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Facebook announced on Thursday that it is launching its newest service in the US, a Facebook dating service site. What is wrong? Very much, it turns out.

Here we sorted some interesting info to know about Facebook’s dating site.

What is Facebook dating?

Facebook dating is a feature in the main Facebook application, not in a separate application version. Facebook users create separate dating profiles. After showing interest in another account, users can connect through the service. Facebook is also planning a feature that will allow people who attend the same event to make their profile visible to others. In searching for new people, this service ensures that users disagree with their friends and that they are identical with people who have similarities, as well as with ordinary friends. The company also added a Secret Destroy feature that allows people to compare with others they like. Once two people like each other, they can compare and potentially talk to each other.

Users can filter results based on location, number of children, religion, age or size and can match other users within 100 km.

Facebook Dating Services

The new service, Facebook Dating, may be available on the Facebook application, but users need to create separate and specific dating profiles. This then connects the user to potential matches, likes, events, groups and other location-related factors. Facebook dating is integrated with Instagram and offers a feature called Secret Crush that allows users to create a list of friends they are interested in, even if a crash includes it.

Facebook has added new privacy and security features to dating services, including the ability for users to share plans and locations with selected friends when they go to meetings and for users to hide friend-to-friend profiles from friends to avoid disclosing information.

However, many are skeptical of companies involved in many privacy scandals and must be trusted to help consumers find their own personal love path.

“If you try to avoid dating services with a red flag, you can’t find it, there are more red flags than Facebook,” said Jason Kelly, a digital strategist at a non-profit online privacy organization. Electronic Borders Foundation “You have a terrible experience storing user data.”

The social media giant entering the world of dating shows a “red flag”. If Facebook can’t trust your phone number, can it be trusted to protect the name of your confidential damage? Experts say no

The Facebook dating announcement took place several days after the company admitted placing more than 419 million user IDs and telephone numbers online. One problem in June 2018 made private posts public to 14 million users and another violation in September 2018. Microsoft compromised data for 50 million users. In a separate scandal, it was revealed in 2018 that the company mistakenly collected data from millions of users as part of a partnership with the Cambridge Analytica campaign.

According to Kelly, Facebook phone number disruption is a cause for concern that it cannot be determined if privacy concerns have been truly addressed. The figures above were collected using Facebook tools which were deactivated in April 2018 after a privacy scandal by Cambridge Analytica.

Is it safe?

“Facebook says the dating service is safe, but how do we know that in the next few years, it won’t be as safe as expected?” Kelly said. This gave us time off when things that changed last year still caused privacy concerns. “

Concerns about using dating information for promotional purposes

Privacy advocates worry that they enter Facebook in the dating area and look for more consumer information because they have used personal information in the past to target consumers with advertisements for everything from mental health services to depressed people to baby articles. woman.

Privacy advocates are worried about dating services on Facebook. Photo: 

Associated Press

According to Kelly, companies might be able to create more sophisticated advertising profiles based on what people like, with whom they agree, and even how the data runs.

According to Facebook, users’ dating profiles are cut off from their Facebook activity and are not used to target advertisements. However, Facebook’s findings have made such promises questionable, said Mark Weinstein, a privacy advocate and founder of the social networking site MeWe.

“After years of countless privacy violations, reasons, fines, and promises to get better, does anyone really believe that Facebook makes a promise of privacy?” He said. “Facebook will use Facebook Dating as a new portal in the lives of users, gathering, managing and selling dating stories, romantic tastes, emotions, sexual interests, amulets, everything.”

Millions are open to online fraud

Facebook enters the online dating industry at a time when the Internet is more than ever before. In 2018, more than 21,000 cases of romantic fraud were reported to the FTC, compared to 8,500 in 2015. Individuals targeted for this fraud reported an average loss of $ 2,600 or a collective loss of $ 143 million in 2018. About 221 million of users in US, Facebook has the potential to expose millions of scammers.

“If there is a service, people will find ways to use it for cheating,” Kelly said. “Given the amount of data available to consumers, it would be surprising if they were used for fraud.”

The social media giant has taken steps to prevent fraud by preventing users from posting links, photos or payments as part of Facebook’s anti-fraud messages.

In view of privacy, security issues and fraud, privacy advocates tend to feel better for users to fulfill potential love interests in other applications – or url

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