15 Best Free Horror Games on Steam

The number of fans of horror games is increasing day by day, the horror category games are very much liked by the youth in online games. This is the reason; online horror games are being developed by various franchises.

If you are fond of online horror games. Then you read the complete information given here, in this we will know about the 15 best free horror games on steam.

Best free horror games on steam.

1. After Hours

If you are searching for Free Horror Games on Steam then this is the best choice for you, this is a very popular online game in the horror category. Known as the first choice of many players who love horror games, this game can scare you unnecessarily at times. Before playing this game, you should manage its sound and design well.

After Hours as a free-to-play horror game is very much liked by newcomers because the game has many scary moments with adventure, here players get to see many types of creatures and mysterious creatures during the game To survive in this game, you have to maintain various types of caution.

2. Alpha Polaris

Horror games are more fun to play when adventure is seen in this type of game, this game is designed in such a way, that you can enjoy the horror game, however, this game can be enjoyed by the youth. It is well-liked by others, but it has never found a place in the list of top horror games.

For users who are accustomed to cheap thrills and the fear of jumping, this game may not be good, as here you get to see the mysterious environment, where it is difficult for the players to escape. So if you want to stream such a game, then you can go with this game.

3. Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm Online is a fun game that is one of the most loved games in the horror category, the game is old and quite popular, developed mainly for lovers of horror games, if you like online horror games. If you like streaming, then you can enjoy this game.

The game features a swarm of aliens that are difficult for the player to face, this is free scary games on steam that allows users to use a variety of tools. Here you jump into a swarm of aliens and kill everyone, which makes the game so much fun.

4. Dark Deception

Dark Deception is a very cool online game, people who want to feel fear while playing online games can go with this game, in this game you get to see many types of scary characters, including a pink shark that, includes ghosts. Here players have to look for a safe hotel to stay in, which is very difficult to find.

The game features several aggressive monkeys that attack players, and the game features a variety of exciting scenes, making the game one of the best free-to-play horror games. This game makes the players scared.

5. At Home Alone Final

The first version of this game has been liked a lot, and its final version has come in early 2022, which users are very fond of, it is a type of horror game, and in this game, you will find many scary scenes. See you, which is capable of enthralling you.

This is a popular game in the free-to-play horror game genre, whose dark theme makes it all the more unique, the funny characters of the game also enthrall you. Recently in many places, you get to see the low quality in the game.

6. Cry of Fear

As you can understand from the name of this game, it is a Free Horror Game on Steam, this game is very much liked by the users as a horror game, it is included in the most popular free-to-play games, In this game, you get to see 8 hours of the campaign and many scenarios.

In Cry of Fear, you get to see another world, where you can defend yourself using special types of weapons, in this game you get to see many scary scenes, which make this game attractive.

7. Dagon: H. P. Lovecraft

This game is developed in a very unique way, in which you get to see “a 3D narrative experience in madness”, this game is also popular in the horror category, this game is more thrilling in VR mode Which you can enjoy through online streaming.

You can play this game with or without a VR set, you can complete the campaign of this game in half an hour, in this game you get to see very scary scenes, which help to create fear in the game. is enabled.

8. Dark Fracture

The game is designed in such a way that you don’t get to see the daylight, the dark environment in the game is enough to instill fear in you. This game is designed for free-to-play first-person. As you can see the name of this game is showing always dark mod on the platform, you always play this game in night mode.

Here in this game with a scary environment, the player has to put his mind in the dark to avoid other dangers, this game is designed by the developer to be tricky and challenging.

9. Deathly Stillness

Today, the game is widely streamed as a horror game, but according to its owner, Deathly Stillness was never intended to be an official game, but due to its impact, it has become a favorite game of many users. has gone.

As a free-to-play Steam game, the game has several scenes designed to intimidate people, in which the player has powerful weapons, which allow him to easily move forward in the face of trouble.

10. Deceit

This is a successful horror game, known as free horror games on steam multiplayer, the game has recently received many new changes, after which its use has increased, the game has many extremely dangerous Scenes exist, which include it in the horror category.

The theme of the game is designed in such a way that here you face fear, the breakout period within it also makes for a very strange experience. In this, players fight to avoid infection.

11. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

This game became quite popular since its first version was released in the year 2014 and in today’s time it is used a lot as a horror game, a film is also being produced on this game.

It is a simulation-type game related to pizza food, where the player has to take care of his restaurant. This game is a favorite game of many people, in which users have to face many types of challenges.

12. Estigma

This is a simple horror game that you can enjoy by streaming online, in this game you may remember Pac-Man, where the player can be killed in many ways. Here you can see the horror theme as well as in this game.

You can complete this game by playing for a few hours, here you get the missions short but scary, which has also placed this game in the horror category, if you like to enjoy streaming horror games then you can go with this.

13. Flesh Water

Playing this game can be full of adventure, looking at this game you may remember the free-to-play horror game from Euphoric Brothers, this game is also very well designed, in this game players are like Prepare food for a customer that is more than what is required.

In this game, you have to face an aquatic monster, and you can do adventures like feeding food, this is a unique and scary game.

14. Doki Doki Literature Club

The oddly named game is a well-known streaming game, a game in the horror category, in which you get a glimpse of the “vulgar fan-service visual novel”, which makes the game extremely scary.

If you want to enjoy streaming horror games for free, then you can enjoy this amazing game on your device, the game has many shocking secrets that turn the game into a fascinating game.

15. Ginkgo

This is a type of free-to-play horror game, which is very attractively designed, in this game players get to see a variety of strange and mysterious components while streaming, which make this game scary.

In this game you get to see scary monsters, which create thrill in the game, apart from this the design present is also very terrifying, which creates an atmosphere of fear, thus you can also consider this game as a free horror game. You can enjoy a free horror streaming game on your device.


In today’s time, most youth like to entertain themselves with online free scary games on steam. Where they stream online horror games of their choice.

Horror games are most preferred in the demand of online games on the Internet because they get more thrill. Free-to-play horror games the number of horror games is increasing day by day.

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