20 Best Webinar Software Platforms in 2020

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We will begin the list of the best software tools for in-game seminars for beginners and individuals. This is the perfect solution for everything you need to consider when choosing your chosen platform.


One of the most popular webinar tools on the market is GoToWebinar. With a complete set of creation tools, GoToWebinar can be easily integrated into the largest and most popular CRM system. This makes it a perfect tool for the first digital approach. With the GoToWebinar reporting function you can track participant data.

You can easily renew your brand to make your registration page shiny. If you need to change the date or details of the webinar while on the go, GoToWebinar can automatically contact all registered participants.

On the visitor page, you have the option to add collections, surveys, up to 5 flyers and YouTube videos that you can play during your workshop session. This is the ultimate webinar tool that is very easy to use.

However, the price can be more expensive, especially if you are just starting out. In addition, you must pay a premium based on the number of participants during the scaling.


Another popular webinar tool is EasyWebinar. This tool has various integrations and offers everything the webinar platform needs. One of the best things about EasyWebinar is that with the EasyCast system, you can easily stream your webinar on various platforms.

If you have investigators and viewers on YouTube, or just want to share your seminar via Facebook Live, you can do that easily with EasyWebinar.

This platform is easy to register, but it’s clear that developers push the limits of what webinars can do. With platform basics, you can automate further seminars and meetings. The price is quite competitive, but for simple things like customizing a brand, you often have to pay dearly.


In competition with the industrial hippos, ClickMeeting decides on a different pricing approach. In fact, this tool has a starter package that is very powerful and affordable. Prices go up with time. Ideal if you are just starting.

With functions available on the platform, you can easily customize the experience in your customer’s waiting room. ClickMeeting goes beyond that and allows you to automate, track, plan, and start your workshop events.

The user interface is very intuitive, which makes the platform very clear to someone who previously used different tools. But for someone who is just starting out in the digital space, everything can become too much.

Where the platform really shines is in simple automation. With just a few clicks in a certain area, you can automate your tracking, event publishing, vod management, and more.


EverWebinar has been chosen as the most powerful webinar platform in the world. But from what I have seen, I must say that I am on the fence for this statement. YES, the platform can ONLY be considered the “most powerful”.

This platform is very useful for automating recorded webinar streams that you want to prepare for your audience in the funnel stream. If you need it, you will never see EverWebinar again.

However, if you are looking for a webinar platform that you can actively connect with customers and easily record and stream LIVE webinars, EverWebinar might not be the right one for you.

Zoho webinar

Zoho Webinars are from video conferencing professionals founded by Zoho and are a viable webinar platform.

The Zoho webinar has been added as a feature to the existing Zoho Meet software and is one of the cheapest and easiest options on the market. This platform is based on live video stability and is ideal for indoor webinars and special webinar-based meetings.

This is one of the few platforms tested that allows you to switch from registering to LIVE webinar sessions in LITERARY SECONDS. In addition, web-based software on the platform looks quite lightweight. Overall, the fact that the Zoho Webinar is a continuation of the Zoho Meeting is clear. This is a byproduct that does the job, but doesn’t have to be filled with different functions.


Livestorm.co is a software tool that only works. Actually, I didn’t find any errors with this tool during our review.

This is a stable platform that is easy to login and has an intuitive user interface. You can set a company (or brand) page in seconds, enter your webinar information and just click the Start button. With branding options, you can easily adapt the platform to your brand. Additional automation of the email funnel makes it easier to set up automatic pre-registration and subsequent emails.

The customer experience is also very interesting, with chat and question and answer options.

The disadvantage? Analysis and data you receive from your webinar are as simple as attendance / registration and average attendance.


WebinarNinja is one of the most powerful universal solutions currently available on the market. That’s all you can ask for in the webinar platform. Automation? Convert the landing page to the top? Include the experiences of the participants? WebinarNinja has it all.

It is not without reason that it is one of the most reliable platforms on the market. WebinarNinja established itself as a real webinar leader and has a unique function called Webinar Finder.

Enables you to present your seminar to a wider audience. The platform price is also quite competitive. This platform also does not stop at the direct seminar function. You can then create webinar seminars, mix live and recorded videos, and webinars on request.

This is a perfect tool for those who really want to improve their game in a seminar.


