How to Delete Your Location History from Google Maps?

Google Maps performs a key role in our daily lives whether you’re going to the office or home. Installation of “Google Maps”, will record all sorts of information about the places you have to visit with your phone. ‘Google maps’ is gathering all your location information to improve their personalized sales and services. To improve your privacy, you can access your Google Maps application history to review all locations, manage your location history, and even you can disable the location tracking completely. You can opt to view, pause and delete your location from Google map at any time in your Google account’s ‘Activity Control’. 

Here is some guidelines will help you to delete your location from Google Map in many possible ways.

How to do “Delete All Location history From Google Map”?

On mobile app (Android/IOS)

To delete the saved location history:

• Open the Google Maps application on your mobile.

• Open the menu by pressing the left button and selecting “Your Timeline”.

• On the next screen, press the Menu button, and then tap Settings.

• Scroll to “Location Settings” and select “Delete All Location history” to delete location information. 

In this way, you can easily delete all location information from the Google maps instantly. 

On the desktop:

If you are using Desktop, then first get signing on your Google account and then go to ‘Google Maps Timeline’ and click the delete button to erase your entire location history.

How to do “Auto delete location history From the Google Map”?

Now, it is very easy to delete your location history if you don’t want to give Google Maps full access to your location information. There are some options available on Google Maps that will help you to save or delete your location history during the period of your choice. The option “Auto delete location history” on Google Maps enables you to prevent the saving of your location information. 

1. Open ‘Google Maps’ and touch the menu icon in the upper left corner

2. Go to your timeline

3. Touch the icon in the upper right corner with three dots

4. Click on “Settings & Privacy”.

5. Scroll down and go to “Automatically delete location history”.

6. Three options are displayed: 

– Keep until I delete manually, 

– Keep for 18 months,

– Keep for 3 months.

Save until manual deletion. Save 18 months and save 3 months. Choose one option to continue the process. 

7. Click “Next”.

8. Ask for confirmation, touch to confirm.

With this option, you cannot delete the location data immediately or regularly, but it will take at least three months. However, deleting after three months will help a little bit in protecting your privacy. Once the data is wiped completely, then you can pause the location history or you can turn off the location history temporarily. In this way, you can restrict or stop the Google Maps application in the tracking of all your traveling information.

How to turn off the “Location History from Google Map”?

You can easily do this process with the following tips.

• Navigate at to see Google Maps history.

• Click the “Manage Location History” tab.

Or, you can click “Pause location history” under the Time Page Settings icon.

• Turn off the “Location History” switch on the activity page.

What happens after you delete part or all of your location history?

If you delete all or part of your location history, some Google personalized experiences may get worse or disappear. For example:

  • You will lose all your Google Photo Albums created from the places you visit
  • You may not get relevant recommendations based on the place you visit
  • You will not receive the live traffic details for your travel.

If you have added and stopped other settings, such as web activities and applications, in your location log or location data deleted from your location log, location data may still be stored in your Google Account as part of the use of websites, applications, and other Google services. For example, location data can be saved as part of the Find and Map activity when the Web settings and Application Activities are turned on. Depending on the settings of the camera application, they will be included in your photo.

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