11 Best Countries to Live and Work for Indians Around the World

Best Countries to Live and Work

Imagine you can choose the most peaceful country in the world that you want to live in. What luxury! The first prize goes to Iceland, followed by Denmark and New Zealand. The Global Peace Index has published a report that lists all 162 countries in the world after their peace.

They used a variety of reliable sources, such as the World Bank and several UN organizations, before compiling their list. By definition, based on 22 indicators, peace is the lack of war, violence, low military costs, police violence, organized crime and the implementation of democratic governance.

Here are the 11 most quiet countries in the world:

1. Iceland

In addition to dramatic scenery, Iceland has 100% literacy among 300,000 people. Living in an educated population that is tolerant of minorities is a big advantage. Best of all, there were almost no murders (1.8 per 100,000 population per year). Compare this with the US where you have a rate of 5.8 per 100,000.

2. Denmark

Danish is considered the happiest person in the world! The motivation of workers is very high and there is a social system that is the envy of most people in the world. Taxes are high, but the money is well spent on making the Danish lifestyle truly peaceful and orderly.

3. New Zealand

One of the most polluted countries in the world with spectacular nature. 90% of immigrants will definitely recommend Kiwi Land to their family and friends. New Zealanders receive generous holiday benefits so they have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and sports facilities.

4. Austria

Austrian teenagers can choose at the age of 16, but only drink alcohol at the age of 18. Austria has a clean and beautiful environment where everything is perfect, a great transportation system, and a very low crime rate. It’s also cheaper than many people believe. You can buy a bottle of wine for $ 4.

5. Switzerland

The secret of a happy and healthy population in Switzerland is that the authorities have invested heavily in their population to provide them with excellent education, health services, and employment services. They may be known for their banking services, cuckoo hours and ski resorts, but they have invested the biggest profit naturally.

6. Japanese

You don’t need to worry about finding clean toilets in Japan. They are perfect! Combine this with delicious food, very polite people, and a global envy transportation system. Japan may work too hard, but in a relatively short time they have built a country that is peaceful and technologically advanced.

7. Finland

If you don’t mind a long, dark and cold winter, Finland has a lot to offer. There is almost no corruption and slight class differences. He also praised gender equality. Practically has the best education system in the world. Children get lots of dents to clean (cold!) Air and have very low ADHD levels.

8. Canada

Did you know that the average household income in Canada is $ 28,000 per year? This is one of the highest in the world and certainly above the OECD average. In addition, there are excellent job opportunities where meritocracy is widely recognized. A peaceful country with a healthy economy and beautiful scenery makes this the right place to live.

9. Sweden

Other Scandinavian Countries in the top ten! Sweden is a fairy tale for lots of snow and long winters. If you like it, that’s the right place. High standards of living, generous parental leave for mothers and fathers (15 months) and an excellent social system justify their high status.

10. Belgium

If you like beer and chocolate and don’t feel like an endless rainy day, Belgium is another great place. There are beautiful old cities, castles and museums to visit. In terms of transportation, Paris and London are very close so you can enjoy the best of various worlds. High-speed trains will take you to Paris in 70 minutes.

11. Norway

Norway is a really safe country and has a very low prison population. That also applies in terms of health and happiness. Freedom to walk in extraordinary landscapes is tethered in the Norwegian law “allemannsrett”. This means you can camp or travel wherever you want. Add lakes and beautiful fjords that make it one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world.

Hope you enjoyed this article, Please share your favorite global destinations best countries to live in and work for Indians to live.

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