15 Must Follow Facebook Pages For Business Marketing

facebook page for business

Before the advent of the Internet, it was extremely difficult to spread messages about one’s business far and wide. However, the boom of the Internet technology has made it easy to market one’s business across the world without much hassle. Business marketing on the Internet is also known as social media marketing or digital marketing in the present scenario. In this kind of marketing, the individual makes use of social media tools such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other applications to promote his business and thus, boost the sale of its products/services. Each of these social media platforms has its own pros and cons. Nonetheless, Facebook with more than 2.5 billion active users has become the obvious choice of business marketers. To give a boost to their online presence, business marketers simply need to go through and comprehend some of the active Facebook pages created by business houses. 

Let us go through some of the popular and must to check Facebook pages for successful business marketing.

Check Below Facebook Pages For Business Marketing

Facebook Page for Business Promotion

Let us begin our discussion by going through Facebook’s own social media page. You must have read in the newspapers or on the Internet the number of likes its page has earned. One of the unique strategies it uses to get the readers engagement intact is by using the Facebook Live tool.  Live videos are extremely popular with the users. 

Nutella Facebook Page for Business Information

It is a brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread introduced in the year 1964.It has 31 lakh followers. It keeps its users’ engagement intact by coming up with videos of delicious recipes made with Nutella. So people interested in cooking or people who wish to experiment with cooking can watch their videos and fulfill their wishes.

Starbucks Facebook Page for Business

It is a renowned coffee company established in Washington in 1971. It is still running successfully all across the world. It has more than 30 lakh followers worldwide. One of the interesting features of its Facebook page is their interactive store locator application. Say, for instance, you can easily locate the near-by store locations by typing your destination. Also, its Facebook page provides Live videos of recipes made with coffee.

Zappos Facebook Page for Online Promotion

Indeed, a very resounding name! It is an online shoe and clothing retail site based in the US and founded in 1999. This business page also has a decent number of followers, about two lakh. The most distinctive feature of its Facebook page is the fact that it has a highly responsive customer service team. Their customer service team responds and resolves every query within an hour. Don’t you think, it is indeed a feature to be taken note of for one’s business?

L. L. Bean Facebook Page for Promotion

This is an extremely old business venture which started way back in 1912. This is located in the US. It certainly makes use of the Facebook Live videos option to become successful in the present business scenario. They are using their social media Facebook page to encourage individuals to apply to their company. Not only this, they provide regular updates about the events happening in their company on their Facebook pages to keep their followers hooked to their site.

Threadless Facebook Page for Advertisement

The concept of this business enterprise is indeed out-of-the-box. This online site was established in 2000 in Chicago and displays the collection of t-shirt designs of numerous independent artists. With the passage of time, this site has gathered a decent number of Facebook likes. This platform is one of its kind for independent artists as they get the opportunity to showcase their novice styles and designs. 

Stella & Dot Facebook Page for Business

This business marketing model was created in 2004. This site deals in jewellery, bags and accessories. Individuals who follow this site can purchase directly from their Facebook page. The site owners can track the purchases made through the Facebook page and make their calculations.

Shopify Facebook Page

The Facebook page of this site boasts of three lakh likes. The site uses the most popular Facebook video option to keep its followers engaged. 

Ceros Facebook Page

The site is dedicated to creating content which is interactive with its clients. The Facebook page has 15 thousand likes. The most liking feature of this site is that it provides the sample of an e-book on its Facebook page. So that is all that a customer likes to see, that is, a small overview of its work.

Tough Mudder Facebook Page

This site specializes in event organization. Every event which they organize, has its own Facebook event which shows up in their ‘Events’ feed. So, you will always find their Facebook page very lively and eventful. Their Facebook page has four million likes.

Adobe Facebook Page

We all have heard about this brand name! It is a computer software company and has one million likes on its Facebook page. The site highlights a special ‘Notes’ section mentioning the rules of the Facebook page. 

Burt’s Bees Facebook Page

This site provides personal care products. The most enticing feature of its Facebook’s page is that there is a customer forum wherein customers are asked to vote about a specific product and share their feedback about the same. This is indeed very interactive and leads to authentic results! Not to mention its Facebook page boasts of three million likes.

Easylunchboxes Facebook Page

This site was created in 2009. Its Facebook is indeed tempting as it provides videos of preparing healthy packed lunches. It also organizes competitions to keep its followers engaged. It also regularly updates its followers about the quality and delivery feature of the easily prepared lunch boxes.

Mabel’s Labels Facebook Page

This company was founded in 2003 by busy mothers who realized the need to find small children stuff at one place. Their Facebook page has two lakh likes. Its Facebook page displays amazing pictures of children’s stuff with attractive discounts. Create your account and get going!

UNICEF Facebook Page

You all must have heard about UNICEF? Haven’t you? This is the United Nations agency dedicated to the task of working towards the development of children across the world. UNICEF’s Facebook page has seven million likes. The site also uses Live videos to showcase their work done throughout the world. Any individual interested in humanitarian work can become a part of their community.

Believe me, no one would have ever anticipated that Facebook would become such a successful and succinct tool for enhancing business across the world.

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