15 Tips for Waking in the Morning without Fatigue

We all have those mornings when we are just waked up but technically, we are not specially this happens in case of women. In reducing our daily stress many of us just have a cup of coffee in our daily routine. But lots of caffeine can leave us jittery and anxious. 

Here we present you some of the tips and tricks for banishing morning fatigue and get up with proper energy needed for body-

1. Don’t hit Snooze.

That most lovable button on the alarm clock may be so helpful for comforting your sleep. Research shows that last half hour sleep or fragmented sleep can cause fatigue that can disturb your daily routine. 

Tip- try setting two alarms for a 90-min sleep- one for 90 min you want to wake up and next for when you actually want to wake up.

2. Firstly, drink a glass of water after you wake up.

Fatigue is a prime mover of dehydration and this can trigger feelings of sleepiness, some or severe change in cognitive ability, and mood disturbance. A glass in the morning can make you feel more active and hydrated.

Tip- if after this you are also facing the same problem then try taking water over caffeinated beverages throughout the day.

3. Practise to do yoga Daily.

Yoga is the best way to be fit and wake your body over laziness. Yoga is majorly prescribed by many of the doctors as they say this can trigger all active points of the body giving your body a good morning start and reducing stress and fatigue.

Tip- Just 25 min yoga class in the morning can be very effective in triggering your brain function and boosting energy levels.

4. Wash your face properly with water.

Cold water showers can reduce sick-day absences from work. If you don’t want to take shower than at least splash your face with cold water to signal your body with a temperature change. If getting from bed is a problem than go for water sprays beside bed.

Tip- You can go for a face wash that moisturises your face and hydrates it.

5. Have breakfast.

As said by doctors too morning breakfast provides all required energy to the body for our full day tasks and is said to be the most important meal of the day. Skipping this can have an adverse effect on your body as well as your energy level. 

Tip- Take a proper breakfast for gathering a minimum required energy level in the body. Always make a right choice although it is critical to choose.

6. Avoid sugar till lunch.

All of the breakfast is not same as in their contents. Sugary items should be majorly avoided as these causes classic blood sugar spike and drop that leaves you feeling drained. 

Tip- Pay attention at the sugar level you are getting in breakfast if it is too high you should definitely control it.

7. Avoid caffeine.

Having a lot of benefits still taking in more quantity in morning may indirectly increase fatigue in later day time. Excess amount of caffeine as required are majorly causing fatigue problems worldwide

Tips- Avoid drinking big mugs of coffee and start having small cups to control caffeine level.

8. Get some cardio.

It is pretty sure that you want to crawl back in your bed in the morning, so in that case exercise is not so appealing but that what your body wants at that stage. Research says that aerobic exercises helps to reduce fatigue to very extent. 

Tips- Do aerobic exercises such as jumping jacks, high knees etc.

9. Address your stress.

You should be always known about your tensions and stresses as this may help you to understand and find a solution. You should know what are you dealing with this will give a proper time and way to analyse and solve that problem.

Tip- Find the exact problem of your stress and fatigue.

10. Go for walk to activate your brain.

A walk in the morning air will activate your brain and will provide you a relaxation from the fatigue after waking up. This helps to activate brain cells and enhance all neuromuscular coordination for giving you a fresh morning. 

Tips- Schedule a daily morning walk in your routine not even so long just around your resident.

11. Give yourself something to look forward to.

 To beat morning fatigue, schedule a phone Get some excitement in life by going out or relaxing with pets. Get out for breakfast as soon as you wake this will have a proper schedule in your morning routine.

Tip- Plan a healthy and ready to eat breakfast before you go to bed.

12. Go deeper with mental health.

Mental health is very important for a healthy body. As well as a healthy body is alone capable for a healthy mind as said by many of doctors and others. For both of it to happen there is a need of reduction in fatigue and stress on the body. Mental health should be a prime concern for so.

Tips- meditation should be practised for inner and mental peace.

13. Practise good sleep that’s always hygienic.

7 hours sleep is mandatory as prescribed. Taking a 7-hour sleep will get your body recharged and will help you to maintain your body energy balance. 

Tips- Go to bed early so that you can wake up early and take a proper sleep for reducing body fatigue.

14. Go to the toilet just before you sleep.

Toilet releases uric acid that causes body fatigue somehow. Going toilet will reduce this problem and you don’t have to wake up at midnight for peeing that will not disturb your sleep.

Tips- try going toilet before sleep and make it a habit,

15. Avoid computers on bed.

That means no laptop, no iPad, avoid phones too as this stresses out your eyes and creates sleeping problems and can make you an insomniac person. 

Tips- avoid such things and try reading books that will make you sleep better and properly.

These are some tips for reducing body fatigue while waking up in the morning , especially for women. If you find this helpful and effective please share and like the article. 

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