Good and Worst Food For Your Gums

good and worst food for teeth

The secret to healthy teeth for a lifetime can be in the fridge. Some foods can help prevent tooth decay and tooth decay, maintain and even refresh. Let’s discuss the good food for gums and worst foods to avoid for our dental care.

Best Foods

Milk and eggs

Maybe you suspect milk will be on this list. Dairy products such as milk and egg yolks are a source of calcium and vitamin D. The body needs a dose of vitamin D to absorb calcium, which in turn strengthens bones and teeth. Calcium and Vitamin D is best for Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis. Not in milk? There are many alternatives for milk products.

Cheese and yogurt

Foods that are high in calcium and phosphorus can protect enamel and even help replace minerals in your teeth (a process called remineralization). Low-fat cheese and fat-free yogurt are classic, high-calcium alternatives. Cheese is very beneficial because it contains casein, a protein found in dairy foods that can increase tooth enamel. Remineralization of initial enamel lesions with amorphous calcium phosphate case peptide.

Meat, fish and tofu

Meat, fatty fish (like salmon) and tofu all contain phosphorus, another important mineral that can protect tooth enamel. Qualitative analysis of calcium and phosphorus content in human teeth that is growing and permanent. Homemade beef broth is an excellent source of this basic mineral.

Broccoli, Bok Choi, and other dark leafy vegetables

Are you looking for a mineral source that we call vegetarian? Broccoli, bok choy, coleslaw, okra, collars and other dark leafy vegetables are a great way to get lots of vitamins and minerals without animals.

Celery, carrots and other crispy vegetables

Like other parts of your body, teeth also need a little work from time to time to stay sharp. Solid and crisp foods that contain a lot of water (and need a lot of chew) have a positive effect on the health of the oral cavity because they stimulate saliva and can rub the surface of your teeth and lighten your pearlescent protein. amylase secretion. Saliva also contains enzymes that protect food acids and remove food from corners and angles. Celery is almost always a good choice for a diet. Full of water and fibre, these raw vegetables are the heart of nature.

Artificial sweeteners

Whether artificial sweeteners are safe or not has not been debated, but some dentists may be in the camp. Some fake sweeteners like xylitol can prevent cavities. Is sugar free sugar really good for your dental health? So, if you want to eat sweet things, take a piece of gum without sugar instead of lollipop. Sugar-free chewing gum and tooth decay: a systematic review. 


Apples and other high-fibre fruits can clean plaque and freshen your breath.

Worst Foods

Linden, lemon, orange and grapefruit

Not surprisingly, citrus fruits contain citric acid. Quality assessment of citric acid in lemon juice, lime juice and commercial fruit juice products. Strong acids (low pH foods) are the most common cause of melting erosion and tooth decay. The role of nutrition in the etiology of tooth erosion. But if you like a glass of Florida O.J. can’t do without. Minimize acid intake in the morning by drinking juice in one session (a.k.a. You will not drink for hours) and then avoid food and other acidic drinks for several hours. And remember, if eating or drinking makes your teeth dirty (we see coffee and red wine), it’s usually quite sour.


What happens when you mix vegetables and vinegar? If you know the worst dental trauma, you will be right. Pickles taste as good as a sandwich, but the combination of super-vinegar and sugar is a recipe for enamel erosion.


Sorry, coffee addict. It’s no surprise that Joe’s (or three) morning glass exposed him to oral health. Tannins in coffee (and tea) use enamel and can even whiten your teeth. The whitening and brushing effect at home on removing stains from coffee and cigarettes and the stability of enamel paint. But if you don’t want to stop cooking, you must find something: Coffee has several health benefits.

Red grape

Research has shown that an occasional glass of red wine can be beneficial for cholesterol and heart levels. Unfortunately, anyone who has had “wine teeth” knows that purple drinks can be coloured easily. The acid in red and white wine fades on the surface of the teeth, which is why stains are so common.


You can enjoy the taste throughout the summer, but tomatoes are less beneficial for your teeth. Both raw and juicy tomatoes are quite sour. The Solution Eat as part of your diet to take advantage of health benefits and avoid dental problems.


We know that soda is bad for happiness and health. The combination of sugar, acid and carbon dioxide is a death sentence for teeth. Many studies have linked baking soda (for normal and dietary purposes) to tooth erosion and tooth decay.


Do you remember that mother warned you about Halloween sugar? Turns out he’s right: reducing a lot of sugar is detrimental to dental health. Sweet things can cause cavities and cracks (become a delicious bacterial food). Hard candy is very bad for your pearl white. Lollipops, mints, and other sweet foods (even cough medicines) in your mouth can cause sugar and long-term heartburn in your teeth. They are far worse than sweet treats that are quickly chewed and swallowed (especially if it’s sour or sour).

Dried fruits

Although dried fruit tastes good in muesli or energy bars, it is a perfect sticky and sticky storm. Sticky beets are practically made for brushing, and most dried fruits (even those without added sugar) are on the sweet list.

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