Best iPhones in 2020

Best iPhones in 2020

The smartphone market is busier than ever – there are many choices, almost too many. By the time you read this feature, you have at least limited your options for the Apple iPhone. It’s also not easy, because there are a number of models to choose from.

Apple offers iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. With five options, the big question is who is it for you. Let us explain the best iPhones for every budget and the difference so you can understand where to spend your money.

1. iPhone 11

The best iPhone for most people


  • Great camera
  • Battery life is really strong
  • Good color choices
  • Very high value


  • A screen with a screen resolution will be better
  • There is no fast charger in the box

The new iPhone is the standard iPhone 11 and fortunately a very good choice. This is basically the iPhone XR 2, but Apple has explained that there’s no point in trying to look like a smaller cell phone.

There are many similarities between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR. 11 maintains the XR look, with this glass on the back and many colors, but now it’s more waterproof than before. The screen is nice and bright, although an uneven resolution would be desirable.

The big upgrade for the iPhone 11 is a new camera. On the back there are two, each with 12 megapixels, one of which takes your standard photo and the other expands it into an ultra-wide photo. The results are amazing and the 2x telephoto lens is the only thing that is truly missing compared to the affordable Pro models.

Battery life and performance are also very good. It’s easy to get through the day without reaching for lightning cables, and wireless charges.

2. iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro max

The best iPhone for a camera


  • Great camera
  • Long battery life, especially with the Plus model
  • Amazing ad
  • Finally a fast charger in the box


  • 64 GB main memory
  • Very expensive

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are on the iPhone 11 and are the phones you choose when you want to get the most out of Apple’s offer. Both of these phones have an Ace screen, three rear cameras, and the Max model has the best battery life we’ve seen on an iPhone for years.

Apple didn’t play too much with the design formula, but decided to focus more on the interior. The new Bionic A13 chipset in this phone offers absolute performance, while the HDR screen can be very bright.

There is even an 18W fast charger in the box, which shows this phone is much faster than the previous bad 5W charger.

However, not all are bright. The price is very high and can be even higher if you find that 64 GB is not enough space.

3. iPhone SE 2

Best for portability


  • Compact size
  • Sharp screen
  • Great camera


  • Date design

If you are looking for a small iPhone with a great camera, high performance, and very attractive price, the new iPhone SE 2 is a good choice.

If you have seen the iPhone 8, you have seen the new iPhone SE. Available in black, white or red; Pack these beautiful frames around the 4.7-inch frame (no plus version here) and replace the new iPhone’s face ID with Touch ID. Fortunately, fingerprint authentication is fast and reliable.

Improvements to the iPhone 8 include an excellent 12 megapixel camera with fantastic video recording. Even though the dim light performance isn’t too good for photos, you get better light than replacing it.

You can also find Qi charging in the standard iPhone 7.5W and fast charging at 18W – so if you develop a little more for a faster connector. The IP67 class for water and dust resistance also applies here.

On iPhone SE 2 you will find the same A13 Bionic as the iPhone 11 Pro and the same software for iOS 13. It feels as fast and will receive full updates for iOS in the coming years.

4. iPhone XS & iPhone XS max

Still a strong player


  • Fantastic screen
  • Good work
  • Facial recognition is still the best face recognition


  • Expensive
  • iOS doesn’t optimize the use of a bigger Max screen
  • Fast chargers are not included

The leading iPhone duo for the iPhone 2018 XS and XS Max are no longer sold by Apple. However, you can find it on supplier shelves and it is still good if there is a discount.

The super sporty, sharp, color Super Retina OLED screen with Dolby Vision function and the powerful Aion B12 chipset and 4 GB RAM supplies everything with power. There is also a TrueDepth sensor to quickly open Face ID and Animoji. In terms of camera, it has an excellent 12 megapixel dual camera with dual OIS on the back.

The iPhone XS is for those who want the best specifications with the same form factor as the iPhone X, while the larger iPhone XS Max replaces a 5.8 inch screen with a large 6.5 inch panel which is ideal for viewing. Media and games on the go.

5. iPhone XR

The best value for iPhone money


  • Good battery life
  • XS functions less money
  • Outstanding performance
  • A very capable camera


  • There is no fast charger included
  • For some it will be too big

With the release of the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR sees a discount. If you want to buy a cheaper iPhone that is still a strong purchase when the XS is at full strength, this is still a good choice.

It uses the same powerful Apple A12 Bionic processor as XS, uses the same iOS version (iOS 13), and supports the same 12-megapixel base camera supported by OIS. The difference lies elsewhere: The 6.1-inch liquid LCD retina is not as attractive as the OLED HDR compatible on the XS line, but it’s also not complicated. Its size also means that it reaches a good middle position between two other iPhones introduced in 2019.

The glass-coated aluminum frame design supports wireless charging, IP67 certified dust, and is waterproof and available in a variety of colors: black, white, blue, coral, yellow, and the product: RED (also known as red).

The expanded display means that Touch ID has completely disappeared. As you can see on the screen, Face ID is now a soup that provides secure face recognition to unlock your device, authenticate transactions, and when you play with Animoji and the new Emoji feature.

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