How can I fix the Amazon Echo alarm so it doesn’t turn off?


Smart speakers are cool until they have their own brains. Imagine telling an intelligent speaker to do something and do the opposite. Such problems occur with Amazon Echo, where the current alarm does not stop when you request it. But don’t worry, here we will present ways to fix the problem. No one wants to deal with problems once they wake up. To make you feel better, your Amazon Echo supported by Alexa is not hacked. There may be many reasons why Alexa won’t listen to you if you tell her to turn off the alarm.

Let’s look at various ways to fix an echo alarm so that we can resolve the amazon alarm turn off issues.

1. Restart ECHO

Sometimes the alarm does not stop because there is a problem in Alexa. Restarting Echo will fix the delayed alarm problem. To restart Echo, you must turn it off. Wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cable.

2. Check internet connection

Alexa requires an internet connection for all functions except an alarm. That is, if you set an alarm and the internet doesn’t work, the alarm will keep ringing. However, you cannot stop the alarm with your voice because Echo does not process commands. If the alarm doesn’t stop, you need to check your internet connection.


The echo device has physical buttons that you can use to deactivate. If you do, you will see a red light and Alexa will not listen to your orders. Mute button looks like a microphone icon.

If Alexa cannot stop the alarm, you must activate the mute button. Possible light When the alarm starts ringing, you will see a blue-red echo light when the mute button is on. Touch the power button again to turn it off. Then ask Alexa to stop the alarm.


This might sound like a strange method to fix the problem, but you should try it because this trick works for many users. The problem is, we usually keep the alarm volume high so we don’t miss it. Unfortunately, Alexa has trouble hearing your stop command because her voice is always on.

To overcome this, you can lower the volume of the alarm slightly or use a soft alarm tone when you are quiet. In the first case, don’t keep it low, but adjust it so you can hear it without disturbing your ears. To change the alarm volume, open the Echo Settings in the Alexa application and tap Sound. Then adjust the volume.

Traditional alarm tones like Focus and Nimble are the two best high-volume tones, but also the time when Alexa can hear you. To change the alarm sound, open the Echo Settings in the Alexa application and tap Sound followed by Alarm.


On Amazon, you can choose the word keeper from four different options. So make sure you say the right words to wake up when you order Alexa to stop the alarm. They cannot blame you for not saying the wrong name for anything. It’s no use waking up.

TIP: To check wake-up calls for your Echo, open the Echo Settings in the Alexa application, followed by Wake Word.


Once you have the right words to wake Echo, you must say the right command to stop the alarm too. Some commands that work for alarms at this time are: stop, stop the alarm, cancel, and close.

You must say the full command, ie. awake words followed by the command above. For example, “Alexa, stop it.”


If the alarm does not stop with voice commands, you must press the action button at the top of the echo. Although it exceeds the goal of the voice assistant, it will be very useful if Alexa refuses to stop the alarm. The action button is one point.


Although this suggestion is not a correction, it is important to mention it here because it can help you. Some people set alarms when they want a reminder. The difference between the two is that after two beeps, the reminder stops ringing, but the alarm continues until you tell Alexa to stop.

To make a reminder, say the “Alexa, create a reminder” command. Alexa will then ask you to mention a reminder and set a time for it. You can also say complete command, which includes all information such as name and time. Example: “Alexa, make a milk reminder at 7:00 A.m.”

Bonus tip for using the ECHO ALARM

Here’s how to make the most of Alexa alarm.

Alarm snoozed

You can deactivate the current alarm by running the “Alexa, Snooze” command. The alarm then sounds after 9 minutes.

Set a recurring alarm

If you want to set a recurring alarm, you can let Alexa do the same thing. To do this, you need to use words that are repeated or used daily in your commands. For example, you can say “Alexa, set a daily alarm for 10:00” or “Alexa, set a recurring alarm for Monday at 7:00”.

Disable upcoming alarms

To cancel an upcoming alarm, tell Alexa to stop the alarm by entering the command “Alexa, Stop Alarm”. If you have several alarms, the alarm will be listed and you will be asked to select the alarm you want to cancel. You can also tell directly: “Alexa, cancel my 10 o’clock alarm.”

Know your upcoming alarm

To find out how many alarms you have, say “Alexa, how many alarms do I have” or “Alexa, what is my alarm”.

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