For this you have to pay a small amount of marketing, Facebook provide the relevant customer to related your business.

In this Article we will Learn Following Topics of Facebook Ads

  • How to create a Facebook lead gen ad in few steps
  • Offer an incentive
  • Keep Your Facebook Form Simple
  • Ask the right questions about your business
  • Target the right audiences of business
  • Follow Up Your Leads
  • Test and Optimize

Let’s Begun to Create Facebook Lead Ad in these Following Steps.

  • Open Facebook Account and Go to Ads Manager
  • Click on Create Option in the Left Corner
  • Choose the ads category , Leads Generation as an objective and name your campaign.
  • Select the Facebook Page, which want to use for lead ad, after that click on the term’s of facebook after reading.
  • Select the Target Audience, Placement, campaign budget, Start date, end date in schedule section.  Facebook Lead campaign using people which over the 18. 
  • Select the Ad Format, Single Image, Carousel Image, Video or Slideshow.
  • Add your Headline, Description, body text in the given character limit, title should be about your offer or promotion. Check the overview of the ad on the right side.
  • Now Last Point is Lead Gen Form, Scroll down and go to form, the name of the form, fill intro part, add form title, question, company privacy policy and thank you scree. Let’s see in details of the form column.
  1. Intro – Explain the people, why they fill this form, clear about your offer or scheme.
  2. Custom Question – There are two options to select the question, Standard Question (Gender & Job Title), Custom question (Ask the custom question, related to the business, like What is your name, School name, Qualification etc, you can ask 15 questions according to your needs.)
  3. Form Type – There are two options to select the form type, ie – More Value or higher intent, select to higher intent form to review and confirm details before hitting the submit button.
  4. Privacy Policy – Facebook Lead Gen ad required Your company Privacy policy links. You make sure you have privacy policy page on your website.
  5. Thank You – In the Last Thank You Screen Appear after Submit the form, you can also add your website as a call to action.

Offer and Incentive

People are more excited to know about the offer and incentive if they find some offer, they want to give you their information easily and showing interest towards your incentive. Let’s see some popular incentive example here :-

  • Pre – Order Products
  • Download Free PDF About your Offers
  • Free Receive Product Sample
  • Get Offers and Deals
  • Attend Free Events

Keep Your Facebook Form Simple

Try to make Lead form very simple according to Facebook, use multiple, drop down questions in the form and always ask business related question to decrease empty form ratio.

Ask The Right Questions About Your Business

Always ask more relevant question, if Facebook question does not meet your criteria, create custom question for your audience , Use drop down or multiple question type which is easy to fill.

Target The Right Audience

Always target your business related audience which is fill your objectives, There are three types of primary audience, you can select to fill your objectives.

  • Lookalike Audience –  If you want to expand your customer base, create lookalike audience to most valuable customers in order to find similar users. Learn more how to create lookalike audience.
  • People Near You – This is the way to find customers in a particular area, which you want to target in your area. This Audience is ideal, if you want to fixed demo or appointment with them and encourage to visit your website.
  • Custom Audience –  This is the way to target your store audience like your website visitor, Newsletter subscriber or people in your crm.

Follow up Your Leads

Follow up your leads daily basis, if you do not follow your leads regularly you can see you are not able to create expected sales so follow leads daily and give him offer and incentive. Follow up is the best way to increase your conversion ratio.

Test and Optimize

Don’t Forget to run A/B testing Ads over the target audiences, A/B testing is the way to simplify the best ad and help to improve more audience and conversion.

Read the whole article and implement with their Facebook campaign, Share your feedback with us for better result, if you are facing any kind of problems with Facebook ads write here, I will give you the proper solution. Thanks for reading

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