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There are lots of professional courses available for the students after 12th standard. Many of the courses are already discussed in the previous articles. There is a variety of the courses after 12th for various streams such as for commerce, science and arts. Here we came up with various management courses that a student can pursue after 12th standard. Many of these courses are related to various fields such as technology, biology, commerce or either by arts. However, there is a less availability for the students of the science stream. Moreover, there is point that should be considered that there are many of the courses related to the management that can be pursued by any stream students. In this article we will list all of the management courses that can be pursued by all the 12th passed students having any of the streams such as science/arts/commerce. Sometimes streams bind you to choose a specific course after 12th but in running era there are many courses that are available for any of the streams pursued by the student. Here some of them are also mentioned in the article. The various courses are enlisted below-


Bachelor of business administration is the full name of the course. There are many government and private institutes that offers BBA with a full-time duration of 3 years. One can check availability of the course in any of the preferred institute of his/her wish from the college website or on the internet. 

It is an undergraduate course that is available for any of the stream offered in the 12th standard namely science/arts/commerce, students from any of these streams can pursue this course. MBA, a post-graduation course is available for students pursuing BBA as for a postgraduate degree. Duration of MBA from any of the institute is fixed as 2 years. BBA is also provided with a particular discipline in many of the institutes as example- BBA in event management etc. If one is interested in job-oriented courses then they should follow or go for such specialised courses offered in BBA. These specialised courses are highly job oriented and boost up one’s career highly. Some of the well-known BBA with Honors programs are listed below-

  • Banking and insurance.
  • International business.
  • Aviation management.
  • Healthcare management.
  • Event management.
  • Tourism and travel management.

Majorly it contains the private sector that’s why it provides an ample job opportunity for the BBA graduates. They are usually tasked with the MNCs and offices along with a wide variety of workplaces including government sectors also. They are usually tasked with the managerial posts with these working firms. They are paid according to the post and work assigned but all over they have a good salary.


Bachelor of management studies is abbreviated as BMS. This course is offered with a duration of 3 years and many of you always get confused between BMS and BBA. It is obvious to get confused as both of them are management related courses and are similar to very extent. 

One can get the differences between these two by getting a closer look. This course is also open for all the streams. BBA is concentrated basically with core subjects related to business studies while BMS is totally focused on the traditional management studies such as analytics. 

Also, after BMS students may go for MBA. Corporate houses are mass recruiters of students from BMS. Along with many of the medium sized companies that hires BMS freshers.


This is a course formed by clubbing both BBA along with MBA having a duration of 5 years rather than 3 or 2 years. Institutes with a good reputation are only offering this integrated course in India. This course come up with an advantage for the students under this course students don’t have to apply for MBA after pursuing the BBA degree. This course provides a clubbed degree of both MBA and BBA to the students.

This also breaks the traditional way of pursuing PG after graduation as integrated courses like this come up with an advantage that the student doesn’t need to prepare for admissions in MBA after graduation.


This course builds up the student’s knowledge and techniques to understand and learn the tourism and hotel industries. Duration of bachelor of hotel management is fixed as 4 years. In this duration the students are taught the basic as well as the necessary components of these sectors.

As tourism department is hiking in India day by day and the government is also contributing in this sector a lot of job opportunities are available in this field. Government is investing in various tourism sectors such as railway tourism etc. This creates a proper sense that hotel management and hospitality business will never get low as well as it will always keep hiking in coming years.

After government had shown their interest in this sector private sectors are also getting involved in this sector and that creates a lot of job opportunities in this sector for the freshers having this degree. Overall this sector is in demand that avoids the difficulties in searching for a proper job after degree.


This is not properly a traditional course but can be said as a branch of MBA. This course has a course duration of 3 years and after completing this course one can go for MSc or MBA.

In the list of prime recruiters there comes up hotel and resorts on the top. After this course one can work under the firms or can start their own business for experience. Once you gain experience in this field you can get success easily.


This is properly a job-oriented course and is different from the other courses only on this aspect. Duration of these diploma courses are around 1-2 years and students from every stream can apply for this. Here we present you a list of some such diploma courses and will advise you to choose wisely according to your interest. Diploma courses in this sector are-

  • Diploma in retail management.
  • Diploma in organisation management.
  • Diploma in hotel management.
  • Diploma in hospitality and tourism management.
  • Diploma in fashion marketing and merchandising.
  • Diploma in marketing and advertising.
  • Diploma in event management.
  • Diploma in travel and tourism management.


BA is not still just like before. Many of us thinks that BA is a course that deals with topics like philosophy, history, English etc. But the time has changed as many of the other courses are also introduced under the coverage of BA. Course duration of this course Is fixed as 3 years and is the same for every discipline under this course. Still these new courses are not offered in every college. Many of them are still untouched by several institutes. Below enlisted are some of the BA management-oriented programs that had gained popularity in India-

  • BA in hotel management.
  • BA in retail management.
  • BA in fashion merchandising and marketing.
  • BA in travel and tourism management.


It is a 3 year long run under graduate program done after 12th standard. Students having any stream with English subject are eligible for this course. It is an alternative to the courses like BMS and BBA and has proved to be a good alternative for the students. This course focuses on the traditional management subjects such as HR, Marketing etc.


With a course duration of 3 years this is an undergraduate program that can be applied to any of the 12th passed students having any of these streams (science/arts/commerce) and with mathematics and English subjects. As economics is the vital part of the course syllabus this course is mostly suited for the commerce and arts students. Due to having a traditional business studies economics in the course gathers the major attention here. An advanced version of BBE is MBE (master of business economics), a PG program that is basically pursued after completing graduation with BBE courses.


It is an undergraduate degree program having a duration of 3 years. This is pursued after passing 12th standard from any of the three streams (science/arts/commerce) along with English subject. The main focus of the course is on the international business and their techniques along with the latest trends and practices followed by them and finance management. This is also having a good job opportunity as analyst etc.


Administrative roles are vitally controlled by the management professionals. The job provided to an individual is basically dependent on the specialisation that they have. Some such specialisations are HR, Marketing, Finance etc.

Business organisations, industries, health care sector etc are the major sectors where one can find a good job opportunities after completing any of the above-mentioned courses. 

Entrance exams are always conducted for such management courses. Such as XAT and many of the MBA entrance exams in India such as MAT, CAT etc.

Binding up this was a full description of the top management courses that are available and provided after 12th standard. One can pursue it on a regular basis or can opt for a distance course. Please like share and comment if you find the article helpful and informative.

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