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This is a great option for small businesses and nonprofits, but don’t misunderstand that the CFO service company is right. Choosing the wrong CFO can waste a lot of time and money at best. In the worst-case scenario, it can drive your business back and make recovery difficult or impossible.

Learn where you’re doing well, where you can lose money, and where you’re most likely to impact your bottom line. How does the Distinguish between correct and incorrect fits? Even if you don’t need to experience the hassle of hiring, training, and managing internal staff to provide

CFO insights, take the time to consider the best provider for your business. We want to find a provider that provides the right services, has industry experience, can talk to you in a meaningful way, reduces risk, and works well with other stakeholders involved. Let’s take a closer look at each of these to narrow down the list of candidates.

The first role is to protect and protect the company’s assets by minimizing risk and keeping books correctly. The second is a business that efficiently and effectively performs basic financial operations. The third is a strategist who influences the overall direction of the company.

 5 Important Questions About CFO Professional Services 

1. Do you only offer CFO PRO services? 

These are some of the outsourced CFO service providers. They are involved at the CFO level of accountants, controllers, and factions. In this case, the CFO service cannot be isolated. These companies act like outsourced treasury departments. There are some signs that you may need more than the CFO service. 

The CFO has time to spend on higher-level non-thinking tasks. According to a recent Deloitte survey, the CFO’s budget is 1,215 hours a day. This person should not be able to troubleshoot bugs or view reports monthly. If you don’t have an accountant or manager, or if these people don’t have enough time to get the job done, you need to consider a more integrated solution to meet or add to these lower-level roles. I have.

 I’m not sure if the current accountant/controller can handle the process changes. The CFO proposes changes such as chart of accounts changes, reporting, and integration of general ledger software with other programs.

2. How did you support the company in my sector or situation last year?

Some CFO professional service providers employ professionals from academic disciplines or medium-sized and larger companies. These experts know the theory, but there is no substitute for the experience of a real small business. 

The Street Mart CFO can distinguish good sound on paper from what is practical in the real world of small businesses. Academic or large enterprise resources are not blamed for the reality of SME implementation, the actual impact of theory on the result, or the face of competing priorities within an organization with limited resources. 

Business experience, such as operational management and working on mergers and acquisitions, helps CFOs identify key indicators and how owners like to use indicators / KPIs.

Ask questions about specific situations in addition to the CFO’s academic and hands-on experience. Every industry has its quirks, and those who know your niche inside out can save a lot of headaches, time, and money by predicting trends and helping them develop strategies to respond to those trends. You can save on.

 3. Can I view an example of a custom report? 

Some professional CFO service providers know the industry and are very good at talking to a particular personality. But it can’t be your business or your personality. Leading CFO providers have sufficient skills to adapt to different types of businesses and customize their reports based on the information they are effectively processing. 

The provider may find that the tabular representation of the data does not work, and you need to switch to the graphic representation. The Smart CFO also helps identify the appropriate metrics / KPIs for the owner to realize what they need to monitor to address their challenges, goals, or opportunities. The ability to find the correct data and present it understandably needs to be a necessary skill for potential service providers.

4. What if the virtual CFO expands?

 But if your service provider assigns you the only person on the planet who knows your business and that person finds another job, you have been fixed. A competent CFO-Pro service provider ensures that everything is well documented and his team is trained in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

Ask a prospective company to explain exactly how this document and cross-training work. One of the roles of the CFO is to identify ways to mitigate risk. If your company doesn’t do this in your business, look elsewhere.

 5. Can you tell us what kind of report you would like to be aboard an investor? 

Perhaps the board or investors need to communicate with the virtual CFO at some level. These parties may also be concerned about outsourcing CFO services. Make sure your provider understands the perspectives of these team members and can convey the information they need to see.

Board members and investors will want to see forecasts with all interrelated balance sheets and cash flows (not just P & L). We need to provide basic cases and down / up scenarios and highlight the key assumptions between those scenarios. 

Do not attend a board meeting that does not have actual monthly performance compared to the budget report (example below). This report should be a detail of the factors that failed to reach the goal, a non-emotional, data-driven breakdown, and a concrete action plan proposed to get back on track.

Digital Transformation

Professional service companies are increasingly using digital transformation to support their customers more effectively, reduce costs, and prepare for volatility and uncertainty. CFOs of law firms, accounting firms, and other sectors are the driving forces behind this revolution. 

To break away from the role of a historian looking back at financial information and writing statements such as annual reports and financial statements, have the foresight to develop business strategies and the future of the company and ensure that you own digital transformation. I need a CFO to be able to. To process. 

Traditional law firms are introducing new business models to provide more flexible and cost-effective services to their clients, confusing such as Elevate, Conduit Law, and Lawyers on Demand.  Architects, accountants, and engineers face similar challenges thanks to new technologies and smaller, more agile, and special startups. 

As the CFO of a professional services company, digital transformation offers opportunities and avoids these challenges, and reduces costs. Colleagues can provide customers with more responsive, holistic, and customized services, reach out to customers, and help them meet their needs more effectively.


Today, there is a better way to hire a CFO. The CFO Hub allows you to outsource your CFO part-time. In addition, we work with your team to determine if it’s the right time to hire a CFO and strategically adjust your plan based on your specific needs. 

 If your current maturity requires a CFO, choose an expert who has industry experience, works with companies like you, and understands your mission. They are a valuable resource that can turn financial data into actionable insights. A good CFO can help your business grow faster and smarter.

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