Best Courses After 10th Standard

After declaration of results of class 10th student as well as parents are very concerned about the higher studies or courses after 10th standard. Now a days a wide variety of courses are available for the benefits of students. They can choose any of these courses and can pursue this as their career. 

Here we are presenting a list of the courses that is classified according to two basic criteria. First, according to the cost involved in the course and second the availability of course near you. This will lead you to pursue the course from the nearest centre of your home location.

Industrial Training Institute Courses after 10th.

Commonly known as ITI is ranked as one of the best-known courses after 10th standard. These courses are well recognised by many of the industries and have a large-scale market demand too. These can provide you access to the various market sectors and can provide you a better job opportunity.

These holds a diploma certificate after completion. Here we are presenting you the best courses from ITI after 10th standard.

  • Medical technician.

Also referred to as medical technologists are basically in charge of preparing and analysing all the results of blood and other fluids related to the blood. Their duties consist of collection, tests and all record works of the sample and they are generally employed in hospitals and independent laboratories as these are highly skilled professionals.

  • Mechanical draftsman.

They are employed for developing detailed design drawings along with specification for mechanical equipment, dies/tools and controls. They do so by using computer assisted drawing equipment. They are also responsible for designing layouts and details of components along with the other workers for solving a problem or for preventing it from occurring.

  • Civil draftsman.

They are responsible for preparing drawings and maps for use in civil engineering projects. These maps basically cover bridges, highways and piping systems. They also contribute in calculating the cost and interpretation of data for designs.

  • Chemical plant operator.

They control or operate entire chemical processes involved in system of machines. They also monitor recording instruments, flowmeters, panel lights and other indicators.

  • Laboratory technician.

They are involved in deciding and executing laboratory testing according to standard procedures. They conduct experiments under defined conditions for accepting or rejecting various types of samples they gather for analysis.

  • Quantity surveyor.

This job is basically related to the civil engineering projects. They are in charge of calculating and estimation of the overall cost of the project and they are also responsible for letting this cost drop to the maximum possible scale of expense.

  • Hospitality staff.

They are the leaders and the problem solver in the firm. They are always concerned with excellence for the customer leisure.

  • Photography.

They are the artist with the lenses. Using their capability and talent they capture the unseen moments of a person, nature etc perfectly and shape them as a photograph of video for later remembering. 

  • Caregiver.

They are the shadows of their client. They help their clients with their daily routine and always arrange a help for their client. They are also like a companion for their client.

  • Legal/ paralegal assistant.

They assist in research, writing and conducting a trail, moreover they serve as a support to the lawyers or firm for whom they work. 

  • Automobile mechanical technician.

They work as for inspection of vehicle engine and mechanical components to analyse the issue and provide a proper solution for that problem. They also inspect and gather ideas for upgradation of the vehicle functionality and longevity.

  • Horticulture.

They are responsible for planting seeds and cutting them, preparing soli, watering and fertilising plants and also removing the dead plants from the growing plants. Others duties of them involves record keeping as of inventory, logging horticultural activities and also contacting customers for knowing about the plants and plant care services.

  • Fireman and disaster relief.

Their main duties involve helping in protecting the public in case of any emergency situation. They respond to many of the accidents or disaster with the help of their special firefighting and rescue equipment.

  • Dental lab technician.

They use fabrication with crowns and bridges for restoring natural teeth. They correct the dental irregularities by manufacturing fixed or removable techniques that can be applicable. They also excel is the implantology procedures and can handle it perfectly.

  • Denture maker.

They are the technicians who creates dentures and other dental prostheses. They form the dentures on the basis of the molds that they gather from the mouth and teeth of individual patients.

  • Food technician.

Their job is to test and examine the food samples and assist the food scientists with their research. You have to check the quality of food according to the standards of food and drug administration and this helps in improving the food quality in the market.

  • Dairy management.

They are responsible for checking and maintaining the facilities related to dairy production along with the care of the dairy herd. They work with all kinds of people are in charge of guiding all the employees involved in this production system.

  • Nutrition assistant.

You have to educate the clients or patients on their healthy eating habits and nutrition. You help your patient in evaluating their eating habits and help them to develop a proper eating habits along with a proper diet chart.

There are many more courses that are available from ITI that are having a high market demand and opportunities. These jobs are available for both men and women and don’t have any age limitations. This is possibly done by the Skills India program of the Indian government for providing skills and employment to the people. These courses come up with a very affordable fee structure and can be useful for creating career opportunities in India as well as abroad.

Diploma in Engineering

Polytechnic in India is also an option that provides Diploma in engineering. It is also considered among one of the best courses after 10th standard. Following streams are available under diploma in engineering-

  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Chemical engineering.
  • Electrical engineering.
  • Metallurgical engineering.

There are several facts that should be considered before joining a diploma course. About 60 percent of the graduate engineers are wondering just because of lack of employment. About 5% are having the required skills for the jobs. These are the reasons that push this on the second number. However, if you excel in your field you can do great in this field.

Medical courses after 10th

You cannot go for a doctor profession just after 10th but if you want to get in the medical field then you can go for these courses for pursuing your career. Here comes some of the best courses in this field.

  • Diploma in Rural healthcare.
  • Diploma in Nursing assistance.
  • Certificate of nursing Assistance.
  • Pathology lab technician.
  • Diploma in hospital assistance.
  • Diploma in paramedic nursing.

Since India is getting promoted as a country for medical tourism on the world globe, this can be a best option for making and boosting your career in this field as new hospitals and healthcare are establishing day by day.

Travel and tourism Courses After 10th-

India is considered as the fastest growing country if we consider the case of travel and tourism. Here a wide option for travel market is available that can present a lot of employment and jobs. There are several courses that are available in the case of travel and tourism.

  • Diploma in food and beverage management.
  • Diploma in food and beverage production.
  • Diploma in Hospitality management.
  • Diploma in Restaurant and Hotel Management.
  • Diploma in Food technology.
  • Diploma in nutrition. 
  • Diploma in Catering and catering technology.
  • Diploma in Front Office and reception Management.
  • Diploma in hotel stores management.

IT and computer Technology Courses After 10th-

Here is another option for career pursuing. IT and computer technology are growing day by day in this era. Some more experience can give you a way for the higher courses such as diploma.

  • Certificate in search engine optimisation.
  • Certificate in social media management.
  • Certificate course in search engine marketing.
  • Diploma computer technician.
  • Diploma in hardware maintenance.

Indian armed forces-

If you have the light in you to serve your country then this is a good option for you. This offers an honourable job for those who want to serve the nation. 

  • Soldier (General duty).
  • Soldier (Tradesman).

No matter which course you are choosing you will have to serve the nation once your training is completed. 

These are the courses best fitted for a 10th standard pass out, several of them involves an age limitation while some of them come up with no age limitation criteria. These courses can largely boost your starting career and can get you a well repudiated job after time. This courses also come up with several well-paid jobs as seen in diploma cases or ITI cases. So, stop bothering about the career any more select your need and potential first then pickup a proper course according to your need. Please like and share if you find the article helpful and informative.

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