How do I Download Linkedin Video From Linkedin App Website?

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This is a social media site specifically designed for professionals and business people. According to Numbers, there are a total of 590 million users on LinkedIn, 260 million active users per month and 4 million users who share content every week. So far, the figure is considered a good website to promote your company.

LinkedIn is one of the most effective places to share your content today. This is a website with many free and premium features that you don’t know about. For example, You can work as a freelancer on LinkedIn.

Every time I search for the best social media sites like Linkedin, I find many videos that I like, but LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to download this video.

In the past decade, video has become the most popular type of content on social media. Although photos and text still attract a lot of attention online, engagement of average video content is better on all major social networks. For example, LinkedIn’s original video is five times more likely to start discussions than any other type of content shared on this social network. This is just one reason why more and more LinkedIn users post videos to their accounts. Read on if you want to know how to download LinkedIn videos to your PC, iPhone or Android device.

How to download linkedin video?

This is it. that allows you to download videos for the best social networking sites like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook.

The best thing about online tools is that they work for both mobile and desktop devices. Here you can download your video in various formats.

The following is a small guide to downloading videos from LinkedIn. Downloading videos requires only 4 steps.

1. Open Linkedin Video:

Open a web browser and view the connected video that you want to download from your operating system.

2. Copy the URL of the Linkedin video

Now play the Linkedin video that you want to download from Linkedin. Then copy this URL into the video

3. Open website

Then go to the official website and paste this URL. Press the download button.

4. Save your video formatting request

Choose your video format and click the download button. Enjoy your videos offline.

How to download Linkedin videos with the LinkedIn Learning app

All video courses offered through the LinkedIn Learning application, which are available for iOS and Android devices, can be easily downloaded directly from the application for offline viewing. Download all the same courses for iOS and Android versions from the application because you only need to make sure you are logged in and then choose the course you want to download. Tap the video screen to access the player options. Then tap the three dot icon and select the option to download the entire course.

If you only want to download a LinkedIn video from your iPhone, you must choose the option to download a separate video after tapping the three-dot icon. Touch the circle icon next to the video and then choose download options. To download videos from LinkedIn version of the Android app, you need to tap the Content tab located below the video course of a particular course. Then all you have to do is tap the download icon and the video will be saved on your device. All videos are saved in the “Downloads” section of the “My courses” tab in the iOS and Android app versions.


Videos that are shared every day on LinkedIn can be a valuable source of data. It is therefore important to always have access to information that you can use for professional or educational purposes. With the LinkedIn platform, users can download all original LinkedIn videos in just a few simple steps, but only from a computer. However, you can rely on third-party applications and online video downloads to store your favorite LinkedIn videos on your iPhone or Android mobile device. Which method of downloading LinkedIn videos do you prefer? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. Linkedin Video downloader is a free tool that allows you to download Linkedin Video . The freeing aspect of this feature originates from its simplicity and practicality. You can save your favorite videos in your device.

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