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If you are a blogger or take an interest in blogging, you must be familiar with the term ‘Guest posting’.

Don’t worry if no, though! Because this blog will explain everything.

Now, what is Guest posting/blogging?

Guest posting, which is also popularly known as “guest blogging,”

The guest posting sites are the sites that provide a place to guest bloggers who want to contribute their content to a site that does not belong to them or with any organizations to support their marketing, PR, and SEO initiatives.

These bloggers get quality backlinks and are a great way to promote their blogs.

What are the benefits of guest posting?

The most common thing is you are wondering, why should one waste his time writing blogs for other companies? Rather than writing for someone else, isn’t it better to focus on yourself?

But, these Guest posting sites might act as a huge doorway to your knowledge and a breakthrough in your career.

By writing on their websites, the guest bloggers can show off their unique or creative writing skills, which helps them advertise their blog.

If someone wants to spread their brand message to their targeted audience, guest blogging is a good market strategy.

These are some other benefits of guest blogging listed below:-

  • Exposure to targeted traffic

Guest blogging helps bloggers to attract the attention of their targeted audience. Every post written will have links. As more audiences visit the post you have written, more will get the chance to visit your business.

More content created will help gain more exposure and more traffic, which increases the probability of people visiting your sites or blogs.

  • Social Media Popularity

As the world is becoming digital, businesses also need to expand digitally. Many guest blogging sites allow you to customize by including links to your social media accounts in your contributor profile.

Guest posting provides the opportunity to share content on a variety of social media platforms. By contributing to an authoritative blog, makes the audience vouch for your brand.

  • Building online Authority

SEO is one of the most popular ways of online marketing, which deals with guest posting. By contributing work to other popular blogs, you get the chance to prove your credibility as an experienced blogger or writer.  This authority is built up in a variety of ways and must be done so in such a manner that the search engine’s optimization or (SEO) recognizes it as genuine.

This will make the target audience realize that you’re someone who trustworthy brands recognize. Therefore, as a result, they will be more receptive to any value proposition you may present on your site.

  • Network 

Creating guest posts is beneficial to the host sites and not only limited to that professional relationship but can also provide an opportunity to foster new business relationships. Besides content sharing and promotion, guest posts also drive the conversation on social media, which leads to great networking opportunities. The benefits of guest posting sites lead to having exponential growth with unlimited potential.

  • Backlinks 

Link building is worthwhile because inbound links play a very important role in the search engine ranking algorithm. Many blogs that accept their contributors leave at least one link to their site where they wrote their content. 

How to start and submit in Guest Posting sites?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a free guest posting is not understanding how free guest post websites work.

  • Target Guest Post goals

The first step to start writing on guest posting sites is to find a topic.

 Knowing what results in you want to see from your work will help you create a clear road map for getting there.

  • Making your pitch

After finding a site that fits your guest posting criteria or choices, it’s now time to develop blog ideas—thinking hard for a few ideas for writing that will support the needs of the publisher and yours concerning the readers.

  • Keeping it simple

The key to gaining popularity as a guest blogger is to keep the content precise and simple so that the targeted audience can easily understand it.

  • Proofreading saves the day.

Proofreading is the most important step and must be exercised aptly. Grammatical and spelling errors can be highly off-putting, making the entire content look unengaging, regardless of how interesting a topic is covered. Therefore it is important to make sure as an editor/writer that proofreading is done once you are done with writing your guest post.

  •  Write the guest post.

Of course, the most important step is to write one now! And send it over to the blog or site you are working for.

Finally, after everything now, you just have followed and tracked the results and gained experience from the feedback.

Some free guest posting site list:-

  • Youth Ki Awaaz

As the name suggests, this is for the youth’s popularity and ranks globally at 39 693 on Alexa’s charts.

This site was founded in 2008. To take part or work here as a guest blogger, one needs to deliver his message loud and clear since this site is a platform for social issues.

  • HubSpot

HubSpot is a blogging site offering marketing, sales, and customer service. This site is widely used by online businesses to convert their online visitors into customers. There are more than 32 million monthly visits with a Domain Authority of 92. HubSpot is one of the perfect free guest posting sites. One can use HubSpot’s free CRM functionality for no cost.

  • ShoutMeLoud

This is a blog that screams being independent via blogging! This blog helps to learn how to launch a successful niche blog and make it grow to make it financially independent. This blog has a community of over 735+ bloggers who have contributed 1 or more guest posts.

They boast of a following of 978,00+ subscribers over their website and have an Alexa ranking of 21/168.

  • The Huffington Post

HuffPost, formerly The Huffington Post until 2017, is a news and opinion website run both for India and America.

This site is one of the most famous free guest posting sites and is a leading source that covers all information from politics, news, satire blogs, women’s issues, etc. Founded in 2005, this site enjoys a global Alexa ranking of 152 with a lot of prizes under its sleeves.

  • Investopedia

This platform was founded in 1999, where people could come with all their financial queries. This site has more than 32000 articles with more than 20 million unique monthly viewers. With a global ranking of 803, Investopedia provides all kinds of financial information.

To be a part of this team as a guest poster/blogger, first, you need to sign and submit an Investopedia contract form. Moreover, one has to be very sharp and well know the business and finance background. 

  • Thought Catalog

This one is a digital youth culture magazine that portrays the ideas and stories revolving around love, loss, self-improvement, social media, success, failure, and life. 

Their global ranking of Thought Catalog is 2,525, and they accept republished content as well. All individuals have their perspective in watching the world with their own experiences; this site is best for them to let out their thoughts.


This site is an educational community. EduGorilla has over 500,00 unique monthly visitors with 120,000 subscribers. The site provides Online Mock Tests with an emphasis on State Competitive Exams in several languages. EduGorilla is one of the best free guest posting sites; this site invites posts from creative and indigenous writers and preferably writers who are from an educational background to contribute their work and make this site more popular. 

The Alexa ranking of EduGorilla is 31, 121. 

  • MarketingProfs

This site is one of the most comprehensive business-to-business marketing resources. MarketingProfs is one of the richest and trusted resources which offers to helps you market your products and services both smarter and better.

While having domain authority of 74 and serving more than 200k people monthly, this is the best place to guest post for free.

The MarketingProfs blog primarily focuses on enterprise marketing-related content so you can easily pitch your ideas after thinking accordingly.


Guest posting sites or blogging sites overall is a very crucial step in global marketing success.

Guest posting sites can be a very effective marketing tool if it is used properly. Many parties see the benefits of this.

From the increase in traffic and the exposure of one’s company or to simply building better business relationships with other professionals. This site helps a lot!

The audience loves guest bloggers when they get new knowledge. So once you can grab the benefits, try to give this a shot. Who knows, you might get famous and start work for your brand with your unique skills!

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