So you get on a plane or jump in a car for the longest trip in the world. You already know that WiFi is not available. So how can you watch Netflix movies and your favorite TV shows? As it turns out, you can now use Netflix to download a lot of their content for… Continue Reading

Internet TV shows are the next level of entertainment that is increasingly popular lately. We cannot deny that the D2H and cable connections will soon be out of date and people will have broadband internet for home entertainment. You can find many sources of internet entertainment such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. Although YouTube… Continue Reading

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Kodi is one of the most popular (and certainly the most controversial) media players. Not only do you get access to your own media files from a number of platforms (including Xbox One), you also stream from hundreds and hundreds of sources throughout the world. This is a powerful application that has attracted, erm, criticism.… Continue Reading

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Amazon Fire Stick is an Internet-capable television that allows users to watch various content (and games) through their Internet connection. However, like other internet gadgets, it needs to be updated regularly. The latest update has introduced new features, e.g. For example, upgrading to Fire TV 3 allows users to watch local movies. The update also… Continue Reading

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