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In comparison with the past years India has grown up its aviation sector to a large scale. Now a days a large amount of job opportunities are available in this sector and there is a place for well groomed students in this sector. The aviation job is majorly applied by the students of any stream from science/arts/commerce. This is open for all as those who are eligible and clear out the entrance process and interview are trained properly for the work. But now the scenario has changed, now there are many of the aviation sector-oriented courses that are offered to the students. This also increases the need of aviation industries. Now in this article we will present you some of the best aviation courses that can be pursued by the students after completing their 12th standard. Here you will get the idea about the courses, their scope, job availability related to the courses.

 Quality of the institute you choose to pursue your course in aviation sector is the major driving source that defines your career prospects and the possibility of a high paying job. Also, the type of course you choose along with your aptitude may also impact your job and pay. So be wise while choosing the course and the institute, do a proper research before choosing both of them. Firstly, you should for the authentication and approval of the institute you wish to get admitted. And majorly estimate yourself on the basis of the eligibility of the course that you have enough talent to pursue the course or not?

Here is a list of some well-known aviation courses that are offered in India by several institutes. You should go through them to gather the information and get the idea about aviation courses persuaded after 12th standard.

Aviation courses after 12th on basis on job opportunities-

B.B.A. in airport management.

B.B.A. courses are already discussed previously in many of the articles. It is an undergraduate course that has a duration of 3 years. As the B.B.A. programs offer a variety of discipline for pursuing but here we are concerned about one of them that is running and management of an airport. If one is interested in improving one’s qualification then he/she should go for M.B.A. degree after completing their B.B.A. program.

Managerial and administration posts are basically covered by the students who pursues B.B.A. program. The total coverage of this program is as such given below-

  • Introduction to airport management.
  • Human resource management.
  • Accounting.
  • Financial management.
  • Marketing.
  • Safety management.


Usually, 50% marks criteria are set for the course but it varies from institute to institute. This course is open for all stream students that is students having any stream in 12th standard can fill up for the course.

Scope, salary and job opportunities-

After completion of the course, major international and domestic airports hire these graduates. Average salary available in this field is usually 3-6 lakhs per year. Job that are majorly available are-

  • Airport manager.
  • Administrator.
  • Staff manager.
  • Safety officer.

Diploma in airport management.

This is a diploma course of duration one year and totally concentrates on the area covered by the airport management. But as compared to the B.B.A. program this basically deals with the technical details. Along with this diploma does not hold much value as compared to the B.B.A. program. This problem can be resolved through a postgraduate Diploma in Airport Management after finishing respective graduation. 

Subjects that are majorly covered under this course are-

  • Airport Strategy and Functioning.
  • Cargo management and Handling.
  • Staff Management.
  • Safety and Security Management.


Students who have passed 12th from any stream are eligible for this course.

Scope, Salary and Job Opportunities-

In list of prime recruiters domestic as well as International Airports are included. Average salary that is offered is between 2 to 5 lakhs per annum. Several job posts are available as mentioned below-

  • Airport Manager.
  • Assistant Manager.
  • Cargo department Manager.

Commercial pilot training.

Among the various posts that aviation sector provides this is considered as the most glamorous as well as rewarding one. But this training is very costly. On the other hand, completion of this course ensures a very high rewarding job as compared to others.

If one is keen to make a career as a commercial pilot then they should at least know dos and don’ts in this field. In this course you will be provided with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Once you complete the course you will be rewarded with CPL i.e. commercial pilot licence. 


Eligibility is limited in this field. Only those students who have passed the 12th standard with science stream (physics, chemistry and maths) are eligible for the course. In most of the institutes the minimum criteria fixed is approx. 45-50% marks in 12th. Two stages are there that should be cleared by each applying candidate. First one is Pilot Aptitude Test and the second one is the Interview.

Scope, Salary, And Job Opportunities-

After completing 12th all the successful candidate can apply for the training. Here you can be commercial or ferry pilot after proper completion of the training. Flight instructor is another option that is available after the training. 5-12 lakhs are the average salary per year after completing the training.

Diploma in ground staff and cabin crew.

This diploma course is focused on training the students to take on roles of Air Hostess, Stewards on flights. Generally, the course has a duration of 6 months to 1 year but this can vary also. Subjects that are included in the course are-

  • Communication Skills.
  • Customer services.
  • In flight training.
  • Safety and First Aid procedures.
  • Food and Beverage production and serving.


Students passing 12th standard board are eligible to pursue this course. Both male and female are allowed to pursue this program.

Scope, Salary and Job Opportunities-

Various posts are available for the successful candidates such as- Flight attendants, part of ground staff, office operator etc. average starting salary offered are generally between 4-6 lakhs per annum. Jobs that are available after completion of course are majorly-

  • Air Hostess.
  • Steward.
  • Front end Office Operator.

Diploma in aviation hospitality.

No matter which industry we are dealing with, hospitality is the unavoidable element in all the sectors now. In aviation sector too they need qualified and skilled professionals who can handle all the hospitality that is needed in the Aviation sector. This duration of the course is majorly 1 year and is invariant. Major subjects that are covered in the course are-

  • Introduction to Aviation Hospitality.
  • Communications skills.
  • Management.
  • Food and beverage production.
  • Foreign Languages.
  • Front Office operations.
  • Computer and IT skills.


Students passed 12th standard with any stream are eligible for the course.

Scope, Salary and Job Opportunities-

Jobs that are available for the successful candidates are like- cabin crew, Ground Staff, office operators etc. Average starting salary is from 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum.

Aeronautical engineering.

This is a BE/ B Tech degree in Aeronautical engineering that last up for 4 years and can help you get a good profile job in aviation sector. This course is all about designing, manufacturing and maintaining aircraft. 


12th passed students having science stream are eligible for the course. There are various national or state entrance exams that are conducted for getting admitted in the institutes offering such courses.

Scope, Salary and Job Opportunities-

Majorly, graduates are selected by the private airlines where they may work in jobs posts like- Chief Engineer, Research and Development Engineer, Design Engineer etc. Average salary at the start ranges from 3-5 lakhs per annum.

B.SC. aviation.

This is a UG program with a duration of 3 years. Air regulations, navigation, meteorology, Aircraft and engine are the basic topics that are covered under the course. Along with this all some others such as air traffic control, aviation security, flight safety and crew management are also included in the course. After completion jobs like air traffic controller, ground operations staff, cargo management staff, ticketing staff etc are offered to the students.

One may also dream to pursue PG after the completion of this course. Many of the aviation related PG courses are there such as- MBA, M.Sc., Aviation safety etc. After that one may also opt for the CPL.


One who has cleared the 12th standard with physics and maths can go for the course. Minimum criteria that is set for the students is approx. around 50% marks.

Scope, Salary and Job Opportunities-

Graduates can find jobs at Airports. They may take technical as well as management works too as their working field.

Here binding up we would like to suggest you to estimate your calibre and choose an appropriate field for your career. Above mentioned courses are of high demand and come along with various benefits so do choose wisely. At the end if you find the article helpful and informative please do share, like and comment.

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