Amazon Echo 4th Generation Speaker Review

amazon echo 4th gen

Amazon completely changed its design with the 4th generation Echo Smart Speaker. Now it comes in spherical shape, whereas earlier it was in the shape of a cylinder.

The importance of Echo for India can be said to be little more than other smart speakers. Because Amazon has trained Alexa well in Hindi and it answers your questions well in Hindi.

Even Amazon is recording his voice for Alexa by partnering with Amitabh Bachchan so that people can get answers in Amitabh Bachchan’s voice. However, there may be separate money for celebrity voices.

However, now let’s talk about this smart speaker. After using for a few weeks, we are telling through review which speaker is good on which front and what are the deficiencies.

Amazon Echo 4th Gen is designed in Spherical shape. Buttons are given at the top. From here you can make more or less the sound and turn off the microphone. There is also an action button here.

At the top you also get fabric. The company has said that the aluminum and fabric used in it are 100% recyclable.

Earlier Echo speakers had light rings on the top, but now you find the light ring in the bottom of the speaker. 3.5mm audio output is also available in the back of the speaker.

Inside in the smart speaker

The Amazon Echo 4th gen smart speaker has a 3-inch woofer. Along with this, 0.8-inch front firing tweeters have been given. It can be called a decent upgrade from the old generation.

The microphones given in this smart speaker are so worthy that you can command it from any corner of the room. 

I liked the audio quality of the new Echo Smart Speaker. It is very loud and according to a room it covers the entire space very well. In terms of sound, this segment is ahead of other smart speakers. Even if you like the base, you will not be disappointed with this smart speaker.

Smart speakers have many meanings. Power is required to use it. Now, if there is a smart speaker, then it should also have smart features, otherwise at this price you will also get the normal speakers which will give the audio quality of this level.

How are you doing alexa?

Now Alexa’s entry takes place in the game here. Alexa is the voice assistant of Amazon. The company has designed it specifically for Indian users in Hindi. Answers to your questions are now found in Hindi. You can speak the language from English to English or from English to Hindi only by speaking.

As an example you may ask – How are Alexa? Tell the story of Alexa, tell the song Alexa or tell the news.

There was no problem in giving commands even remotely in this smart speaker. However, if there is interference in the middle then there is some problem.

Amazon Echo is very easy to set up. Keep in mind that you will need a good speed WiFi connection to use it. While using the Alexa app, you will connect it yourself, if you do not use the Alexa app then it will work. Because then you inject from direct Echo via voice command.

However there are hundreds of skills in Alexa which can be used with the help of Alexa app for the learner. From smart lights, smart cameras, smart fans to Amazon Fire TV, you can operate by speaking comfortably.

Overall the good thing about this smart speaker is the Alexa feature given in it. Google Assistant still needs to do more to match Alexa, especially in the Indian market.

This smart speaker performs well on the voice recognition front as well. But it can be even better in the coming times. Because the company has used AZ1 Neural Age Processor in it, which has been specially developed to speed up voice recognition.

Overall this smart speaker is a good upgrade over the previous generation of Echo. The design is liked by most people (based on feedback). But there are some people who find the old design much better.

In terms of audio quality to loud sound, improvement is seen in it compared to the previous Echo. The other smart speakers in this segment are r, this smart speaker does not have the mid tones that you like.

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