10 of the Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses from Google with Certification

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We all know the impact of Google on the digital marketing industry by providing free digital marketing courses. As giants in this industry, many things were formed by Google. Is it the most used search engine or the one used or the digital service it offers?

Let’s see the top 10 google digital marketing courses.

1. Digital marketing Introduction – Google Digital Unlocked course

This modular course offers students an overview of the digital marketing landscape and presents all the concepts and key vocabularies contained in the following modules.

To give you an idea, digital marketing is a marketing association through various online channels. These channels mainly include search engines, social media and e-mail. Digital Unlocked is a Google resource that you can use to improve your digital knowledge and learn digital marketing optimally. With this free Google Digital Marketing course for everything from search to SEO to social media, you can conduct online business or a digital marketing career from one source.

2. AdWords basic courses

With digital advertising, you can focus your ad on the type of customers you need and find what you don’t want. If you want to advertise on the AdWords network, you can use targeted targeting techniques to reach potential customers who are tracking your items or administration.

The modules in this course help students build a thorough understanding of AdWords and prepare for the AdWords Fundamentals exam.

3. Search Advertising Course

Google search ads help advertisers contact ideal people at the right time using key keyword entries. The modules in this course help students build a strong understanding of excellent online advertising optimization methods and prepare for search engine exams.

4. Display Advertising Course

This feature allows you to connect with people who browse their favorite websites, present YouTube video companions, analyze their Gmail notes, or use mobile applications and websites.

The modules in this Google Digital Marketing course cover various types of display ads, the tools they use, and best practices for managing campaigns to prepare for display advertising exams.

5. Mobile advertising course

The modules in this course introduce you to the growing importance of smartphones and mobile advertising. You will also be prepared for the mobile advertising exam. You will understand the methods of mobile ad campaigns, best practices, and more.

(i) Exam Handbook

The best for people who need to prepare mobile bidding and targeting, mobile ads, reviews, and more.

(ii) Update instructions

This useful element is a short form of the entire Mobile Advertising Research Guide and can be filled in as an excellent update before taking the exam or when running your AdWords mobile campaign.

(iii) Mobile advertising

Gradually, customers rush. It’s important to know how to display mobile ads that interest them. When you read the Google Guidelines, you will learn how to run exceptional promotions that deserve people’s attention.

6. Video advertising course

And videos are one of the most amazing ways to truly connect with potential customers. The modules in this digital marketing course from Google illustrate the importance of video, examine how video campaigns work, and provide best practices for video advertising when planning video ad reviews.

7. Shopping Advertising Course

In a shopping campaign, your product image, price, and name are placed right in front of people to search for your offer on Google.

The course modules in this course include creating and managing your Google Merchant Center account, optimizing your shopping campaigns, and how to plan your ad purchase reviews.

(i) Exam Handbook

This is considered the best for people who need to plan advertising spending exams. This course covers everything from creating and editing your Google Merchant Center account to sending data to sending data, offers and optimization, etc.

(ii) Update instructions

This is a short delivery of the entire Ad Shopping Research Guide and can be very refreshing before you take the Ad Shopping exam or when you run your AdWords shopping campaign.

8. Analytics Course

Google Analytics Digital Marketing includes reviews about Google Analytics. why it’s necessary, how it works, and how to overcome it in Google Analytics tools.

(i) Academy for Analysis

You must complete the core principle courses of the Academy Analytics Platform to plan the Google Analytics IQ exam and understand how Analytics works, how to create a Google Analytics account, gather information, create research reports, and more. n.

(ii) IQ Analytics Research Guide

Apart from completing courses on the basics and principles of the Academy Fundamentals course, this help article will help you plan your IQ exam as effectively as possible.

(iii) AdWords and Google Analytics

Learn how linking AdWords and Google Analytics can improve the performance of your messaging, offers and campaigns.

(iv) Google Analytics Smart Objectives

Understand what smart goals are and how they can help you identify the most dedicated customers on your customer’s website.

9. Best Practice Tools and Courses

An effective advertising campaign requires proper planning and negotiation. Participants must use the resources in this course to understand their perspectives and competitive scenes, and to explore the latest trends in digital marketing and keyword search in their industry.

Google Best Practices Guide

The Google Best Practices Series offers important advice on the best search engine marketing strategies, AdWords tactics and the basics of paid search engine advertising. The various tools available in Google digital marketing courses are:

(i) Google planning tools

(ii) Keyword Planner and Ad Planner

(iii) Google Trends

iv) consumer barometer, etc.

10. Google My Business Course

Despite the fact that creating pages on Google My Business is not a prerequisite for Google’s online marketing challenges, reviewing and sharing this information with your business partners can be very valuable in expanding your customer’s online presence.

This optional course focuses on Google My Business, a resource that allows business owners with a front shop or local service area to create or request a free business listing from Google. This digital marketing course from Google shows you how to set up Google and get the best from it.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that allows entrepreneurs and business owners to keep their information on Google Search and Maps true and up to date. The review process allows you to enter and change information such as business addresses, business hours and photos. This course includes:

(i) Why listing on Google My Business is important

(ii) Creating and validating business advertisements

(iii) How to change business information

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