9 Growing Technologies that are to be Overlooked


Due to lack of equipment required to understand the needs and requirements of the customers many of the companies are bound to fail as they are ignoring the emerging the latest technologies. For serving the clients in the best possible ways businesses are required to be flexible in nature and they should be responsive to the changing environment of the industries.

In order to stay ahead of the competition companies should be able to cope up with the growing technology and the technical changes. For establishing a company as a powerful entity in the market one should incorporate all the new technologies introducing in the upcoming years. Some of the new technologies are presented here that one should look out in the year 2019.

1.Artificial Intelligence

The previously used ways of companies are revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence. Areas where creativity is needed manpower can be used, people do so by automating the tasks with artificial intelligence. Applications that use artificial intelligence can be used to enhance the security of an organization. This technology also helps to gather the ideas of the consumers interests and industry trends so that one can adapt and act according to changing environments.

2.Blockchain Technology

For the help of companies to store and share data blockchain technology is used that uses decentralized ledger. Using this technology, one can get access to the required data from any spot on the globe along with the encryption of the data so to avoid unauthorized access to the data. Due to high increase in the cyber crimes and cyber attacks people are highly concerned with the security of the data. That is why this technology are vital for the companies.

3.Internet of Things-IoT

Systems of interconnected digital machines has made devices more intelligent. Due to such technologies millions of interrelated devices are available, you can now instantly collect data from any spot on the globe and refine it to extract useful information that can facilitate you making important decisions as per the future of a firm.

4.Cyber security and Protection Suite

Due to being data-oriented companies are very much vulnerable to cyber attacks because hackers are always looking for opportunities to steal valuable information from companies so that they can blackmail them for money. Devices with internet connectivity are more vulnerable to threats and therefore, one needs to evaluate the risks on a regular basis so that one can identify the threats in advance and necessary actions are initiated to prevent data loss.

5.Chief data officers

As the use of machines was limited and man labour was preferred to complete the tasks that’s why companies used to have a small IT department. IT has now become a vital department in every successful organization due to technology advancement with the passage of time. Based on their findings and researches chief data officers will facilitate the managers in making an informed decision. This creates a vital role of the chief data officers.

6.3D Print Outs

With transformations in recent years 3D printing has completely revolutionized the way professionals print materials these days. Now print outs in 3D layout are persuaded for presenting the idea better unlikely as before it was presented with help of cut out materials.

7.Interaction with Technology

Interaction with technology are now changed with the help of newly introduced smartphones and other portable devices. Now voice searches are available for searching on any search engine. A research shows that in 2019, more than 50% of the search are voice searches. Due to this reason companies like Apple and Samsung are investing a large capital in this technology. In the upcoming years, there will be a significant increase in manufacturing of artificial intelligence cars that are designed to drive on their own.

8.Virtual Payments

The world is evolving with the idea of virtual payments. This helps to make payments virtually using your smartphone. As electronic transactions help to mitigate the risk of fraud and getting mugged, E-Wallets are emerging in the industry and people are feeling more secure. Implementation of this technology in their daily life businesses are already done in countries like Sweden and Australia. In order to make payment of purchases one has to just tap your smartphone on the electronic device available on the counter.

9.Cloud services

As these allow to store data and provide access from all over the globe cloud services have gained a lot of importance in recent years. One can also share their data by allowing others to view the information that you have stored in your account. You can save your data on the cloud services as in case you don’t have enough space on your hard drive. These are secure and encrypted that allows the proper security of the data one is saving on the cloud. Form security one’s online account is secured by two-factor authentication that requires a password as well as a code that is sent to their phone.

Technology advancement will continue to influence one’s life as well as all the business running. Innovative technologies and their upgrades have totally influenced our lives and made it easier and more convenient.

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