Top 20 Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

One of the fastest growing areas of online business is digital marketing, and this will generate a large no of job opportunities in upcoming years. All you have to do is just prepare well for your digital marketing interview questions.

Here we are presenting several common questions that are frequently asked in the interview. These questions are basically based on the digital marketing.

So, here are the questions presented for the preparation of interview based on digital marketing.

Q1. How can you explain Digital marketing?

Ans: It is all about brand marketing skills via online channels. It includes various methods and techniques such as email marketing, SEO etc.

Q2. Describe categorisation of digital marketing?

Ans: Starting from basics is very vital for preparation of interview questions if you are a fresher. The digital marketing can be categorized in two segments named as inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing refers to a technique where one can take up the assistance of webinars, e-books etc along with increase in number of clicks on links.

Outbound marketing deals with reaching out to the potential buyers using digital platforms.

Q3. Describe on-page and off-page optimization?

Ans: On-page optimization directly handles with structure and content of a site whereas off-page boosts up the search engine ranking.

Q4. What you understand by keyword streaming?

Ans: It refers to the analysing and choosing of best and relevant keywords for the website based on the target set, in order for getting organic traffic and leads by using keywords.

Q5. What are some best ways to get a natural backlink to your site?

Ans: The chances for getting fast and natural links are almost zero for newly launched websites. To get a natural backlink one common method is to write guest posts on reputable websites.

Q6. What are the areas where keyword optimization is done?

Ans: Keyword placement is important for a better page ranking and the areas are:

Website URL

Website Title

Meta Tag


Web Page Content

Q7. What are the different means for promoting digital marketing?

Ans: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

E- commerce Marketing

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Q8. To promote digital marketing which channels can be used?

Ans: Email Marketing

Display Marketing

Search Marketing

Social Media

Social Networking

Social Marketing

Affiliated Marketing

Online PR

Video Advertising

Q9. Describe Google AdWords Remarketing?

Ans: It is best described as target-oriented marketing strategy which help marketers to target the right person with right ads as reaching out to people who visited their sites but didn’t go ahead with any purchase.

Q10. What is the role of competitive analysis in digital marketing?

Ans: It is a very critical part in marketing for a company. It is analysis of the competitor’s strength and weakness and comparing them to one’s own product and services. Using this you can setup USP and can decide on what attributes you can focus in order to attract the target market.

Q11.What is the difference between branding & direct marketing?

Ans: In branding the advertiser expose their brand to sites with higher audience reach and access such as YouTube ads, custom ads etc.

But in digital marketing, the advertiser directly gets in reach with the targeted audience. Some of such campaigns are shopping ads, etc.

Q12.What are the limitations of Online Marketing?

Ans: Lack of customers allowance to check the product they are buying.

There is always an uncertainty in the goods and services quality.

There is always an issue of false or wrong delivery of products as the product shown or chosen are not delivered. 

Q13. What is the relevance of digital marketing certification?

Ans: This will help you to gain and enhance your authorization at the professional level. You can get a lot of opportunities to work at highly professional organization by taking advantage of this certification as this helps in getting knowledge and skills for digital marketing.

Q14. Mention the biggest known challenge in digital marketing career?

Ans: This is a tricky question that the interviewer asked for getting your total experience as well as the idea of your journey so far. So, this should be answered perfectly on the real experience and in such a way that it convinces the interviewer.

Q15. Tell about responsive website?

Ans: It is a website that is capable of adjusting its layout in accordance with orientation and viewpoint size of device.

The content on small as well as large screen appears to be the same but with a different layout.

Q16. Online marketing is mostly preferred over offline marketing. Why?

Ans: As online marketing provides a lot of benefits that’s why most people opt for this. The range of reach of online marketing is more than that of offline marketing.

Also, now a day numbers of people listening to the radio, watching TV, and reading newspaper is going down that enhances the use of online marketing over offline marketing.

Q17. Explain SEO?

Ans: SEO stands for Search Engine optimization and this is a technique in digital marketing that allows increasing the website traffic quality through organic search engine.

Q18. Explain keyword and its important in SEO?

Ans: The keyword is used by SEO for making a convenience for the user to easily search their interest on the search engines. Keywords are very important to grab a ranking in SEO.

Q19. Explain the aspects that attracted you towards digital marketing?

Ans: This is properly self-estimating question. By putting this question, the interviewer wants to know the basic details about your knowledge and your expectations from the firm. This question can decide you place in the firm and can get you out of firm too. So, try to answer honestly and to the point that can impress the interviewer.

Q20. Explain search engines?

Ans: It is defined as a unique class of programs that are used for finding out a specific information across the world wide web. Some of common engines are-

  • Google.
  • Yahoo.
  • Bing.

So, binding the article here are these questions that can help you prepare for a digital marketing interview. I will personally advise you to be straight and to the point while interview and this will help you to an extent. Please like and share the article if you find the article helpful and informative.

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