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How many times have we heard a co-worker, friend or relative say that they plan to start up a business and escape the 9 to 5 rut? Women have always been enterprising in looking for ways to supplement their income. If you are a woman and the thought of becoming an entrepreneur has been crossing your mind lately, then this post is for you. We thought of intriguing your inner flame by throwing in 20 compelling business ideas for women who are looking for starting up a business. Read on!

Top 20 Business Ideas For Womens

Small Event Organizer

Do you get compliments from your family or friends or colleagues for parties you host? Why not try and make some money out of your talent for organizing events? Start-up small like taking up the initiative to plan a friend’s bachelor party or a children’s birthday party in your apartment. This will give you the confidence to go big as well as educate you of issues that may arise.

Wedding Consultant

Who is more apt to plan an extravagant wedding than a woman? Don’t we notice all (I mean all) aspects of each wedding that we have attended in our lifetime? Don’t we keep tabs on the latest and greatest in Indian Wedding? Haven’t we even helped plan a few? J Yes, so let’s try and make it a source of income. Ideas for this will be to either assist an already existing business for a while to learn the knacks or to partner up with an equally enthusiastic friend. Plan weddings for close circle, based on the feedback you can plan your expansion.

Daycare Services

Our next business ides for women is daycare services. If you love children and / or have children of your own, then a daycare service will be the apt business for you. As with any business, start small with 4 to 5 children from your neighbourhood. Owning a daycare business means employing helpers from the day you start. You will need help for cleaning, cooking and assisting you with children at the least. However, the demand for trusted and reliable daycare is still huge in the market. You may need licenses to open a daycare service.

Petcare Services

Does the word pet make you go Awww? How about converting your love for pets into a small business? Petcare may include anything such as walking pets, grooming them on regular intervals, caring for pets in a common place when owners are away working or on a vacation. This is an unexplored market in India. You may need licenses for this business.

Customized Clothing Business

People are busy. We do most of our shopping online, that includes clothes. So, selling clothes online is not new. This has been a popular business idea for women lately, something you can do from home. However, the idea of selling clothes customized for each customer, like an online boutique is novel. Make a difference in online clothing business by understanding the preferences and liking of each customer and recommend clothes that they would have chosen by themselves. Though this may seem like a daunting task, gets easier as you recognize patterns.

Customized Jewellery

If you are someone interested in crafts, jewellery making can be an idea you can explore. With huge variety of raw materials available in the market, your imagination and creativity are the limit to your creations. Social networks like Instagram and Facebook are great places to build your brand and gain new customers.

Image Consultant

Image consultant is someone who helps people become an upgraded version of themselves in terms of looks, communication and behaviour. In a world of global workplaces, there are several people who need the help of an image consultant. Specially, this can be the most suitable business idea for women. You may require a certification to become one. The issue in Indian market with Image consultancy is that it is costly. If you can provide your services at a reasonably lower cost, then should I even say that customers will knock at your door in hundreds?

Fitness Instructor

If you are a fitness enthusiast, have been practicing fitness for a while and got greatly benefitted personally, then rethink your money-making norm. People are becoming more and more health conscious; several are even ok to spend money and hire an instructor. If you can personalize your offering through one-on-one training, conducting classes from customer’s house, you will be in demand. You even have the option to be a women-only fitness instructor.

Sell Food

Food is the only business that has no recession. It will stay till the feeling of hunger stays. Think that you are a good cook? Are there unmarried, working people in your apartment community? Just put up a notice saying you provide breakfast / dinner – the two meals people who stay outside miss or eat unhealthily. It is the easiest business idea for women as you can start-up with things you have at home. If you can provide tasty and healthy food from a clean place, it just takes word of mouth to get you real busy, literally cooking up a storm! J

Food Blogger

Think a food business is too much of a work? No problem at all, you can be a food blogger and make money out of it. All you need is a blog on a blogging site like WordPress or SquareSpace. Take out your camera and click away while you cook. Realistic recipes with step-by-step pictures that are drool worthy are all it takes for you blog to get subscribers. Then build up your blog by adding videos, hosting contests and giveaways.

Home Baker

Baking is a stress buster, a great skill that one can learn, bake a bread to feel the sense of achievement. Have you heard bakers say all those? It is true, baking business gives you a great feeling of accomplishment as you create cake after cake and you can earn huge money. You can start with basic domestic equipment and scale as you grow. With little dedication, patience, creativity and Google / Facebook 5-star reviews you will go places .


Someone who is good with the angles? Have “an eye” for beauty or showing things in a “different light?” If a DSLR is your best friend, then photography can be a great business idea for women. You can bring out femininity in images which can give pictures a whole new perspective. You may have to prove yourselves first to gain customers. Start small as in most other businesses. Do a professional headshot for a friend’s LinkedIn profile or take up photography at a friend’s party. Your success is literally few clicks away!

Video Production (YouTube Channel)

Video production – if this means a costly venture for you, think again. You can create a video using your best friend DSLR for your blog or a YouTube channel. It is a great business idea for women who are looking to start-up and earn reasonable money with time. You can move on to higher end cameras and longer videos once you are ready and have the money and resources.

Website Developer

If creativity and technical knack are your two eyes, website development can be a thing for you. With certifications in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can easily start freelancing. There is always a huge need for web developers as new businesses are looking to create a website and businesses that have a website are looking to modify the site. Certifications will mean more authenticity; few sample websites can prove that you know your stuff.

Language Teacher

A bi, tri or quadrilingual person can take up teaching languages as a side business. In India, there is always a flair for learning languages, especially foreign languages like French, Spanish and German. If you have a command over any or all of these, then consider becoming a language teacher in a private setting. This is a good business idea for women who want to start something from their home.

Arts School

Are you an artist? A good singer, dancer, painter or actor? You can make money by teaching arts for children and adults. People of all ages in India are on the lookout for some form or the other of art classes. Partner up with a few of your friends who are good at art and start your classes. There are so many places you can advertise your offering starting from your apartment’s notice board to classified apps. You may have to quit your 9 to 5 due to growing demand J

Tuition Center

As with arts school, academic tuitions have a huge demand in India. One-on-one tuition or small group tuitions are becoming increasingly popular. Individual attention is one major criteria parents look for in tuition for their children. If you can provide it, it can be a great business idea for women who want to utilize their knowledge as well as earn money.


Selling flowers is something you can do online and on a franchisee model. If you cannot wait till you establish your brand, gain customers and then earn money, continue from where an established brand is positioned already. An investment is needed at the beginning to store the flowers and refrigeration. Depending on the city you live in India, you can customize flowers according to market demand. Delivering flowers by taking online orders can be a scale up model.

At home Beautician Services

A new type of market has opened up in India for at-home beauty services with introduction of apps. If you are a beautician already or someone training to become one, you can provide beauty services at customer’s home. Customer base will be built with word-of-mouth influence. With people getting busier by the day and women looking to get beauty services at the privacy of their home, at home beautician services can be a great business idea for women.

Travel Planner

If you are like me who gets thrilled at the mention of the word travel and looks forward to the planning that goes behind a successful vacation, travel planning is a suitable business idea for you. You need skills to look for and make arrangements that will go well for the budget on hand as well as meet requirements of clients. If you have the knack to find great deals on stay & travel and fit an extravagant vacation into an affordable budget, you can grow it into a business with sizeable profit.

Hope the article on great business ideas for women in India was helpful to you and sparked some ideas. We wish you the best in your ventures!

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