10 Most Required Tech Tools for Start-Ups

Keeping the initial cost of a business low is the main concern of an entrepreneur when he/she decides to start a business. Launching a business online is not just a task of getting a website only moreover it includes several other procedures and unavoidable costs such as registering the domain, getting a server, business name registration etc. however, other operational costs other than this can be minimized by the use of several tools and technology.

There are many of the tools and resources available that not only minimizes the cost but also save your time and make your business look and work smarter. Today in this fast-growing digital world, there is a tool present for everything at every step.

The only problem is that you are unaware of such tools and techniques that makes your work smoother and faster than ever. Now let’s have a quick look towards such tools and techniques.

1. The Name App.

For a better brand recall you should be having a unique and easy to remember business name. This particular tool helps you out in finding the perfect domain name for your start-up. It also helps you to check the availability of the username and in deciding the social media profile names that resonate with your business profile. There is an app. available on the Apple App store along with the official website for android users and others.

2. GrowthHacker.tv

GrowthHacker.tv is a place where you can watch interviews of successful growth hackers that made a mark in this digitally evolving world. These videos keep on playing in a loop, and is free for access to the users. You have to sign up by paying for watching a past video recording on the site. The site provides a wonderful scenario as a promo code for one-week free premium access to the first-time users.

3. Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS, is offered by the ecommerce mogul Amazon and is a web hosting service. It is scalable and one of the most dependable web hosting services available presently. More than 90 services including database storage, content delivery, and other features are offered by AWS.

4. MailChimp.

We need an efficient newsletter service for running a successful email marketing campaign and to keep your audience updated about offers. This is where MailChimp is required. This is a name that probably don’t need any introduction to the tech world. Good news comes up with this is that they provide a free start-up package with all the basic features and paid services begin from $10 per month for this.

5. AYTM.

These tools not only help you in creating surveys but also help you out in reaching the right audience that could be interested in that survey. This quality of AYTM separates this from other option available in the market.

6. Glass Hat.

These tools come up with a Super-Efficient SEO tool that helps the start-up owners to plan their SEO and other digital marketing activities. This tool not only prepares the list of activities but also acknowledge the new entrepreneurs about why a particular activity is important for their start-up. While using glasshat, it is advised to add Yoast SEO plugin to your WordPress website so that you can mend your web content as per SEO guidelines.

7. Asana.

This tool was built for improving workflow at Facebook and this tool is basically a web and mobile based project management tool. Due to its good efficiency this tool has gained a lot of fame among all start-up owners across the globe. This allows users to assign tasks as per their status, add assignees and get their activity feeds.

8. Stocksnap.io

A picture is equivalent to thousand words and this is why all businesses know the importance of using high quality pictures to create better impact on the audience. This is a website from where you can get high resolution stock images. There is no cost for these images. But if any one wants more images and don’t mind paying for that then Shutterstock is also advised.

9. Wave.

This is a free online accounting tool for start-ups and small businesses. This website helps you track all the details of your expenses and income and also helps you with your taxes when the time comes. Thus, this can help you save a lot of time and effort that is spent on the task.

10. Recruiterflow.

Recruiterflow is an efficient recruiting software to help start-ups manage all their activities along with planning revolving around the human resources department. For keeping things running seamlessly this help you to automate your outreach and coordinates with the candidates as well as streamlines your appointments.

These tools are very effective for the start-up initiation and processing. Andthese are too looked at in 2019 with their upcoming updates and information.

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