BigMaker is one of the largest and most powerful webinar platforms in the world. There are among them where they act for startups and individuals, but it seems that most solutions are for companies.

If you trust companies like Microsoft, Panasonic, Hootsuite, the United Nations and PBS, you can be absolutely sure that you are in safe hands. Of course, this has its own shortcomings.

Positive is a fully functional webinar platform with support for white labels and dozens of integrations and features.The disadvantage is that you look for expensive price tags for features that might not fit your usage scenario.


Webinar Jam is a webinar platform developed by EverWebinar developers that focus on live webinars.This is a very powerful tool, but has drawbacks similar to those of workshops on demand.

The user interface is almost one to one, with several options for direct tabs. Everything on the platform is very intuitive. You can submit your own landing page design or choose from a variety of high conversion pages.

Notification and integration are also feature-rich and easy to use. Overall, Webinar Jam is one of the best webinar marketing platforms. However, it is still a platform that was primarily developed for the first digital mass marketers and.


Demio is the perfect web platform specifically designed for webinar marketing.

You can organize your webinar in a manner similar to WebinarNinja (direct, on demand, hybrid or automatic).

This tool is very powerful and comes from a growing startup. It offers a great visitor experience on PC / Mac and mobile devices. The only big loss is the maximum number of visitors is 500.


Several webinar platforms have been developed from scratch to serve the company’s customer base. Be it education, NGOs or large corporations, these are the top 5 platforms for corporate webinars for 2020.

Cisco Webex event

Cisco Webex Events is an extension of the already powerful online conferencing software from Cisco Webex.

This platform is best suited for one-time events and digital webinar conferences for a larger audience.

This is all that you would expect from a business tool in terms of comfort and stability. However, the marketing function for webinars is quite limited.


If there is one tool that can be called a true industry leader in webinar technology, it is ON24.

Since its inception, ON24 was developed as a specialized corporate solution and offers various webinars and webcast products that cannot be compared to others.

From interactive and detailed information about content and information to an interesting first approach to providing video content, ON24 offers everything you need from a digital webinar experience platform.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a very powerful webinar tool designed for corporate use. Positioned as a hybrid between virtual class software and business webinar managers.

Adobe Connect gives you the ability to develop full-featured digital learning.

GoToTraining from LogMeIn

GoToTraining was developed by LogMeIn provider of remote access software and is a special platform for online training seminars.

If you want to use webinars as your primary source of education. This is perfect for online training in your company. This is also a great tool for teachers.

Usage is very limited and niche compared to other all-in-one marketing platforms, but that is the best thing it does.

BlueJeans event

BlueJeans Events is a standalone video hosting software that allows you to create highly interactive webinars at the company level.

BlueJeans Events is part of the BlueJeans series of video conferencing software tools and very powerful software that focuses on webinars with a small number of visitors.

This platform was developed specifically for one-time meetings and webinars. It was mainly developed for online conferences on a smaller scale.


There are a limited number of webinar platforms on the market today.

This is a solution that “needs to be optimized but works for me” that can help you shine.

They mainly function as alternatives to your usual webinar software, but are tools that you can continue to use for webinars in certain scenarios.


If you are in digital marketing, you may have heard or used Zoom.

Zoom video conferencing solutions offer free and paid options. The webinar feature is very limited, but is definitely a better choice than Google HangOuts.

With Zoom, you can even import your email contact list directly to the invitation window.

Not sure how to make your email list? I have a few tips!

Skype for business

Another useful video conferencing and instant messaging tool that can become your webinar service is Skype for Business.

With Skype for Business, you can schedule meetings like webinars with up to 250 visitors.

ezTalks webinar

EzTalks Webinar is a relatively new provider in the workshop area and is trying to become a destructive webinar platform.

With the first cellular approach and a number of functions, this is based on the successful ezTalks conference solution.


joinMe is a video conferencing tool that is made easily and simply.

Allows you to share connections with those present quickly and quickly.

This is not a perfect choice for webinars because it is limited to 50 participants. However, if it suits your funnel and you need a quick and fast meeting tool based on webinars, joining me might be a good choice.

Especially if you have several high-quality LinkedIn customers, this platform might be the right choice to create a webinar and connect directly to them.


WorkCast is a powerful workshop platform that allows you to create great virtual events and provide a great user experience.

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