Facebook Updated News Feed Algorithm to Demote Misleading Health Claims

When focus is given to the posts on the social media platform these was majorly organised for posting and sharing personal experiences and posts. But now a day’s major part of these posts is covered by ads of miracle cures for weight loss, baldness etc. 

This has been a problem for Facebook and these ads are degrading their well-established reputation. In several years many of the posts are published in concern of the growing number of these posts. Such posts are highly misleading, false and prey on vulnerable users. Now Facebook is concerned about this problem and is taking actions against them. For this they have started with two new News Feed algorithm updates designed to reduce the reach of ads that promotes such claims.

This is the Facebook’s Explanation about their Action and these Ads-

The update is good one as more and more people are now relying on the social network for their news distribution and information needs, these false and confusing claims can make the matter worse, in the update such claims are detectable. 

How Facebook Control out such Stuffs-

“We’ve tackled this issue in a similar way to how we’ve previously reduced low-quality content like by identifying phrases that are commonly used in these posts to predict which might include such health claims or promotion of products with health-related claims, and then showing these lower in News Feed.”

In combination with Facebook’s previous update to reduce the reach of anti vax content, this could go significant for removing such posts and reducing the effect of such posts on the world’s most popular social media platform.

Again, this contribute as both its weakness and strength. Being the most popular social app in the world is of benefit all know that but this also come up with several responsibilities such as police information flow, and protect users who may not even realize they need protection. Thus, in many ways this goes against the principles of Facebook and other social networks, as in that they prefer to have a free speech claims, where users tell what is and what is not acceptable. But giving such freedom of “free for all platform” can have both good as well as worst consequences.

While Facebook prefers to be away from this type of content, but they can’t and along with that you cannot expect such updates frequently from social media apps in concern of such false and misleading posts.

In terms of impact relative to what you post you should stop posting irrelevant health claims if you do so. According to Facebook-

‘Posts with false or misleading health claims or solicitation using health-related claims will have reduced distribution. Pages should avoid posts about health that bluff or mislead people along with the posts that try to sell products using health-related claims. If a Page stops posting such irrelevant content, their posts will no longer be affected by this change.”

These pages are totally misleading and have a worse effect on the privacy as well as the reputation of the social app. These pages sometimes require login details that contains personal details also that can be not save for sharing on such pages. This time Facebook has initiated this update to make their trusted users feel safe and secure. But still there are other apps that are still spoiled through such posts and advertisements. Such claims and ads should be reported as early as they are seen. This will reduce the chances of fraudulent activities over social apps. And along with this all the users are also hereby requested to stop posting such ads or posts if you are doing so for not facing any problems with your page, future posts, or previously posted posts on Facebook.

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