Many CFOs are actually bookkeepers. This is risky for both the institution and the employee. When an organization hires a CFO, it should expect top-tier financial management. An unprepared CFO puts themself in jeopardy if all they do is record-keeping and reporting, but your company expects much more. A higher education institution requires robust, strategic… Continue Reading

The phrase due diligence has a different meaning and is useful in different contexts.  Due diligence is mostly applicable in the concept of finances. In finances, due diligence refers to knowledge about finances, which is useful to know about sellers’ information and appraise its value.  Due diligence includes: 1. Analyzing the purpose of the project… Continue Reading

What is Outsourcing Bookkeeping Outsourcing, in layman’s terms, means hiring someone from a source that is placed outside of your own company. Someone can be a company, can be an individual, and varies in every circumstance. Now, Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Accounting would refer to that someone being hired for a service that requires the expertise… Continue Reading

Chartered Accountant in India is considered one of the most prestigious jobs. Still, it might have often crossed your mind what exactly is the job of a chartered accountant and how it is different from being a normal accountant. Well, to answer that in simple terms, all we can say is that Chartered Accountant is… Continue Reading

Outsourcing payroll services is most effective for a large enterprise to come up with the money to do. Compound this with the reality that many marketers get uncomfortable delegating special components their enterprise out-of-residence; the mere point out of “outsourcing” may be an intimidating concern to broach.  Exponential Return on Investment (ROI) through Outsourcing  There`s… Continue Reading

The valuation services of a personal company are complete of assumptions, pleasant bet estimates, and enterprise averages. With the shortage of transparency in privately-held groups, it is tough to place a dependable cost on such businesses. Several techniques exist that are used within the personal fairness enterprise and via company finance advisory groups to decide… Continue Reading

Tax subjects get up in each thing of strolling a commercial enterprise, from everyday VAT to proportion schemes. Tax accountants put together company and private earnings tax statements and formulate tax techniques regarding troubles, including monetary choice, the way to quality deal with a merger or acquisition, deferral of taxes, while to price items, and… Continue Reading

An ESOP is a flexible employee benefit plan that can be utilized to incentivize employees through equity ownership. As a result, ESOPs ostensibly boost production and profitability while also creating a stock market, according to theory. This improves shareholder liquidity and provides a mechanism for ownership transfer, which can help move from an owner/management group… Continue Reading