Common Challenges Faced by Growing Start-ups


Many aspects are the reasons for the struggling of start-ups. Some of the start-ups die soon and some don’t attain the desired degree of success as early as they hoped. They may not be aware of the obstacles and don’t even know how to respond.

Here are some of the challenges presented that make a start-up suffer.


Money is the prime mover for a start-up. One need money until he/she is lucky enough to get it through investors or sales. Cash flow issues can hit a start-up very hard.

Capital is needed for arrangement of various foundational products and services for a start-up idea.

2.Neglecting Marketing/Sales-

Due to less effort in marketing and sales some of the start-ups encounter problems. Sometimes this aspect is totally neglected and the firm puts their faith in word of mouth, that sales will grow organically online without any marketing needed.

It’s a false hope that consumer will discover you unless you advertise or do marketing to reach them. This can lead to failure of a start-up plan.

3.Lack of Planning-

Due to lack of proper planning, many of the start-up failed at their beginner stage. Some of the areas such as sales, development, staffing, skills shortage and funding should be the key concern of the planning and these should be flexible enough to tolerate the unexpected turns.

Proper business plan is very much needed along with contingency planning. If one’s plan is all optimism and fails to allow surprises then you should conclude that you are heading towards a big trouble.

4.Finding the Right People-

Certain skills are vital not only for survival but also for the growth of the business. For knowing how well your start-up thrives the exact skills needed along with how to get those essential people should be known. Delays in the rollout of the new products or services can be caused due to delay in finding the right personnel. If you hire the wrong people and placed them at a wrong work their deficiencies will increase as the start-up grows that will lead to a problem for the firm. This usually happens when start-up expands and suddenly cracks appears.

5.Time Management-

Time is never enough for anyone. You have to work among these 24 hours only. Distractions from work should be minimized for the smooth running of the start-up along with the management of the delays happened.

6.Weak Co founders-

May the co-founders be the reason of obstructions among the start-up plans. Due to lack of skills in them sometimes the business suffers and fails. At that time new executives are needed to spread the workload. Failure to analyses the problem can expand these problems.

7.Scaling Up-

Your products or services are getting a phenomenal growth and also causing you lots of headaches. Not just people should be added in but they should be added always at the right position. Setup of offices should be expanded to various places for ensuring the success of the start-up.

8.Unwillingness to Push Yourself Beyond the Comfort Zone-

The founder or CEO may think he/she has all the answers but do they really have what is needed to think-and act-outside your comfort zone? Ask yourself how much you can give yourself? Can you make a convincing pitch to potential investors while you need funding?

The casual approach towards the market doesn’t always work. So, one should be always prepared to put in all what is needed.


No one will ever pursue your product and services despite being great. It’s a crowded market place. Having a right strategy or being able to think on your feet quickly and adapting to new reality will define your success or failure as the new rivals may have altered the playing pitch.

10.Lack of Mentor-

You may have a great product idea but lack the necessary guidance, market experience and knowledge to move a stage further. With the wisdom and confidence for helping you clear the roadblocks that are holding your start-up back, a mentor in introduced. Better strategies are also prepared with the help of mentors.

11.Poor Management-

Ineffective management are not easy for the start-ups. A team that handled all stuff well in the initial stages, may find itself boosted as the start-up expands, or is tested by every aspect from poor sales or market conditions.

Overcoming above all the reasons can laid down a better foundation for your start-up and will eventually lead you towards success.

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