Top 10 Tips on Skin Care For All Time – Write for Readers

Do you love your skin? The simple truth is that everyone wish to maintain their youthful appearance forever along with clear skin and healthy life. Due to aging of skin as we age, we feel less than who we are in this beauty obsessed society.

As the truth we can’t stop aging process, but we can do things to slow it down as much as possible.

10 tips for having more radiant and healthy skin

1.Get Proper Vitamins.

As a healthy body leads to healthy skin and a healthy mind, your glowing skin will be a result of the healthy mind.

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K are the vitals that one can take to maintain their healthy skin. A healthy diet is the best way to get these Vitamins except in case of Vitamin D that is obtained purely by sunlight. By spiking your water with lemons or limes, make spinach and berry smoothies, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables one can get proper vitamins for the body.

You can use sunscreen to prevent sunburn while absorbing Vitamin D in the sunlight. As too much sun can cause premature aging so going in sun earlier are advised as that time sun rays are not too strong.

2.Providing Nourishment Regularly.

One should nourish their skin as they nourish their body. Try to buy products with natural ingredients and always buy the facial products after reading their labels properly. As many commercial products are primarily water that evaporates very quickly that the skin is not able to absorb them so fast. One should always seek out natural butters and oils. They are proved to be good cleansers and properly moisturize the skin.

3.Timely Cleansing.

In order to maintain the health of skin proper cleansing routine is important. One should do a deep cleansing after wearing makeup and other products all day long. A light wipe down is usually needed in the morning. The more one cleanse their skin the more they reduce their natural oils making their skin available to outside dirt and germs.

4.Hydration Needed.

Hydration is very Important for skin care, and the best source of hydration is water. The liquids from various drinks such as soda, coffee and energy drinks can even dehydrate the skin. So, it is advised to avoid them and drink water instead. Half of the weight of individual is the preferred amount of the water needed in the body for the hydration of the skin. One may even require more on hot days or even after workouts.

5.Good Sleep.

For overall well being of individual good sleep is very vital. Seven to eight hours are the recommended sleeping hours for a healthy body. Sleeping is the way by which our body recovers from stress and trauma. Our skin is an organ that needs to be healed and regenerate and this happens while one sleeps properly.

6.Exfoliate the Skin.

slowly and occasionally exfoliate the skin to remove and wash away the dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. Gentle motion is vital, because exfoliating roughly can damage delicate skin. Many of things are being used for preparation of natural exfoliates such as sea salt, sugar, coffee grounds, cinnamon etc.

7.Skin should be Toned Daily.

Elimination of the last traces of makeup along with tightening of skin and absorption of moisture are some helpful tasks done by toners. There should be a wise choice while choosing toners and one with natural ingredients should be preferred first. Alcohol based toners should be avoided as they may be responsible for drying one’s skin.

8.Chill Out.

Too much hot water can make one’s skin dry. The hotter the water will be the more damage will be caused to the skin cells. Always go for a low temperature water and always remember to moisturize your skin.

9.Always keep Moving.

The slowing down of the aging process can be done by involving in any of the physical activities whether it is yoga, dancing or jogging etc. As these activities pumps up your heart and boosts blood circulation to the skin. So, it is advised to keep moving.

10.Seasonal Changes.

One of the major causes of stress on our skin is our environment. As climate changes our skin also undergo changes. One should change their skin care in accordance with the changing climate, humidity, pollution etc. dry, cold locales may require more moisture while humid, hot areas will require lighter moisture. The skin only absorbs up-to saturation and leaves the rest on the surface. A good indication that signs you to consider the climatic change is how your skin is responding to your daily routine.

Honor 20i quick review and First Impressions

Along with a dew drop display, glasstic design and Kirin 710 chipset, the Honor launched Honor 20i with a lot of the same features as Honor 10 Lite. With a price tag of 14,990 this will go on sale in India soon enough.

By reducing down the version of Honor 20, Honor has introduced Honor 20i which is essentially the Honor 20 lite. It is an affordable mid-range smartphone that succeeds the Honor 10 lite launched earlier.

Honor 20i Features and Sepcifications

Honor 20i is presented with the rear camera which is packed with three lenses, a 24MP color lens, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, along with a 2MP lens. In accordance with the environment the mobile phone shooting varies. The front camera is of 32MP.

For the FHD screen, diagonal measures to be 15.77cm along with a rounded corner design. A 4GB RAM along with 128GB ROM expandable up to 512GB is provided in this phone.

The processor used in Honor 20i is HiSilicon Kirin 710 Processor along with a battery of 3400 mAh. Honor 20i with its attractive design language and dependable hardware at an affordable price resembles Honor 10 lite at several instincts. As like Honor 10 lite this comes with a similar teardrop notch display, curved glasstic back along with a Kirin 710 chipset.

Honor 20i is a sleek looking phone with its curved back of thickness of 7.9mm. 164 grams is the net weight of Honor 20i. The phone provides a nice grip along with a 3D real panel. With an availability in three colours – midnight black, phantom blue and phantom red the glasstic panel offers a glossy finish. Phantom blue and black are gradient finishes, which look quite attractive.

The fingerprint sensor is still at the back as was in Honor 10 lite. The only change from Honor 10 lite is the triple camera setup on the top left corner. Power buttons along with volume buttons on the side of the frame also be reached easily and allow a nice feedback. With dual VoLTE the phone too supports dual 4G SIM cards.

There is a droplet-shaped notch on top of display. Offering a distraction free display along with a pretty good looks due to minimal bezels and a tiny notch. With gradient themed wallpapers and app icons colours on screen look pleasant. The FHD+ panel offers a sharp resolution for watching videos and playing games.

This phone is powered by 2.2GHz Kirin 710 chipset paired with 4GB RAM, same as of Honor 10 lite. The Kirin 710 SoC is a mid-range processor that won’t provide blazing fast performance, but adequately fast.

A quick went through the UI felt perfectly smooth. The apps will open slightly slower due to some lag in touch response. Games like PUBG will be able to work on the device in a medium graphics due to the chipset.

The Honor 20i is available with Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9 on top. Some useful features like digital balance and navigation gesture is also available by the software, while EMUI 9 also brings a host of preloaded apps like Hicare, Party Mode etc which makes the UI feel cluttered.

The biggest upgrade is in the camera department. The Honor 20i gets a 24MP triple camera system along with two more cameras. Now Honor is offering consumers a lot of new ways to capture a photo with the ability to switch in to wide angle for landscape shots from regular shots. AIS super night mode is also supported by the main camera. A 32MP AI selfie camera is presented as the front camera.

As for battery. The Honor 20i once again comes with a similar 3400mAh capacity as the Honor 10 lite. No fast charging facility is provided as known so far, a 10W charger is provided in the box for the charging purpose.

It’s very tough for Honor 20i to replace Honor 10 lite from the market. According to my review the only reason one would choose to go against Honor 20i against Honor 10 lite is the triple camera system that was not present in Honor 10 lite. Honor 20i will present a better competition in price list Infront of Galaxy M30, Realme 3 Pro and Redmi Note 7 Pro.